Monthly Archive for October 2011

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Milwaukee Wisconsin Poem ray_strickland milwaukee wisconsin fixed gear hipsters Oct 1st
Rello Poem ray_strickland Ray Strickland RRFTB Oct 1st
"Art" showing Poem ray_strickland Oct 1st
My Heart Poem travis111 -LovesPoem- Oct 1st
The One Poem travis111 3 -LovesPoem- Oct 1st
Lure. Poem mrurbansoul Oct 1st
নৈশব্দ নিমন্ত্রণ Poem shawon1982 Oct 1st
Anew Poem aeiouna 101 in 1001, POETRY, practice, Writing Oct 1st
Love Wasn't Enough Poem creativehue10 1 Oct 1st
Boomerang Poem creativehue10 Oct 1st
The Ugly Truth Poem creativehue10 1 Oct 1st
Cold Poem creativehue10 Oct 1st
Twilight Zone Poem phil_carcione Oct 1st
If I Don't Who Will Poem divysia 1 Oct 1st
Wisdom Teeth (drugs and love) Poem CaptainShambles Oct 1st
Metaphor Jungles Poem grahf 3 Oct 1st
Beginnings Poem dbmaxfield Drowning in Love, First Meeting Oct 1st
Out of Reach Poem dbmaxfield caged, Drowning in Love, Fulfilled Oct 1st
your eyelids, a drape over sunshine Poem grahf 1 Oct 1st
my soul speaks Poem ashley27 1 love poem Oct 1st
LET'S EMPHASIZE THE FIRELIGHT Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 1st
abominable people Poem ashley27 3 deceit Oct 1st
A LETTER TO MY LOVER OF LOVERS Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Oct 1st
Your Arms Poem Dreamer_2271 2 Oct 1st
Always Together Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 1st
I See You Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 1st
His Lips Poem Dreamer_2271 2 Oct 1st
Pickle Poem Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 1st
I Love Thee Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 1st
I Love You Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 1st
Ode To My Baby-Boo Poem Dreamer_2271 4 Oct 2nd
Mine Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Never Enough Poem crimsonangel24 6 babies, boyfriend, laughter, never enough, time Oct 2nd
I Need You Like... Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Wishing Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Thier Love Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Forever Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Patient Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Rice Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
His Ways Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Broken Promises Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Do You Know What I Know? Poem crimsonangel24 2 boyfriend, no anwers, questions Oct 2nd
Memories Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Wants And Wishes Poem crimsonangel24 1 boyfriend, Stuck, wants, wishes Oct 2nd
The Match Poem crimsonangel24 2 boyfriend, parent, Sports, staring match, triangles Oct 2nd
your memory Poem ashley27 4 deceit, lies, love Oct 2nd
Emo Trip Poem crimsonangel24 3 boyfriend, dysfunctional, emotional trip Oct 2nd
The Letter "W" Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
All I Want To Do... Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
When I... Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
The Fights Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Why? Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Waves Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Fireworks Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Broken Heart Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
The Bird Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
I Wonder... Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
My Bestfriend Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
July Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
His Face... Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
What You Shall Do Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Suicide Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Cats Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Softball Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
It Was For Money Poem Dreamer_2271 2 Oct 2nd
I know... Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Duck Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Love Is... Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Love Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Rocks Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
I am no stranger to my sins Poem Daniel-59 2 Oct 2nd
Faith Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
I Miss Your... Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Walk Away Poem Daniel-59 Oct 2nd
My children's freedom Poem Daniel-59 Oct 2nd
Spilled Blood Poem Daniel-59 Oct 2nd
When only the silence remains Poem Daniel-59 2 Oct 2nd
Dead Poem raminastar Oct 2nd
What a Shame Poem raminastar 2 Oct 2nd
Stop Poem Go-a-Green-a Oct 2nd
I'm already there Poem Daniel-59 Oct 2nd
I’m sure you have met my lover Poem coffeewithleona... Oct 2nd
My Fathers Pride Poem Daniel-59 Oct 2nd
In another life, In another time Poem Daniel-59 2 Oct 2nd
অবগুন্ঠিত দহন Poem shawon1982 Oct 2nd
I'm blind drunk an fallin down Poem Daniel-59 2 Oct 2nd
Drinking whiskey with the Devil Poem Daniel-59 Oct 2nd
Riding the white Horse Poem Daniel-59 Oct 2nd
This Day of Frustration Poem swallow Oct 2nd
Can You Hear Poem swallow Oct 2nd
I need you now More than before Poem Daniel-59 Oct 2nd
I've found safety in being alone Poem Daniel-59 Oct 2nd
Never said goodbye Poem Daniel-59 Oct 2nd
Mirror Mirror Poem Daniel-59 Oct 2nd
Love can be oh so cruel a thing Poem Daniel-59 1 Oct 2nd
First Christmas Alone Poem Daniel-59 Oct 2nd
one to stop all wars Poem Daniel-59 Oct 2nd
Affirmation Poem angeljerlin affirmation, break down cry love heart, i am me, Motivation, moving on Oct 2nd
FIGHTING THE ODDS WITH MY BELIEF Poem emmenay 2 Love and faith in God Almighty Oct 2nd
Without Pardon Poem perception absolution, broken, Forgiveness, regret Oct 2nd
Jacob's Song Poem seastar3372 2 Awakening Sorrow Dreams Love Death Oct 2nd
Awash Poem phil_carcione Oct 2nd
Midnight Rails Poem phil_carcione Oct 2nd
Spring time Rockies Poem Daniel-59 Oct 2nd
Falling Poem raminastar 2 Oct 2nd
i've lost something not lost to me Poem 9livesofapoet Oct 2nd
Happy Anniversary Poem Dreamer_2271 2 Oct 2nd
Peanut Butter Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Sunset Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
I remember Poem MidnightShadow 1 Broken heart. Lost love. Oct 2nd
Seatle Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Winter Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Spring Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
My Love Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Started Out Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Hate Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
My Only Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Elk Poem Dreamer_2271 Oct 2nd
Crimson Poem Tabula_Rasa 1 lyrics Oct 2nd
Concrete Calls Poem Tabula_Rasa lyrics Oct 2nd
Destination Uncertain Poem dampsoup religion contradictions fraud breed human Oct 2nd
Don't Look Down Poem Tabula_Rasa Oct 2nd
I-dent-ity Poem metaphorist 1 Oct 2nd
Change of Heart Poem metaphorist Oct 3rd
Free. Poem BrittanyWebb Oct 3rd
Close your eyes Poem raminastar Oct 3rd
shotgun in a runaway truck Poem Daniel-59 Oct 3rd
" MY HEART " Poem raven_hair Oct 3rd
BREEZES ARE .............. Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 3rd
Night Poem bjh2222 loss Oct 3rd
Soundtrack of life Poem GSNJSMJ 2 sountrack of life music love Oct 3rd
Heaven Poem bjh2222 heaven, Loss and death Oct 3rd
One Year Poem bjh2222 Loss and death Oct 3rd
Hold Me Poem bjh2222 loss, Relationship Heartbreak Oct 3rd
Silence Poem bjh2222 helpless Oct 3rd
My minds joke Poem raminastar 2 Oct 3rd
Being Found Poem epsfall10 Oct 3rd
To my Adam Poem MidnightShadow Broken heart. Lost love. Oct 3rd
Dancing at the Tavern Poem Sivus Girls, Life, prose, Rejection Oct 3rd
Back Log Prose Poem Sivus Asshole, Lame, prose, self, selfish Oct 3rd
Slippery Señorita Poem angeljerlin broken heart, dance floor, friendship, ladies night, letting go Oct 3rd
'11 Back and Forth Poem Joel 1 Oct 3rd
I Would Poem crimsonangel24 boyfriend, freeze, starve, thirst, would Oct 3rd
a Multiverse Poem 9inety Oct 3rd
My Retarded Boyfriend Poem ramonathompsont 1 Oct 3rd
The Dream and The Lie... Poem SoulKritiC 1 Hate, love, Love art lies Oct 3rd
If this makes me crazy Poem Daniel-59 Oct 4th
Murder On March Poem littlepoet12 Oct 4th
ghost's of love an lovers past Poem Daniel-59 Oct 4th
Night's Wonder (That keep me Awake) Poem littlepoet12 Oct 4th
Halloween. Poem Anonymous Amazing, Anna, creepy, Dark, Halloween, Is, Scary, weird Oct 4th
Broken Free. Poem Anonymous 1 flying, freedom, gliding, gold., soaring, wings Oct 4th
Suicide. Poem Anonymous blood, embrace., flesh, Knife, red, screams, Suicide, twisted Oct 4th
Blind Folded Justice Poem wisdomscry blind deaf mute numb love Oct 4th
Love Guard Poem wisdomscry Oct 4th
Cyber Space Poem wisdomscry Oct 4th
Take a seat Poem wisdomscry Oct 4th
THE HAND CLAPPED Poem wisdomscry 1 Oct 4th
Sanctification Poem wisdomscry Oct 4th
Run Fast Poem wisdomscry Oct 4th
Blame Poem raminastar Oct 4th
sanctuary Poem Daniel-59 Oct 4th
Unplanned Poem anneesor.magbanua Oct 4th
Sorry, Mother Abyei Poem akol_miyen_kuol apology Oct 4th
why I've lost my faith in the world Poem Daniel-59 Oct 4th
Not So Poem eduffy Friendship Angry Hurt Sad Truth Lies Secrets Oct 4th
How it used to be Poem X_jewel_X 1 Oct 4th
তোমাকেই ভালবাসি Poem shawon1982 Oct 4th
Cracks Poem Wandering_Soul85 Oct 4th
Life Lives Beautiful Poem LadyRaine Oct 4th
Rambling at Work Poem Sivus blah, Girls, Life, prose, self Oct 4th
Puppeteer. Poem Anonymous bloody, Gory, marionette., puppet Oct 4th
Footnote: My Ex-Wife, Deceased Poem S74rw4rd Oct 4th
Marionette. Poem Anonymous 2 breaking, freedom, gory. Oct 4th
Footnote: Cause And Effect Poem S74rw4rd Oct 4th
Dictator Relationship. Poem Anonymous bad relationships, good relationships, Love., unwilling Oct 4th
Embraces. Poem Anonymous embrace, gentle., love, new, soft Oct 4th
Footnote: Thank You, Bill Pratt Poem S74rw4rd Oct 4th
False Movements. Poem Anonymous Pretending relationship. Oct 4th
Footnote: Weekend Party Poem S74rw4rd Oct 4th
From Love to Hate. Poem Anonymous hate., love Oct 4th
যখন... Poem shawon1982 Oct 4th
Lovers Torture. Poem Anonymous bloody., death, Gory, Hate, lovers, torture Oct 4th
Footnote: 1975, From 1963 Forward Poem S74rw4rd Oct 4th
The Rose. Poem Anonymous kisses, Love., red, ROSES, soft Oct 4th
Too Quickly. Poem Anonymous changed, loving, mates., Quick Oct 4th
Nuances: Foreigners Poem S74rw4rd Oct 4th
Nuances: Dinner Conversation Poem S74rw4rd Oct 4th
Death Inside Poem brianc death Oct 4th
Hopeless Love Poem brianc Hopeless True Love Oct 4th
Living Dead. Poem brianc dead Oct 4th
My Dreams Poem brianc dreams Oct 4th
The Life That I live Poem brianc Life Oct 4th
Troubled Times Poem brianc troubled times Oct 4th
Days of Darkness Poem brianc Darkness Oct 4th
Absolutely mental chicken oriental Poem CaptainShambles reaching high doing the best you can self aggrandisement, spoken word becoming who you should be Oct 4th
We are not human beings Poem LostinDelerium Confessing, Trusting Oct 4th
Ballad of the broken Poem LostinDelerium Depression Oct 4th
Strings Poem XxeberlixX heartbreak, love, relationships, strings Oct 4th
Games Poem XxeberlixX games, heartbreak, love, relationships Oct 4th
I promise, i swear Poem XxeberlixX heartbreak, love, promise, relationships, swear Oct 4th
Charm Poem XxeberlixX charm, heartbreak, love, relationships Oct 4th
Irrational Poem ValentineBuchannan Oct 4th
Happy Holidays Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 4th
House of Gain Poem Tabula_Rasa lyrics Oct 4th
Beauty and the Beach Poem Tabula_Rasa lyrics Oct 4th
My Damnation Poem brianc 2 damnation Oct 4th
Tell Me Poem XxeberlixX 2 heartbreak, her, love, relationships Oct 4th
Sugar Poem sanctus Oct 5th
Heart of a Warrior Poem littlepoet12 Oct 5th
Footnote: Country Air Poem S74rw4rd Oct 5th
Anarchy. Poem Anonymous belief, disbelief, Fists, power, Rebel, rogue. Oct 5th
Life of Sin Poem brianc Sin Life Oct 5th
Footnote: Claudel In Japan Poem S74rw4rd Oct 5th
Footnote: On Wallace Stevens' Perspectives Poem S74rw4rd Oct 5th
Blind to Time Poem BriElle Hope, Human, love, sadness, time, youth Oct 5th
Forever With Us Poem littlepoet12 2 Oct 5th
All I want.. Poem ValentineBuchannan 1 Oct 5th
Dreams Poem ValentineBuchannan Oct 5th
Death of the Lovely Rose Poem BriibeeRainbowkid death, love, Pain, rose Oct 5th
Black Or White Poem LittleLennonGurl 2 Oct 5th
Downpour**song** ~uncompleted Poem BriibeeRainbowkid 1 Oct 5th
Noises Poem MidnightMusic noises Oct 5th
Stormed Relations Poem MidnightMusic lightning thunder rain relationships Oct 5th
The Four Seasons Poem MidnightMusic 2 autumn fall summer spring winter Oct 5th
INTELLECTUALLY SLIMED, PERHAPS....... Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 5th
A life... Poem BB_Post 3 Oct 5th
The inner valiant Poem GSNJSMJ 1 Human strength and frailty will to continue on Oct 5th
Born Destruction Poem brianc World destruction Oct 5th
CAGED Poem emphasis Oct 5th
THE POETRY ARCH Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 5th
I Cry When I Think About You Poem Silver__lining Oct 5th
Could It Be You? Poem Silver__lining Oct 5th
The One Who Was is Now No More Poem Silver__lining Oct 5th
Why Search When It's Just Excess Poem Silver__lining Oct 5th
Help! Poem Silver__lining Oct 5th
Has To Be a Way Poem Silver__lining Oct 5th
REMBRANDT WITH A PEN ............... Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 5th
Fuck The World Poem kickass_lass Oct 5th
I Remember Poem AirAm 1 Oct 5th
Fall Poem AirAm Oct 5th
You Belong To The Morning Poem AirAm Oct 5th
"Check Your Life Light" Poem The1TrueMojo Oct 5th
Just Because... Poem SoulKritiC epiphany, Life, lost for words Oct 5th
In Between Poem calculigirl03 1 Oct 5th
Night's Mysteries Poem littlepoet12 Oct 5th
how could you Poem travis111 1 -LovesPoem- Oct 5th
Around Another Bend Poem trumpet7 Oct 5th
Electric Tears. Poem ManicMiranda 2 Oct 5th
The Flatlands (Chapter 1 - An Excerpt) Poem Sivus 1 book, chapter, Excerpt, Idea, Novel Oct 5th