dance floor

Slippery Señorita

2010-2012 Poems

Breaking dawn, killing time.
Stepped at the happy dance floor.
Blues and hues, screaming crowd,
Lost in a smokey universe.

Nameless walls, faceless smiles.
A shot or two of yellowish crime.
A toast for us--to happiness! to life!
Prelude with salt, conclude with lime.

Slip and slide, bounce and jive.
Absorb the beat to feel alive.
Let the wounds heal, the world disappear--
You're with your angels, you're safe here.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-(c)jerlin 03Oct11 -and so we dance...

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The DJ

Misc Poems

The DJ, god of the dance floor, decides
The fate of all dancers. One dancer rides
The waves of the music. The beat takes him
Away to that place, takes him to the brim
Of his consciousness, his brain in a sway
As the music plays. He soars like a jay.
The sound, the beat, the colorful air
Harmony, melody - they take you there.
The DJ plays the song of passion sweet,
A song with a sweet and wonderful beat.
And suddenly, time seems to melt away,
All because of the almighty DJ.
He gives us a chance to let go of life
And all of its troubles, hardships, and strife.
Dancing and dancing our whole night away,
To the songs the mighty DJ will play.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in heroic couplets (but not iambic pentameter.) I wrote this as an assignment in AP English during The Canterbury Tales. Our assignment, as you may have guessed, was to write a poem in heroic couplets on a person or figure in our lives. I wrote about a DJ at a rave and how he/she is like a god.
I love this poem. <3 It sounds pretty sick when you read it outloud.

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