love gone


Get out
I dont want You
I dont need you
Youve messed my head
one to meny times
Over and over You break my trust
and you you have done the worst
best friend lost
i want you gone
out of my life forever
youve interfered with my realationship
drove me to a point of no return
your evil soul should banish to hell
ur heart should sink
ur body shall crumble
you dont deserve ur place in my life
you dont even deserve her
thats right you dont deserve
deserve nothing
not even your life

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My bestfriend no more

plenty more afther and before

Glad I'm done with her, no pain no more
Lost a piece of myself
But if it would have went any further
I would have had a better chance of losing my head!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Facebook offical deleted so I don't have to be reminded every time she posts something of how I was such a bitch. She gave me every sign other than actually saying it! Let my fears get the better of me, this is not going to happen again.