love poems

I adorn the shape
That nature has formed
I place my hand
Where her curves transformed

Softly touching
Skin a prickling
My arm thrust around
She makes a slight giggling.

Passion held close
Heat to create
I thrust what is left
Of my hearts postulate

The ear gently uncovered
Attune to the sound
I whisper something special
As we both come down.

A light essence of appeal
Encircles the room
As if we were both made
For this moment of boom.

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Came into my sight
Long, wavy hair braided with a tie
I wish to ran my fingers thru them
And feel the hush-hush it will bring
My heart beating as it never was
I am scared I don’t know what to do.
Courage came, together with friendship
Oh it was heaven, but how can I cope
What I feel is foreign and new
If this is love, then it is you!

Live a life in an ivory tower
Timid and full of happy overtures
Shyness gone, it’s all because of you.
You made me see life like a rainbow
I put my trust and my emotions into
It’s labeled “fragile” so please be careful
Handle it with care, and when the time comes
That it’s not meant to be
Let respect and friendship stay.

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I have Forgotten

I have forgotten, what day looks like,
Likewise the nigth.
I have forgotten when dawn kisses the earth,
I have forgotten what sunrise looks like,when the sun races to meet the sky.
I have forgotten what flowers look like when they close up after a long day at night.
I have forgotten what beauty and a smile looks like.
I have forgotten so much
But,...what it feels to love
And what it feels to be loved
That... I will never forget.

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*Love title 1*

My heart is full,
Of you
My mind is full,
Of you.....

....My hands are empty,
and so are my pockets.

But I am for you,
never against you,
I am with you,

I love you.

With you,
I am happy
With you,
I am free
With you...
...I am complete.

And when I'm away,
I long for you
I'll wait for you
My heart will be there.

And when I'm here,
I'm here for you.

I'll love,
And serve you...

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أحببتك رغما عنى

أحببتك رغما عنى
تغلغل حبك بين ضلوعى
سكنت قلبى دون علمى
بحثت عنك فى كل من حولى
وجدتك تسكن كل ذرة من كيانى
حاولت البعد عنك ولكنى وجدت بعدك انسحاب لروحى
ماذا فعلت بي
وجدتنى مسحورة ولا املك امرى
فى بعدك اجدنى وحيدة وكإنى فقدت ابى
تغيب عن عينى وكأنى ضعيت ابنى
تغيب عنى احس الحزن يسكننى
كيف لى العيش بعيدا عن قلبى
كيف لى اتنفس دون ان اتنفس هواك
كيف لى الحياة دون ان اهواك
عشت عمرى ابحث عن حب يزلزلنى
فوجدتك رعدا وبرقا يكسر قيودى
ويتوغل فى قلبى ويخطفنى
فلم يعد لى سلطان على قلبى
ولم اعد استطع الهروب من مشاعرى
كيف الوصول إلى راحة قلبى
كيف لى ان اشفى منك
كيف لى ان ارحل عنك
فلم يعد لى حيلة فى حبك
اكتب كلماتى لاريح قلبى
اصف مشاعرى لاخفف عن نفسى
احاول ان اكلمك وانت بعيد عنى
علنى اجد السلوى فى بعدك
ادمنت حبك
ربى ساعدنى كى اشفى منه
ربى ساعدنى كى ارحل عنه
فلم يعد لى فى نفسى شئ
ولم يعد قلبى يحتمل الهوى
واشفى قلبى واسكنه هداك
عله يكون هو الدوا
فلا يسكنه غيرك وانه نفسى عن الهوى

Author's Notes/Comments: 

الحب كالإعصار يتملك نفسك دون سابق انذار

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preparing that vday poem

i think your gorgeous in every way shape an form
i love your personality its unique nothing like the norm
and if the dictionary was full of pictures you would be next to amazing
the love i have towards you will never fade
an a kiss from you makes for better days
an when you call me papa bear that makes me have a betta day
and no need to ever be jealous some ppl always gonna hate
ill stiff arm them if they try an get in my face

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Stalk me eternally

Here as I sit 
I feel your eyes watching me
I turn my cheek and you're looking at me
Class ends as I watch you stand when I do
Racing me to the door 
you push, rush to get through 
Next class I won't see you
I'm sure you think of me too 
My boyfriend kisses my face 
Stalker kid watch me as I embrace 

Home I lay, enjoy my music
You're obsessed, your souls sick 
Drawing my name into your arm 
Open wound you're hurt inside 
Stalker kid, wish you could charm
Your dreams are a wild ride
Longing for me but can't you see
You and I could never be 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A little something I came up with . Inspiration from a creepy kid. [: thank you creepy kid.

Where's My Juliet

Dear She,
She who loves me
with eyes that look ahead of beauty
and search deep within my soul
plucking away at my shell
until it unfolds
open wounds and scares
pilled back by she
the one who loves no art
but the meaning behind
looking for a reason
to invest her heart
giving me the chance
to create

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One man for you

When you feel
Your smile has gone
You're alone
Don't worry
One man is waiting you

When you feel
This world has no place for you
Don't worry
One man heart opens for you

When you feel
You can not fight with world
And life
Don t worry
One man will fight for you

When you feel
This world is killing you
Don't worry
One man will save you

When you feel
World thinks you are not good girl
Don't worry
One man worships you like a God

When you feel
Nobody with love you
Don't worry
One man will give you his life

When you feel
You heart filled
You want to weep
Don't worry
One man will give you smile

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about lover who are waiting her girlfriend and wants to give her his life

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