Fellow American


Fellow American




A time to throwback


The time to relive


Not for the shadow lives


For the whole and soul of


Life , liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


Genesis of America


A gift of labor in harmony of


Those hands of light and shadow lives.


A thought of Abraham’s I have a dream


Realized true few decades ago,


Recent lived Obama’s stay at  Whitehouse


Glorified the dream I have a dream.


American dream urged for labor


Let not shadow hands live as Ralph’s Invisible man


It is not a time for live life of horse - and – buggy


It is time to live in harmony dear fellow American












Author's Notes/Comments: 

Relating to present racial situations, need for harmony!!!!!


Poem Strings

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Because you are a

cocreator with God,

what you desire

will come true...

The only uncertainty

is the exact time

it will happen.

Immature desires

fall away as the soul grows,

If one dies with unrealized

desires, they magnetize

him through gravity

back into a new body.



Sathya Sai Baba: (desires are chains) Gold chains bind

as surely as iron ones.



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Obama has bombed 1900 places since he began

attacking ISIS sites without congressional authorization

and more importantly without the

consent of the American people.



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Most fishes

think suffocation vicious.

Should they act

against humans avaricious?

Many more think

fish not delicious

not nutritious

.. why include mercury,

liver flukes and radiation

in family dishes?


Fish Can't Scream: Their Flesh Contains Radiation, Neurotoxins, Worms Etc.




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When 3 planets

did align

into a perfect trine

then the following

came true:

My beloved Valentine

You are mine. I am thine.

Forever my soul and heart

my mate entwine'



Footnote: we have an infinite love relationship forever with all beings






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He did not like to

wear commercial scents.

Instead above his closet clothes

he burned ashram incense.






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Four days after Lazarus

beloved of Jesus died

Jesus came to see him

and then Jesus cried.


Without further grieving,

Jesus raised

Lazarus from death...

for in the Son of God

all power abides.








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Every Juan, Natasha,

Abisa and Art

How great thou art!

How great thou art!


No matter how thick the cloud

how dark its sunblocking shroud

We are all forever one with God

We are all forever one with God.






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The snakecharmer

commands the

cobra to rise

but Potiphar's wife

could not create

Joseph's desire



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Those who release the past

with forgiveness sublime

are no longer frozen

in bygone time




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Burn This Bitch Down

Burn This Bitch Down
(Coz I don't dance to your tune no mo')


"We don't need no water let the motherfucker burn"
                            --Bloodhound Gang


I ain't marching for Trayvon,
I ain't marching for Mike,
I ain't marching for queers,
Ain't marching for dykes.


I ain't marching for no one
With some fake PhDicks--
Fuck your Jacksons and Sharptons,
Fuck your Lakers and Knicks.


I ain't marching for Cosby,
Raping rising young stars,
If it weren't for his money
He'd rot behind bars.


I ain't marching for no one,
I've heard enough jive
From the ones who make millions,
While we slave nine to five.


I ain't marching for no one,
Farrakhan, MLK,
Karl Marx or Obama,
Malcolm X, JFK.


I ain't marching for Marley,
Crosby, Stills, Nash or Young--
No, I'd rather be broke,
Stoned or drunk.


I don't need your empowering
Multicultural lie,
Where the rich fuck the poor,
While the poor just die.


                    December 1, 2014
                 --Alexander Shaumyan


Cheap Whiskey in Bed

(after Black Coffee in Bed by Squeeze)

There's an empty arena
Where Obama once was,
There is too much confetti--
Now I've got myself lost.

I was writing to tell you
Of my feelings tonight--
But the noise and distraction
Have drowned the light.

With the way things are going
I can hardly contain
The hurt and the anger
As the things stay the same.

Someone recently fired
Hung himself from a tree--
While some passing onlooker
Said: "I'm glad it's not me."

Welfare, food stamps, recession--
Rebels turned to old farts,
Holding on to their pensions
And postmodernist art.

Yes, we are moving forward
To some dismal abyss--
Four more years of a conman
And more homeless bliss.

Christmas trees in the White House--
Fifty four trees in all--
Just more glitz and more glamor
Without a soul.

While they bomb poor countries
With remote controls--
Deaths of innocent children
Mean nothing at all.

While they dance in Hawaii,
Take some ocean cruise,
Freezing homeless bastards
Sleep in vomit and booze.

--Alexander Shaumyan
December 4, 2012


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The Transition

As I look into your eyes
I no longer see a man who despises
But someone who realizes that as a people we can rise
A man who realize that our lives and his children’s lives can be better if we all strive…..
There are challenges ahead
Changes we may dread
But it is no more than what our grandparents have seen
No more than the streams of blood our ancestors bleed…

Martin Luther King had a dream
And though he died
His children have seen
That it was not just his dream
But the dream of America
Red, yellow, white, black and green

So the voices of the majority has been heard
And as you glance into the mirror
You too see the transition that has occurred.

God Bless the United States of America!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Be one of the first to mark the defining moment in history. This framed work is an original piece perfectly describing the transition in America’s presidential history. It is the perfect piece to display at the home or company office.

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I don’t want to LIVE, I want to THRIVE
I don’t begin to steer, before I put the car in drive
I live my life, for me, myself, and I
Not because I’m selfish, but because I have a mind

You don’t say you’ll DO, you say you’ll TRY
You don’t want to live, you wish to die
I worship my truths, you worship your lies
My mission seen in broad daylight, yours vague in disguise
I walk on the sidewalk, when a car speeds down the road
But you claim the middle, as your only home
When I look ahead, to accomplish my dreams
I swear by my will, not by my need
My convictions make the cake, they power bread to rise
But your icing hides your motive, to cover my cries

And as for CHANGE, I’m waiting for the day
When that change will leave its course to shift the other way
To see wheels turn in a world where motion is
Our life and our vision toward a freedom of His

I stand for the courage of the founders and the shapers of the way
To Adams, to Jefferson, to Lincoln, I pray
That not only your words and your promises keep here
But that people see your deeds and decisions devised by courage, not by fear
These founders of this nation would shake in their graves
If they knew how their sons and their daughters behave
Not to leave a legacy of strength and determination behind
But a plan of vengeance conspiring men need not live but survive
So that any challenge to their authority, their whim and their commandment
Is blanketed softly by media, politicians, and Mr. President
But anyone out there with the strength enough to face this
Is not only a liar, but an outright ‘racist’

You may have won, as a victor in cunning
But your defenses are down, and America is coming
Because we know, in the worst possible of ways
That if we don’t CHANGE now, you’ll open our graves
And it doesn’t take an evolutionist to know this so
That natural selection cannot touch our resolve to say no
That we’re not common serfs to be held up by the ear
But kings and queens of the world, who will see and will hear
So all you good people, with your futures and plans
Remember these words, with whatever faith that you can
That the worst prophet the Holy Ghost can have on its soils
Is the slithering serpent, with a cross in its coils.