Diagon Ellie

In touch with the wrong side of my brain
Everything feels the same
Can't separate aggression and depression
Losing what makes me sane
Pain is just a word that makes you weak where I'm from
You just get up, get dressed, and be happy you lived to see the sun
Of the morning after the party, the mollies or the tommy
You feel like you're invincible, asking the sky "who can stop me?
I lived another godless day, got some weed and some sloppy
This routine is becoming regular who the hell can stop me?"
Watch it all turn when you feel the slug burn in ya body and it hurts?
Or when someone close leaves and you lie awake and yearn
For them to return but after the tears you learn
That the words and the thoughts are discerned
And that fuck everybody mindset is confirmed
Believe me, I know of hurt when I did it for the set
And I watched my older cousin take that 12 gauge to the chest
And as he bled to death, I knew that my weaknesses had to rest
Life is full of stress and it's all just a test
On if you can put on a vest strong enough
That when you get hit it won't make a mess

Live and learn, forget what you've heard
Forgive those that hurt, but don't let your back turn
Because you know that there's always a better way
And if you believe there's a new day

I think about how close I came to being a top nigga
Quick to shoplift and rob a cop nigga
Or the fuck up teenage jobless pops nigga
That fucked with the wrong bitch and his baby moms killed him
I saw a little potential behind these designer bag eyes
And I looked past the lies fed that made me blind
I still tote the gun but it's tucked within my tongue
And I'm quick to unload logical verbal slugs
Murder the minds, advocate of agitation to a simple man's mental state
Or just to help the scholars achieve some kind medulla stimulation
I dropped the .45, and started on a mixtape and
I feel like ever since that day I've been striving to be great
Plus I skate which has helped me find new horizons to rise in
Smoked good strains that made eye lids look like the sky's bent
And I know my time's spent but I love North Ireland
As long my past doesn't play catch up like Heinz did

Author's Notes/Comments: 

From the heart.

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