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Paramaribo- Suriname

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Listening to rock music, writting poetry, webdesigning, hoto editing, chatting online, reading, watching tv etc.

I’m the silent guy. You’ll barely hear me talking. Unless I’m around good friends. I’m easy to talk to, and I always have an open ear. I’m also open-minded and I respect everyone’s opinion. I’m can be pretty fun, if you get to know me pretty good.

My religion is Wicca. It's a religion I can really find myself. I also consider myself to be gothic. I try to find beauty in darkness. And because of those 2 reasons people often misunderstand and judge me. I just think that’s stupid. People should get to know someone, before they judge.

I have a huge passion for music (besides poetry). “Music is my therapy” – Amy Lee.
Yes, that also counts for me! I have a lot of favo bands. I mostly listen to gothic/symphonic/melodic/classical metal music (and other types of metal), but also to plain classic music.
My most favo band is: Evanescence. That band has been such an inspiration and support to me. There music has helped me go through some really tought times, and it always will. I also really adore the leadsinger/frontwoman Amy Lee. She's a goddess!

Now, a bit about my poems.
If you compare my older poems, to my recently written ones, you’ll notice a growth and maturity in them. I have a different style of writing now. My recent poems are posted in the folder: A NEW AGE DAWNS
Every poem is writing with a lot of emotions and inner feelings. They are dark, sometimes even a bit negative, but that’s the way I felt at the time they were written.

NOTE: I removede my pic, because it's almost 2 years old. I'll upload a new one, when I have one.


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It's round and i hate it, so plz don't look at it.

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-Don't want your hand this time i'll save myself- Evanescence
-Sometimes sadness can be beautiful- Amy Lee
-Who gives a fuck if my life sucks- Korn
- Music is my therapy- Amy Lee
- We all live, we all die, that does not begin to justify you- Evanescence
- Hell is empty, all the devils are here- William Shakespear
- My lonely soul is only filled with fear - Nightwish
- We need to open new doors and close the ones behind us - EPICA
- This is life, not heaven. You don't have to be perfect -
-My best friend brings out the best in me- by me
-Live everyday like it's your last- by me
-Dare to dream- by me
- If you obey all the rules, you miss out on all the fun- by me
-Life's a bitch and then you die! -by me


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