Monthly Archive for June 2007

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Those Eyes Poem ruth_x_less 1 Jun 1st
"TO THE WOMAN" Poem anthony28 inspiration Jun 1st
Holder of this Heart Poem gothic_fairy_ Jun 1st
'Dad'... Poem miss_terious 1 Rejection Forsaken Father Dad Family Relationship Depression Mental Health Jun 1st
Enclosed By Fear Poem gothic_fairy_ Jun 1st
Maybe I shouldnt...[but I DO] Poem gothic_fairy_ Jun 1st
The Boogie-Man Poem nagelmodel PostPoems Jun 1st
MADE YOU LOOK Poem badmistaman Jun 1st
BATTLES OF THE SEXES Poem badmistaman Jun 1st
REALMS OF POSSIBILITY Poem badmistaman Jun 1st
MAKE UP Poem badmistaman Jun 1st
Grandma Poem jrizzle1331 Jun 1st
Pretend You Care Poem skinnyjoe09 Angst Jun 1st
I Love You Poem skinnyjoe09 love Jun 1st
Fool Among the Stones Poem Sivus Political Jun 1st
Fisherman's Handicap Poem Sivus Endurance Jun 1st
what's Real Poem significance_of_2 Jun 1st
Million other things Poem jrizzle1331 Jun 1st
ACCEPT ME FOR WHO I AM Poem archipelago_soul Other Jun 1st
أيتها الظروف؟ Poem humanpulse Jun 1st
I want more caviar Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Jun 1st
Not poetry Poem humanpulse 1 Jun 1st
OLD feelings and thoughts Poem jrizzle1331 Jun 1st
If she knew Poem jrizzle1331 Jun 1st
Summer around the corner Poem jrizzle1331 Jun 1st
R.i.P grandma Poem jrizzle1331 1 Jun 1st
Dont be afraid Poem jrizzle1331 Jun 1st
ND Poem jrizzle1331 Jun 1st
"LA MUJER" Poem anthony28 Reality Jun 1st
Heavenly Night Poem chalupa67 Jun 1st
Scars and something else Poem chalupa67 Jun 1st
Black Parade Poem blueeyes Jun 1st
mussings of dreams Poem someoneoncelost 1 Jun 2nd
I wish I could be the ocean Poem archipelago_soul 1 Other Jun 2nd
Not Much More To Say Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jun 2nd
Work Abounds Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jun 2nd
You make me Feel Okay Poem gothic_fairy_ Jun 2nd
Sunlight Poem blueeyes Jun 2nd
Broken Poem fighter4life 1 Existence Jun 2nd
In You... Poem gothic_fairy_ Jun 2nd
an evil to top it all Poem someoneoncelost Jun 2nd
Here Before Poem gothic_fairy_ Jun 2nd
I could never do better Poem gothic_fairy_ Jun 2nd
it's a Wrap Poem catherine Jun 2nd
BEYOND THE MERE PHYSICAL Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 2nd
Boycott Poem jgupta Jun 2nd
Her Remember When Dream Poem kindra Jun 2nd
Political Dowry Poem jgupta Satire Jun 2nd
HURTING'S REPRIEVE Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 2nd
free writing II Poem makiman84 Jun 2nd
Zombie Poem makiman84 Depression Jun 2nd
CONSORTIUM Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 2nd
TORTURED WAIT Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 2nd
THE WOUND Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 2nd
GEEZ Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 2nd
Actor Rights Play Farmer Poem jgupta Jun 2nd
Trust Poem kindra Jun 2nd
SLEEPING BRAIN Poem profrksingh Haiku Jun 2nd
Tortured Hearts & Fake Smiles Poem archipelago_soul 1 Jun 2nd
Thunder and lightning Poem randyjohnson 1 Other Jun 2nd
Her Remember When Dream (long version) Poem kindra Jun 2nd
My Monologue with Death Poem heven7 1 death Jun 3rd
Ole Oak King (song) Poem grayeyeddame Jun 3rd
Living Without A Future Poem robbo Jun 3rd
Cruel Poem gothic_fairy_ Jun 3rd
Cold Poem gothic_fairy_ Jun 3rd
I tried Poem gothic_fairy_ Jun 3rd
The Only Thing That Stays Is Misery Poem gothic_fairy_ Jun 3rd
Reconspire Poem joelcarter_86 Jun 3rd
I AM COLOR Poem heven7 6 Beauty Jun 3rd
To Change Poem joelcarter_86 Jun 3rd
What was I thinking? Poem grayeyeddame 1 Jun 3rd
Stars Poem Dizzylemons 2 Song Lyrics Jun 3rd
Pastime(2) Poem Dizzylemons 2 Song Lyrics Jun 3rd
value Poem somefatguy Jun 3rd
Decieving eyes Poem SexyOldBAG 1 Depression Jun 3rd
yeah... Poem thecrazypalekid Jun 3rd
WHAT SHALL WE DO? Poem ladydp2000 Life/Living Jun 3rd
Quota Corollary Cremates Poem jgupta Jun 3rd
Famished Identity Poem jgupta Jun 3rd
Angels, Demons Poem heven7 1 Angels Jun 3rd
Deep Blue Ocean Poem Walker138 Jun 3rd
Desperately Poem gothic_fairy_ Jun 3rd
what she though Poem Addisonluka Jun 3rd
Days Come and Go Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jun 3rd
I am Blue Poem gothic_fairy_ Jun 3rd
Anymore Poem gothic_fairy_ Jun 3rd
As The Flames Poem gothic_fairy_ Jun 3rd
Its good that I don't [work in progress...] Poem gothic_fairy_ Jun 3rd
She's Afraid Poem gothic_fairy_ Jun 3rd
Another Lantern Poem Walker138 Jun 3rd
Price To Pay Poem gothic_fairy_ Jun 3rd
don't wanna be Poem Addisonluka Jun 3rd
2 worlds Poem Addisonluka Jun 3rd
all over again Poem Addisonluka Jun 3rd
Venus Poem xephornite Jun 3rd
hold it close Poem Addisonluka Jun 3rd
The Light Poem wishful_thinking Jun 4th
Water Cycle Poem starlite choices Jun 4th
A flash of thought haiku Poem ozzypoemgirl Jun 4th
Someday Poem cathycavalcante Cancer/Illness Jun 4th
Road Rage. Poem bendergender 1 Jun 4th
What do we do now Poem otierney Jun 4th
FIRST KISS: A DELICIOUS SURPRISE Poem archipelago_soul Kiss/Kissing Jun 4th
It Rained Today Poem twisted_reality42 love Jun 4th
War on friendly grounds Poem rachy 1 friendship Jun 4th
What I Got Poem cathycavalcante Cancer/Illness Jun 4th
UPON I-40 Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 4th
THE PHYSICAL ENGAGEMENT Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 4th
I Had A Lover's Quarrel With The World Poem simonanderson Jun 4th
Bird, The Poem renaissance633 Goodbye Jun 4th
I'll be there to hold your hand Poem randyjohnson Other Jun 4th
Free of You Poem rachy 1 Breaking Up Jun 4th
The Heaviest Rock Poem wishful_thinking Jun 4th
Friction Poem wishful_thinking Jun 4th
In Honor of My Absence Poem wishful_thinking Jun 4th
Truth Is Beating Poem wishful_thinking Jun 4th
PLEASURE AT A THROB Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 4th
THROUGH IT ALL Poem badmistaman Jun 4th
I'm out of titles Poem thecrazypalekid 1 Jun 4th
Lingering Towards Nothing Poem Aloris love Jun 4th
Worlds Apart Poem wrath1119 Song Lyrics Jun 4th
So Poem thecrazypalekid Jun 5th
poeTRY Poem grahf Jun 5th
A Warrior's Tale Poem mermaid Jun 5th
Goodbye Poem grayeyeddame 1 Jun 5th
Basking in the Essence of Sunlight Poem quadxbard Pain/Sorrow Jun 5th
oh, and Poem thecrazypalekid 1 Jun 5th
True Friend Poem rlbstar1 Jun 5th
SILLY BILLY GOES TO THE ZOO Poem ladydp2000 Children Jun 5th
*~Untitled~* Poem onestrueheart 1 Sexual Jun 5th
I'm doomed to be in misery Poem randyjohnson sadness Jun 5th
MY ROCK MY POWER AND MY SOURCE Poem ladydp2000 inspiration Jun 5th
Panoramic Dyslexia Poem amazingmrdonut Depression Jun 5th
A Rock Sang to Me Poem faerie_ophelia Imagery Jun 5th
Tell Me Poem unseen_treasure Jun 5th
Ups and Downs Poem faerie_ophelia 1 love Jun 5th
Virginia Tech Poem onestrueheart sadness Jun 5th
You Come Silently Poem faerie_ophelia love Jun 5th
The only thing I don’t like about summer Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Jun 5th
Cup let pass Poem jgupta Jun 5th
2morrow Cockcrow Poem jgupta Jun 5th
The Fool Poem faerie_ophelia Anger Violent Jun 5th
Sayoonara no ai! (Goodbye My Love) Poem onestrueheart Goodbye Jun 5th
Please, Hear Me, Lord Poem faerie_ophelia sadness Jun 5th
Blanket Poem faerie_ophelia 1 Other Jun 5th
"DEAR BROTHER" Poem anthony28 3 death Jun 5th
Before Renae's Wedding Poem faerie_ophelia 1 Other Jun 5th
Dialogue On The Weather Poem wishful_thinking Jun 5th
Hungry for a change Poem coldaugust Change/Transition Jun 6th
Ignoring the voice in my head Poem rachy 1 Food Jun 6th
Now and forever. Poem jazzy91 Jun 6th
a GROWING concern (simmer down) Poem quidseeker Jun 6th
Entitled Poem quidseeker Jun 6th
هل الله يحبني؟ Poem yaramo Jun 6th
Is it wrong? Poem jazzy91 Jun 6th
I don't know you Poem yaramo Jun 6th
Midst of my screams Poem brokenangel17 Breaking Up Jun 6th
If tomorrow must go on without you Poem missallecia Jun 6th
Nameless Poem RainDreams 1 Jun 6th
patterns Poem thecrazypalekid Jun 6th
Do You Poem unseen_treasure Jun 6th
Zoning Poem thecrazypalekid Jun 6th
Incriminate Poem jgupta Jun 7th
Confusion Poem bumblebee Jun 7th
Image. Poem catherine 1 Jun 7th
A Night on the Town Poem draca Jun 7th
Phil's Quest for Legs Poem draca Jun 7th
Summer Poem ozzypoemgirl Jun 7th
Probing Questions Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jun 7th
Schoolyard Memories: I Wonder If You'll Come Back (Sonnet) Poem bluewave 1 Jun 7th
Suicide. Poem bendergender 1 Jun 7th
Dream Come True (Traditional Haiku) Poem bluewave 2 Jun 7th
When Wisdom Comes Poem wishful_thinking Jun 7th
'I dont understand' Poem Nediot Jun 7th
Mindfield Poem silentdreamer1988 confusion Jun 7th
The price I pay Poem silentdreamer1988 Pain/Sorrow Jun 7th
Finding Mr.Right Poem significance_of_2 Jun 7th
Petals Poem kindra 1 Jun 7th
Won't You Tell Me Poem amazingmrdonut Lost love Jun 7th
Dark Storm Poem road273 Breaking Up Jun 7th
Driving over a cliff Poem randyjohnson Dark Jun 7th
I Guess Poem unseen_treasure Jun 7th
I Dont Care Poem unseen_treasure Jun 7th
Different Worlds Poem draca Jun 7th
bend backwards to fall apart Poem ruth_x_less Jun 7th
An Old Woman's Memories Poem draca 2 Jun 7th
Good Intientions Poem running_with_rabbits 1 Jun 7th
Tha Same Guy Poem suerte Lost love Jun 8th
To A Friend I Know Won't See This Poem faerie_ophelia 1 love Jun 8th
I Am A Sinner Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jun 8th
Forward Track (Everything Changes) Poem joelcarter_86 Jun 8th
Always Poem angels_eyes_only 2 Jun 8th
زماني Poem yaramo Jun 8th
each day Poem angels_eyes_only 4 Jun 8th
Covertly Racial Poem jgupta Jun 8th
Heart's Desire (Still Thinking of You) Poem faerie_ophelia Goodbye Jun 8th
بعد تورطي Poem yaramo Jun 8th
Sometimes I feel like screaming Poem randyjohnson 1 Pain/Sorrow Jun 8th
The Girl in My Dreams Poem dummyhead79 Song Lyrics Jun 8th
Breathe (dedicated to Britney Spears) Poem suerte Fate/Destiny Jun 8th
Night Sky Poem onestrueheart 1 sadness Jun 8th
Please, tell me you're more than they say you are. Poem Dizzylemons 1 Song Lyrics Jun 8th
Anointing of the Sick Poem tajuta 1 Jun 8th
Hometown (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Jun 8th
You're Not Here (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Jun 8th
You Belong To Me Poem suerte love Jun 8th
An Exile to Her Old Home Poem faerie_ophelia Other Jun 8th
Lélegezz (dedicated to Britney Spears) Poem suerte Fate/Destiny Jun 8th
Should Have Been Poem amazingmrdonut Lost love Jun 8th
Twisting The Knob Poem wishful_thinking Jun 8th
My suicide Question Poem cutegurl1316 Suicide Jun 8th
Voices Poem giajl War Jun 9th
the need to indulge Poem gemboy romance Jun 9th
An Epitaph Poem giajl War Jun 9th
For Those Unknown Poem giajl War Jun 9th
The Lost and The Forgotten Poem giajl War Jun 9th
Gentle Man Poem jgupta Jun 9th
a cappella moonshine Poem gemboy romance Jun 9th
WAR CRIES Poem giajl War Jun 9th
We Salute You Poem giajl War Jun 9th
look into me Poem insane Jun 9th
fall from grace Poem insane Jun 9th
hangin around Poem insane Jun 9th
the seed Poem insane Jun 9th
come with me Poem insane Jun 9th
one writen in anger Poem insane Jun 9th
lost Poem insane Jun 9th
the slayer of the beast Poem insane Jun 9th
i wonder Poem insane Jun 9th
At The Distinguished Christian Poet's House, 2 Poem Starward 1 Being Loved Jun 9th
Lady Salome's Bare Footsteps, Easter Morning Poem Starward Spirituality Jun 9th
like rabbits Poem gemboy romance Jun 9th
25 Years Ago Today Poem giajl Airborne, Falklands War, Parachute Regiment, War, War Poetry Jun 9th
brown lick her Poem gemboy romance Jun 9th
What Price? Poem giajl War Jun 9th
youmakemewanna Poem elle_graw 1 Jun 9th
A Hampshire Church Poem giajl War Jun 9th
Ehrenmann Poem jgupta Jun 9th
life without light Poem insane Jun 9th
why i made this folder Poem insane Jun 9th
The Sleeping Beauty Poem suerte dreams Jun 9th
Tomorrow Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jun 9th
Seeing You Again Poem mermaid Jun 9th
THE SHOP KEEPER Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 9th
INTO MY LIFE Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 9th
BAR RING UTOPIA Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 9th
abaddon Poem insane 1 Jun 9th
Me Muero De Pasión Poem suerte love Jun 9th
There's No Other Poem suerte Lost love Jun 9th