Finding Mr.Right

naughty ramblings

i thought i found the man who could satisfy me deep

i dug so far inside his soul til he'd always fall asleep

i'd lay awake and beg for more but with me he couldn't keep

desires that ran through the bone forced this mind to seep

out of body experiences sex that shocked his mind

a touch that changed that mean old man to be generous and kind

giving away the love i filled him with to keep us intertwined

has me rethinking what it's like to keep the love you find

my vessel is full my essence deep my mind  and body quiver

my emotions can make the average man drown inside my river

for no man knows the love that's hidden deep inside this giver

i'll close my eyes and wait for THE ONE who can stand up, lay down and deliver

i want much more than the average woman who can only take so much

this sponge of pain wants to release the pangs that i so tightly clutch

through heart to heart thru body to body and stand up 2 souls in such

a tight ball of understanding love and truth i will never again go dutch

wanting more from touch has my heart below the weather

singing begging and shouting out i need a new endeavor

to deafened ears who always say that they last forever

i know the truth and i won't be overcome just because you're clever

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