The Match


Watching the two of you
Sit there and let everything
Just be, is just like, well
It’s like watching a staring match
But you have someone else
That is on your side
She distracts you
To the point I think you’re gonna lose
But then she fights with you
Making you so frustrated
But yet you won’t leave her
So I am watching a staring match
With her on your side
And my dad and I on the other
So why is it then
That I feel like we are losing?

Written on
October 1, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is yet another about Tom ___. But it is also about my confusion with him and hs new f*** buddy. Because he wont let either one go and yet he wont find the time to meet dad. Like I said, it feels like dad and I are losing.

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geneconner2008's picture

You know you are better then

You know you are better then that. If he cannnot handle it then he is not worth your time. :P:)

crimsonangel24's picture

I dunno

I really dunno what his thoughts are. Man I'd be makin some money if I could! But we will see how this goes. I have learned to let things ride and go with the flow.

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