Falklands War


Load the boats 

Valhalla awaits 

The heavens resound with thunder claps

Dragons wings

Blotting out the sun

Pray to Njourour for calm seas

Thank us….

We bring you War

Steam rises from Warriors mouths

The Gods are with us………..

As the sea turns to ice

Sharpen your axes

Eat drink well


Tomorrow we die……….



Warriors burn……..straight to Valhalla 

Unleash the spears

The dragon turns

Twisted wings spiral to earth





© Tony McNally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

San Carlos Bomb Alley, Falklands War.

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Bullet Proof Youth

I  was a young warrior

A bullet proof  youth

This was my time

I  could not loose

As the first ships sank

I  held my breath

Now I  knew

It could end in death

As a 19 year old

 I wrote my will

Should the enemy

Me they kill

Looking around at all my mates

Our carefree journey

Soon turned to hate

When our officers told us

The Sheffield was lost

I wanted revenge

The die had been cast

On D Day we turned

From boys to men

Our lives would never 

Be the same again

My young eyes

Saw the dead and dying

Burnt limbless guardsman

But not one was crying 

I took a life

But saved a few

I was a soldier

Its what we do

To those we left

In the cold frozen ground

We Will Remember You

As we drink our first round

I was a young warrior

A bullet proof youth

As for War

I now know the awful truth.



© Tony McNally











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Come keep me company a while

Upon this mountain I lay

Pour yourself a hot brew

Tell me all about your day


Il patiently listen

I’m not going anywhere

When you’ve told me your story

Il make you aware


Of the minefields around

Trip wires and booby traps

So take your pack of your back

Sit down and relax


I’m from Glasgow my friend

You can call me Jock

I was killed on this hill

There’s  the hole in my smock


I’m not alone 

There are twelve guardsmen here

We got to the top

There’s no foe that we fear 


When you go back to Scotland

Tell your pals about us

We will never leave our post

Do our duty we must


The sun is almost down

Your path downwards is clear

I hope you come back one day

To visit us here.



© Tony McNally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A fallen soldier on Tumbledown mountain in the Falklands chats with a stranger.

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A Glass Before They Go,


A Glass Before They Go,



In hallowed halls,
Behind thickened walls.
The privileged,
wine and dine.
They plot our fate,
Between the plate.......
Of fish and fowl.
These modern day,
Parliamentarians who'd,
Slit your throat...
To fill their purses.
So, still they're sending loyal soldiers



To their deaths .
Giajl © Jim Love

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I swam a ditch
And crawled a tunnel
For an indeterminable
... Distance
And sang a song

As I went the other way
Giajl © Jim Love

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A Friend Has Passed This Way

Falklands 82
A Friend Has Passed This Way
I too have seen ,
and watched .
Oft at times , mayhap reflected!
Those sad ,and tired eyes.
Wherein a grin, a craic.
Helps maintain the masquerade.
Those mirrors of our soul.
Lack lustre, shows.
Where shine,
and  life's mischief's twinkle.
Have now long gone.
only captured......
By one who never lies!
That omnipresent lens.
Where demons snuff the sparkle,
To make you think you have no hope.
Leaving ........
A conflict of the mind,
the soul , 
the thirst of life.
A choice to quench the fire in your brain.
So  finally there's peace .
But only for you........
A friend has passed this way
R.I.P. Steve "Hank"Hood
A Lover, A Husband, A Father and an Airborne Soldier.
Forever Young Class of 82.
Giajl © Jim Love 
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25 Years Ago Today

Falklands 82

25 Years Ago Today


We valient few
Have once again
Come to haunt you

To make your dreams
And inflict the pain
That we no longer feel

For on this day
All those years ago
We died and you still live.

Class of 82

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Lament of the Dead.


Lament of the Dead.


What if I should die before the dawn?
And if I should die before the dawn,
What news ho, of me in England?
How cry you now?
Oh, men of mice!
Safe last night you slept.
‘Twas the wind of war,
Wot kept me awake.
How say you now friend,
Did we win?

That some sad price was paid
For the laughter of today
That they should not forget.
But never know
The ignominy
Of death
While in their moment’s of play.
Brave men died
Tho’ thousands of miles away
The same sun shone on both.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When I know what it means . I won't be able to post a comment.
I'll probably be dead.

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A Place for You.


A Place For You


The morning suns rays catch my face.
Though it's light and warmth touch me not.
For I?m cold as the clay.

Forever skywards I face.
While my marble pillow changes to white from grey.
Vivid coloured flowers gently sway.

No scent, no sound, no taste, and no touch.
No longer the hunger that consumed so much.
While your tears help cleanse my soul.

We lived as we died, freemen and proud.
Hard men who led hard lives.
Fatherless children, husband-less wives.

The blade I pass to you.
Keep it sharp and sure,
Let your aim be true.

And when it's over.
Be sure to know
I've kept a place for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There's always room for one more.

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