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Redneck City, Washington

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Writing, Drawing, Singing, crapping... lolz

The type of poety I like to write is mainly love/pain/death type...
But I do like to write random retarded (Yet funny) poems!
Like my Favorite, "The Whacked Up Poem!"> and then "Horse-Play" which isnt really a poem... It's more of spontanious thoughts...
But most of my poetry comes from the emo-ness that I dig up for fun!
I'm not emo, but I like to write emo..
Though my poetry really isnt that emo... lol
My all time favorite poem that I have written so far is "Ambushed" and it is about my family life. It is really deap. And I think I wrote it out beautifully!
I'm in love with it! Hahaha
I do have a few other favorites, like "Empty Eyes" and "Window of Lies".
Well I guess I will update later..
Thank you for reading my bio, now please go check out and read my poetry!
Love you all!
~*Brittany Ann Beasley*~

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A cute little inny on meh Belly!
I love to poke it! ^3^

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''Why do we love people who don't love us back?''
~*Brittany Ann Beasley*~


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