Do You Know What I Know?


Why is that I feel that
I am ready to run,
Yet I am glued
To this very spot?

Even if I do try to run
I wont get very far
Before I am caught
But by whom?

I know what I want to do
Every fiber in me aches,
Yes it aches just for you
Tell me why this is?

I know why, but it’s confusing
I want to run to you,
To hold you in my arms
Do you want it as bad as me?

I can feel your touch
Taste your kisses
Hear your voice in my ear
What, you too?

At night I lay down to sleep
And I feel you’re body
Laying next to mine
Can you feel it, too?

Yes, I want every bit of this
I want it so bad my head and heartaches
But they will keep aching
Do you know why this is?

Written on
September 29, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this to Tom ___. I have all these questions, but not any answers.

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... Reminds me of a very

... Reminds me of a very confused me a long long time ago... It's sad you can't have his answers because deep down, a part of you may or may not know,-- that you won't like his answer, so you'd rather stay mum. I am glad you wrote this... Girl, this poem is very clearly written, I am sure Tom could easily answer this. I hope writing this helped you and that you got your answers by now :) Cheers!


“ Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."
                                                   ~ Rumi

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good poem. It is written in a

good poem. It is written in a good way and I can feel what you are saying