what's Real

i never cared about how i looked when my babies died

2 holes in my head from the way that i tried

praying all the while over the deadly drive

to save our lives as we took our dive

He saved only me and my middle child

this choice of my Lord still drives me wild

1 hole in the front from the pavement crack

1 hole on the top tore my scalp to the back

i never thought too deep into what i had said

bout losing my seed yielding holes in my head

and when it happened i didn't care

if the hideous sight would make people stare

i simply see my babies 3

gone from me while i couldn't see

i opened my eyes and had 1left

who grew in a day living through theft

no children to play no babies who laugh

only adults nearby who unleash my wrath

i embrace my survivor who's witnessed the pain

i fill her with sunshine and replace the rain

don't care how i look as i fill her with hope

cuz i'm still alive to help her cope

this life is too short to go thru it and worry

am i cute am i fine  meanwhile you get buried

they worry bout that when they stretch you all out

so while you are here just learn praise and shout

make change in the aspects of your soul that you can

cuz your changes influence your fellow man and display your betterment  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

not done...WIP

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