Just Passed Heaven

Down at the bottom where the darkness sleeps,
there's wayward souls and they're reaching for me.
Beneath the surface where the Devil reigns,
he's eying me up and he's fitting my chains.

Just passed heaven, I'll be drunk at the bar.
Tell Saint Peter I can't get in that car.
There's broken angels calling out for a tune,
Cause lord knows heaven don't got the blues.

Christ don't judge me, hell, he just understands,
he splits old wounds and I drink the blood from his hands.
Compare the broken hearts that we wear on our sleeve,
He says he'll heal me if I'll only believe.

But the devil wants me on the road that he paved,
makes a living on the souls can't be saved.
Wine is fine, and even better when free,
But Satan's a whiskey man, just like me.

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Death and the Crow


The smell of the dying and the dead that littered the streets had become so overwhelming, the plague itself almost became a forgotten thing, next to the walls of decay. Body stacked on body; miles of arms and legs, and the crows and worms both living and dead that were left as a testament to the plague's power. Even the chemical masks that had been scavenged from the dead, did little to hold back the putrid stench of death. There are many stumbling blocks on the road to salvation.

My Damnation

My damnation is like a silent incantation.
Cast out like a spell, coming up from the gates of hell, slitting my wrist as I watch my blood spill.
Scared of my own self, left but no choice to kill myself.
I search yet deep inside, thinking should I do whats in my mind.
I feel the pain of my own nation, substituted with my own damnation.
I watch the news as I fall to the fate of the world before me, these are are the people that are tormenting thee.
I plead insanity in the absence of vanity.
I try to find a way out of this world, never to come close, I find it hard to find which way the wind blows.
I'm lost mentally, stuck inside my own brutal fatality.
I wish I can break free of this temptation, yet it only leads me to my damnation.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in dedication for all of my errors, we are not perfect.

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