Ce jour-ci, sur une plage de galet, 

Etait admiré un sinistre spectacle

Echoué tel un divin miracle

Gisait la carcasse d'un noyé

L'étrange épave, vêtue de lambeaux carmins

Dévoilait boyaux et intestins

Rongés par les vagues et le sel

Et sa peau d'albatre blanchie par le gel

Chauffait le coeur des mouettes vagabondes

Tandis que crabes et algues foulaient ce paysage immonde

Proche, à l'odeur, des cloyères


Et si l'on s'approchait de ce déchet putride, 

Si l'on écarte les nuées de mouche

Il verrait deux orbites vides

Et un sourire de char sur la sinistre bouche.

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Oh No, You're Dead


You anger me so much,

I want to kill you.

But that would be too easy,

there's torturing to do.


The blood on my hands,

feels so nice.

The touch of your corpse,

cold as ice.


Oh no, you're dead,

just like I'd bet.

But don't you worry,

I'm not finished yet.


Kidneys, liver,

stomach and lung,

but the fun has only

just begun.


Brain, heart,

need I say more?

I am truly a fan

of blood and gore.


A couple hours,

of disembowling,

soon the wolves,

will be howling.


I think perhaps,

I'm finally done.

And it seems the battle,

and war, I've won.


If I were to go blind,

it would be for the best.

For I'd only want this sight,

no need for the rest.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This entry for today is my anger manifested into writing. Sorry about that. My thoughts get kind of twisted when I'm angered. Anyway, leave any criticism and I'll see you all tomorrow.

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Twisted Lies

Happiness is what she confides in

As she stares into the night

There's nothing more satisfying

His comfort felt so right

She loves that calming look

As she looks deep in his eyes

But she suddenly has this feeling

That he's holding back some lies

He suddenly turned away from her

Now she felt so tossed

How can someone "complete" you

But continue to feel so lost

As she backs off from him

Her tears flowing down her face

He explains to her so tenderly

That he just needs some space

So weeks went by without one call

She started to feel her rage

He had her where he wanted her

Chained down and in a cage

She caught a glimpse of him one day

Her tummy in a whirl

For what she saw was full of pain

Him kissing another girl

Since that day she caged her voice

She put away her soul

Until that day she married him

And made her heart feel whole<3

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Had a little bit of help writing this from a friend :) but love how it turned out!

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J-U-S-T-I-C-E (The Highest Bidder Takes All)





Revenge is up for sale today,

‘cause fate took a loved one away,

We had forgiveness in our hearts,

But traded it for "bigR’s" part, 

In helping evil win the soul,

Of us and those it can control,

Our human frailties win again,

They call us all "American",

We kill with pride in our great chair,

All suckers to the word despair,

We’d rather see the wrong in things,

Hear only what good gossip brings,

We won’t accept pain in our life,

So we’ll just help to cause more strife,

‘cause being too compassionate,

May cause our minds to soon forget,

About how good it feels to be,

Proud owners of revenge.


The chair, the needle, or the fumes, the future calls them "sacred rooms",

Until we learn the sound of lies, we’ll blindly bring our own demise….


By closing off reality,

We shut doors on humanity,

And lock ourselves within a hell custom designed,

Only to sell the highest bidder one more way to kill again,

To "save the day",

And we escape from taking fall,

The highest bidder wins it all!!

Election day the leader’s crowned,

And lies throughout the land resound!


The chair, the needle, or the fumes, the future calls them "sacred rooms",

Until we learn the sound of lies, we’ll blindly bring our own demise…


The children learn well how to buy and sell but soon condemn,

And fate will ring true bells of freedom handed down to them by

Sacred rooms that tell the story of the way our minds get twisted,

In confusion when ignoring "human"kind(s).

And many "heroes" of today will be seen for the first,

In light that makes it all too clear how we did at our worst,

But for today we’ll all go on and wander in the dark,

The highest bidder takes it all,

And leaves that shameful mark.


The chair, the needle, or the fumes, the future calls them "sacred rooms",

Until we learn the sound of lies, we’ll blindly bring our own demise…


Copyright 2002 




God bless you. God please bless us all.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one a long time ago, shortly after I learned this country has sent innocents to death row.

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Wild Ride

For young boys whose attempts to fornicate get a "no",
It could be wise to demand she live up to her word,
For you grow in a world too excessively mired,
By the use of words tainted through the educations
We grown ups have inspired,
A "no" from a girl any age can mean lust,
Or a lifetime of labels it can easily cost,
Even if she proclaims it was not what she meant,
Know her words will mean little to the judge,
There will be no one to blame but yourself,
And your name cursed for life, holding the grudge,
Abuse can be real and believe that it's wrong,
But the meaning it seems can be twisted,
Be discerning about this, and weigh every word,
Please don't let yourself be that easily black-listed,
Even marriage won't guarrantee you won't get a dingbat,
Our society's become quite a sham,
Don't be rushed into things you're not sure of,
As the woman has taken the wheel, I'm not lying, this is real,
The world's fast as it can.



6:17 PM 4/17/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A word about abuse.

Twisted Vision

Little twips,
Envious snips,
Ill equipped,
Worried about things out of their league,
For the sake of intrigue,
Must be so sad for them,
Only viciousness shone,
Cold to the bone,
Their illusory throne,



It's a real pity,
I'm not being witty,
Monotonous city,
A wall of deceit that's not pretty,
A haggard old snotnose committee,
Unhappiness clouding,
Their lives full of doubting,
Oh my, how they dare,
I can't say I care,
No, not one itty,


© 2013

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I am sick of waiting on a call that will never come
Praying it will end the way it begun
I hate the feeling, twisted and deranged
Not excepting the fact; you will never change
I mistakingly missed my exit cue
Somehow forever obsessed with me and you
Unclear in many subtle ways
the relationship we had, forever a daze
Things will never be the way they should
Forget you...I only wish I could

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Morbid Devices

Volume Three

Morbid Devices



Seeing their fears spread out across their face,

running towards the light, falling across open space.

This is not a story of a broken home,

the devices we find ourselves in, when we are left alone and to our own.

The locked doors that we desire to explore,

godless and forsaken, on your knees still begging for more.


Follow me through my mind, like the white rabbit

don't get lost for I am told it can be quite rabid.

Lets dig down even deeper, lets meet the gate keeper

from what I hear he can be a real creeper.

Morbid devices, from a mountain of corpses

with bloody hands everyone reach for your torches.


Whispers spread that I have lost my touch,

that in the darkness I surround myself with a crutch

whiskey to drown away the sorrow,

a couple of pills, courage for tomorrow

eyes on the addiction always one step behind temptation.

Chased a fleeting dream, that faded far to fast

held back by depression, where happiness never did last

We hold onto the seconds, those precious thoughts

ironically those seconds over time cause our memories to rot.


There is chaos to a sadistic order, where each step defines our future.

Marching to the drums of madness, living within our own bliss

where the blind lead the damned, believing in the suicidal ignorance.

Becoming zombies in a world of sin and disease,

it's like the nature of survival where we become children in a carnival.


Deep within this forest, is a path that cannot be sought

a trial by fire, where never again will my soul be bought

you could close your eyes and lie to me,

and tell me that through the chaos there can be no beauty.

The idea of hope has twisted into an ugly word,

where every distraction makes it become obscured.

The dreams that faded long ago,

leaves pain in its wake, as time moves slow.


“The stars in the heavens, show us a path of the gods

sharing with us the stories of our lives, as humanity reminds us of the flaws.”





Author's Notes/Comments: 

[Edited - Cleaned up messy Codeing]

 Hmmmmm not much to add about this one, I was decently pleased with the outcome but still does feel like its missing a bit.

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Blood heats, then begins to boil.
Electric flows with the clock's ever toil.
Chocking back screams,
Liquid pouring at the seams.
Lying in crimson this time,
And still see the shine.
Wrists are bloody and gory,
The dripping itself telling a story.
Bubbles of red dot the lips,
Not matching the blue of the fingertips.
A smile curved at the mouth,
The twisted visage oh-so foul.
Never looked so at peace before,
So the knife twists for even more.
The grating of the knife against bone,
Didn't even seem to be known.
Every second collecting dust,
Doesn't seem to diminish death's lust.
Then flesh begins to burn,
Insides slowly rot and turn.
You've set me up to fail this time,
And now, death's embrace is mine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No, I'm not suicidal.

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