Maiden In Waiting

Simple Thoughts

"She had been waiting, 

for her knight. 

Her proper gentleman, 

the one who at night


would hold her tight,

the only way

that seemed right

to sleep.


So deep,

was her love

for someone she hadn't met yet, 

it kept her away


from the others.

No prince

could ever save this

damsel in distress. 


She was busy, anyway.

But on one

humid, busy day,

one said hello.


And in a blur of a year,

she realized 

she had said 'yes', 

with stone like Ocean


adorned on left hand.

She was happy.

She was going to unite 

with one whom


she had searched 

her entire life for.

One who loves her

for who she is,


and every thing

that implies.

He is no knight, 

no master-commander,


just a man

who has a way with words; 

or so he likes to think.

All she wants,


is to ink into passing

the change of last name.

A light love story, 

that began two year ago,


one busy day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When I met me wife!


365 challenge




Seminally thistled,

Seemingly torn, owing

Substance to only nod

Stoically, truncated on nomadic embraces.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No 66 stone

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I have seen a stone,

Or the stone has seen me,

I do not know for certain!

I draw near it slowly.


The stone is so heavy,

Since I have nothing vital to do,

I start engraving a name on it,

The special one my heart does know!


I keep on carving her name,

Wishing to make her glow like flame!


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*Untitled 7*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Just remember you're not alone

I know how you feel

My heart was once stone

One day your heart I will capture

It I will not steal

Your heart I won't rapture

Your wounds I'll heal


Your tears I will dry

Your fears I'll take away

I promise we'll get by

I promise we'll make it to the next day

I promise our hearts will fly

Just promise you'll stay


Our hearts will join as one 

Come take a walk with me 

My tears weigh a ton

Lets set our minds and feelings free

To face my fear I have won

Lets have people see 

We're having all the fun 

Our relationship will remain

Our love will forever be 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I may add more to this one. I don't feel it's complete.

*Once Again I'm In A Losing Battle*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Once again I'm in a losing battle

Lost with no place to hide

As I walk I feel my bones rattle

Once again my heart has died

These thoughts to stop I've tried


Day and night I just go on crying

I have no more strength

Just let me go on dying

Once again to myself I fight

To myself I keep lying

This battle of mine is so long in length


Truth is no one is out there 

Who will for me go that extra mile

No one for me to care

I just want this frown to go away

So I can smile 

But nothing nice people can say


To show I mean something

To let me know they hear

But It's just games they play

Being alone is my biggest fear

Hurt is what I feel everyday


God is so unfair

What is left is hatered

To my heart you bring

A lasting tear


No one with me 

Wants to forever be by my side

No one wants to stay

When they see me they turn around to hide

With me they don't want to be 


I must remain alone

Till my dying day

And my heart

It turned back to stone

No more do I care

What people have to say

Because getting close to me will anyone dare






The seaport lying on the isle of Oriab;

Being a mighty city.

There is a canal which goes under the city

In a tunnel with granite gates;

Leading to the inland lake of Yath.


Parts of the city are built of bricks

Resembling the ancient ruins

On Yath's further shore.

The beacons on either side of the harbor

Are named Thon and Thal.


The lava-gatherers climb Mount Ngranek,

But not too high, might they fall;

To get bits of volcanic stone;

Still not reaching out to the gods.


The city is ruled by a congress

Of retired sea captains and traders;

Determining both laws and punishments.

Tales of the sunken city

Six nights out of Baharna

Are told in the taverns of Lhosk.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about the city of Baharna.

Golden Fleece


As light as snow, you passed me by
Your coldness swept me within
You left me feeling like a cloud at sunset
As your colours broke my skin
Don't mess with me I'm messed up enough already
Just one thought of you and I can't hold my fingers steady
But it's all within my head
Oh, you're all within my head

Golden fleece
All within my head
War and peace
All within my head
Golden fleece
All within my head
Ephemeral entity
All that's in my head

And I've never known a pair of eyes so precious
And I fall into them every time I look
For just a moment I'm ignorant of everything else
But it's a blissful ignorance when you're around

As hard as rock it hits me
The very stone I threw
To get your brief attention
Comes flying back from you
And although I'n always looking I'm still surprised
When the words you speak hit me right between the eyes
That it's all within my head
Oh you're all within my head

Golden fleece
All within my head
War and peace
All within my head
Golden fleece
All within my head
Ephemeral entity
All that's in my head

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Celtic Knots

Show me what you've woven
And show the children too
From ancient time
In weave design
Eight knots are born of you

The Book of Kells
And Lindisfame
In threads of time divine
Beginnings of
These words to you
That you might see them shine

But own you do
The deepest threads
These Celtic knots run true
And reading them
Like any book
Transparent pages grew

Your history
Through ages vast
Now proudly to display
One knot in time
Connect us too
Forever, through the day

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