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Virginia Beach, VA USA

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Photography, Music, Literature, Movies, Martial Arts, Travel, Coffee, People Watching, Cooking

Born in Wilmington, NC and raised by my grandmother. Later left to live in Brooklyn, NY with my great aunt and uncle. Graduated Wingate HS in 1979 and left NY to move back to Wilmington and attend University of North Carolina. Restless and unchallenged with college, I departed in 1991 to join the U.S. Navy and became a Computer Specialist working in the Intelligence field. Honorably discharged due to injuries sustained during my Naval service, I became a Network Engineer for the U.S. Navy in Washington State. Recently transferred from the Seattle area back to corporate HQ in Virgina Beach, VA. Divorced with no children. The plan is to seek publishing at 101 works.

About My Navel

Existing on a perpendicular plane at approximately 90 degrees to an vertical surface, the navel in question resides in an internal cavity shaped much like a true parabolic vortex (not unlike the theoretical shape of a black hole). It is clean and free of foreign objects and remains out of eyesight.

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Always let the love you make exceed the love you take...


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