Monthly Archive for February 2005

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Now That I Know Poem adam03cc Feb 1st
غادتي الجميلة Poem alihseen Feb 1st
Remembrances Poem asherivers 1 Feb 1st
Ignorance was Bliss Poem asherivers Feb 1st
In Seperate Souls Poem asherivers Feb 1st
Crying Poem asherivers 1 Feb 1st
قصص قصيرة جدا Poem bakri Feb 1st
Desolate as Dresden Poem cuddledumplin Feb 1st
Love and February Poem desert_rose love Feb 1st
Goldmine In Those Pages Poem desert_rose Abstract Feb 1st
Glory Poem desert_rose Abstract Feb 1st
Blessings Poem desert_rose Abstract Feb 1st
Faces In The Dark Poem eduffy Feb 1st
Drive Poem eduffy Feb 1st
Light Poem eduffy Feb 1st
Enough to Know Poem eduffy Feb 1st
Because I Miss You Poem eduffy 1 Feb 1st
Things the quiet girl wants to say Poem fighter4life Suicide Feb 1st
Dimen-Worlds Poem gottgehirn Feb 1st
Eyes Poem gweny1313 Feb 1st
Wondering? Poem gweny1313 Feb 1st
Forgive Me, I am Just a Man Poem hhickson 1 Forgiveness Feb 1st
Don't Wilt Away Poem joelcarter_86 1 Hope Feb 1st
Ignored to Death Poem kitez Loneliness Feb 1st
Scrap Pile Poem laughmachine613 love Feb 1st
Girl With The Evil Smile Poem laughmachine613 Anger Violent Feb 1st
The Princess Poem laughmachine613 Immaturity Feb 1st
Life The Bitch Poem laughmachine613 sadness Feb 1st
Hidden By A Smile Poem laughmachine613 Fear Feb 1st
I LOVE YOU Poem laughmachine613 love Feb 1st
Dear, Sweet, Mr. Wilson Poem my_thoughts 2 Anger NonViolent Feb 1st
The Truth Poem EWProductions love Feb 1st
Hold Me Tight Poem EWProductions 1 love Feb 1st
You Are Poem EWProductions 1 love Feb 1st
Waiting On Togetherness Poem EWProductions love Feb 1st
The Poetry Love Story Poem EWProductions 1 love Feb 1st
Eternal Poem EWProductions love Feb 1st
We Dwell In A Land Of Darkness Poem EWProductions #EWProductions#praiseJesusLyrics Feb 1st
We're Two Of A Kind Poem EWProductions love Feb 1st
Morning Glory Poem naushin84 Beauty Feb 1st
No use for that Poem naushin84 confusion Feb 1st
Advice Poem pamschwetz 5 Feb 1st
DISCONNECTED 2 Poem Queen_Serenity Depression Feb 1st
HURTING Poem Queen_Serenity 1 Depression Feb 1st
BROKEN TEARS Poem Queen_Serenity Depression Feb 1st
Facing Our Naked Selves Poem shirley Awakening Feb 1st
STRENGTH WITHOUT FORM Poem Solitary_Dreamer Nature/Environment Feb 1st
Fear of Spiders Poem spf Feb 1st
It was all in my head Poem thepoetjoseph Feb 1st
قبل الوداع..يا طير -الجزء الاول Poem wella28 Feb 1st
بعد الرحيل -الجزء الثاني Poem wella28 Feb 1st
"براءتي..تقتلني" Poem wella28 Feb 1st
البركان Poem wella28 Feb 1st
وحدي Poem wella28 Memories Feb 1st
Love Poem tonanzith 1 love Feb 1st
Mortal Poem tonanzith Abstract Feb 1st
Think or Dream Poem tonanzith 1 Abstract Feb 1st
Sketchy Poem tonfa_wielder 1 Bittersweet Feb 1st
The Wayward Fool Poem trumpet7 inspiration Feb 1st
Suicide(Part 6) Poem victoire 1 Suicide Feb 1st
No Doubt Poem yardesspoetess love Feb 1st
الصحراء والحرب -8 Poem alihseen Feb 2nd
I Pray For Death Poem cathycavalcante death Feb 2nd
Welcome To The Family Poem chachi 1 Feb 2nd
My Facade Poem danibelle Feb 2nd
Two-Faced Love Poem dasweetyjd Feb 2nd
Supergirl Poem dasweetyjd Feb 2nd
Haiku: Crush Poem dasweetyjd Feb 2nd
Lets Make Up Poem dasweetyjd 1 Feb 2nd
Wings Poem elfofearth 1 Angels Feb 2nd
Reasoning Poem elham 2 Feb 2nd
Walking the Wasteland Poem ers Feb 2nd
Call of Death Poem ers Feb 2nd
Portrait of the American Family Poem ers Feb 2nd
Reality Poem ers Feb 2nd
The World Today Poem ers Feb 2nd
Teenaged Mentality Poem ers Feb 2nd
Death, Do We Part Poem ers Feb 2nd
Anthem of Lost Love Poem ers Feb 2nd
This Serenade Poem ers Feb 2nd
My Armor, My Life Poem exthias1983 Faith Feb 2nd
Love Poem gemini Feb 2nd
Hating Me Poem gemini Feb 2nd
Breaking us apart Poem geneconner2008 love Feb 2nd
Epiphany Poem gweny1313 Feb 2nd
Mommy Poem gweny1313 Feb 2nd
Thank You For Forgiving Me Poem hhickson love Feb 2nd
Suffrage Poem LadyAryn Feb 2nd
Hate Poem LadyAryn Feb 2nd
Nobody Poem LadyAryn Feb 2nd
Unshed Tears Poem LadyAryn Feb 2nd
Before Poem LadyAryn 1 Feb 2nd
Suicide Poem LadyAryn Feb 2nd
Power Poem LadyAryn Feb 2nd
Life is Dull Poem krnrana Feb 2nd
Heart Play with Feelings Poem krnrana Feb 2nd
Why god why Poem lilone_is_on_fi... Feb 2nd
What have i done (remix) Poem LosingMyself Feb 2nd
Goodbye Poem maddiejace Feb 2nd
Paint the Sky Red Poem C.Locke Feb 2nd
1 Poem C.Locke Feb 2nd
2 Poem C.Locke Feb 2nd
3 Poem C.Locke Feb 2nd
Buried Alive Poem my_thoughts 7 dreams Feb 2nd
Labels Poem my_thoughts 6 Other Feb 2nd
After My Shower [A Poem] Poem nebula Feb 2nd
i miss you Poem poetrylover Feb 2nd
* When We First Met * Poem poetvg 2 Feb 2nd
The Day Things Went Wrong Poem romeo122 4 Angels Feb 2nd
Blaming Myself Poem spf Feb 2nd
I Miss You Tonight Poem tekno Feb 2nd
The Rosebud Poem unrulyspring Feb 2nd
no forgiveness Poem Addisonluka Feb 2nd
what do they care Poem Addisonluka Feb 2nd
whatever Poem Addisonluka Feb 2nd
Jet Trails Poem wishful_thinking Feb 2nd
العرس الانتخابي بين المقاطعة والطموح Poem alihseen Feb 3rd
my worst mistake Poem blissfully_yours Haiku Feb 3rd
under these white lights Poem blissfully_yours 4 Feb 3rd
when the old is rekindled Poem blissfully_yours 2 Feb 3rd
Baby it's you Poem brokenangel17 Feb 3rd
What she did Poem brokenangel17 Feb 3rd
Yoli Poem brokenangel17 Feb 3rd
Companion of The Night Poem timbiondollo 1 Feb 3rd
bloody kisses and acid tears Poem crow Feb 3rd
shadow of the night Poem crow Feb 3rd
memmories Poem crow Feb 3rd
this place Poem crow Feb 3rd
people r stairing Poem crow 1 Feb 3rd
in the shadows Poem crow Feb 3rd
wear i stay Poem crow Feb 3rd
this forgotten day Poem crow Feb 3rd
i leave the water running so u wont hear me cry Poem crow 1 Feb 3rd
death Poem crow 1 Feb 3rd
graveyard Poem crow 1 Feb 3rd
my heart Poem crow Feb 3rd
void Poem crow 1 Feb 3rd
fade away Poem crow Feb 3rd
faded away Poem crow Feb 3rd
the woods Poem crow Feb 3rd
acidic tears Poem crow Feb 3rd
if i die today Poem crow 2 Feb 3rd
my blood is still flowing Poem crow 1 Feb 3rd
nothing but a dream Poem crow Feb 3rd
a rose for u and a thorn for me Poem crow 1 Feb 3rd
dont let it fade away Poem crow Feb 3rd
leaveing me to die alone Poem crow 1 Feb 3rd
as i lay here in the dark Poem crow 1 Feb 3rd
away from the light we walk؟ Poem crow Feb 3rd
Rabbi Poem cr_barnes religion Feb 3rd
Deep Sea Kissing Poem cuddledumplin 1 Feb 3rd
Wisdom Like Dust Poem cuddledumplin Feb 3rd
Naked Words Poem cuddledumplin Feb 3rd
Clear My Head Poem cuddledumplin Feb 3rd
The Sun Shares Sweetness Poem cuddledumplin Feb 3rd
Leap of Faith Poem deethepoet Feb 3rd
Sillouette of Life Poem ers Feb 3rd
The Warrior Poem ers Feb 3rd
eternity Poem eternity Feb 3rd
Addiction Poem gweny1313 Feb 3rd
تفاعيل المدينة الشعاعية ... Poem hasnaouilazhar Poetry/Writing Feb 3rd
اليتيم Poem hasnaouilazhar Poetry/Writing Feb 3rd
Answer to Forgiving You Is Not Easy Poem hhickson love Feb 3rd
Inquiry Poem LadyAryn 1 Feb 3rd
Surrender Poem LadyAryn 2 Feb 3rd
Climax Poem LadyAryn 1 Feb 3rd
My Generation Poem LadyAryn Feb 3rd
Short Fuses Poem LadyAryn Feb 3rd
For Stephen....Yayness. Poem jessadawn Feb 3rd
so deep Poem jpike 3 Feb 3rd
Valentine's Thoughts Poem koolkels Feb 3rd
Efe Poem laurmordre Feb 3rd
Paranoiac Poem EWProductions 1 Pain/Sorrow Feb 3rd
You Will Never Harm Me Poem EWProductions Dark Feb 3rd
Love Him Poem EWProductions 1 religion Feb 3rd
My Fairytale Poem newsl4ng 2 Loneliness Feb 3rd
Untimed Love Poem phil_carcione Feb 3rd
Cold Knight Poem phil_carcione Feb 3rd
Lingering Thoughts Poem phil_carcione love Feb 3rd
Eternal Warmth Poem phil_carcione 1 love Feb 3rd
Secret Desire Poem phil_carcione Sexual Feb 3rd
Society Poem MatthewWayne Culture/Society Feb 3rd
Claimants Poem rashmiitz Feb 3rd
Identity Poem rashmiitz Feb 3rd
WOULD YOU MIND? Poem roboam33 Feb 3rd
A New Scar Poem shellz 1 Feb 3rd
IN REMEMBERANCE OF 9/11 Poem Solitary_Dreamer In Memory Feb 3rd
TALE OF REPETITIOUS RYME Poem Solitary_Dreamer Feb 3rd
the reason for my insanity (about you babe) Poem superdownlifer 2 love Feb 3rd
Tsunami Poem teresa 1 Feb 3rd
All Our Trials Poem trumpet7 1 inspiration Feb 3rd
Poem Litany Poem truths Feb 3rd
! Shirts Off Says Unelected Chertoff Poem truths Feb 3rd
Fig Tree Poem wishful_thinking Feb 3rd
Then And There Poem wishful_thinking Feb 3rd
Bruised angel wings Poem xdolliedespairx Abuse Feb 3rd
Last Speech Poem animus 1 Speeches Feb 4th
Replacment Poem asherivers 1 Feb 4th
On This Day Poem beautifulpain 1 Feb 4th
dear abby Poem blissfully_yours 1 Feb 4th
Behind Closed Eyes (not done) Poem blush1987 Dark Feb 4th
three voices Poem blush1987 confusion Feb 4th
ABBA?/WB4/3/febby/05/th/1021p Poem catherine Feb 4th
Dream Haunting Poem eduffy Feb 4th
Assholes Poem ers Feb 4th
The World a Blaze Poem ers Feb 4th
Choice Poem ers Feb 4th
what's the matter with parents today? Poem fat_mike 1 Feb 4th
Untitled -- 2.4.2005 Poem Briana518 Feb 4th
because of me Poem Briana518 regret Feb 4th
Answer to The Way We Were Poem hhickson Feb 4th
Mommy, Why Does Daddy Sleep on the Couch Poem hhickson love Feb 4th
Constantly Busy Poem jackabite Feb 4th
Limbo Poem LadyAryn Feb 4th
Best friends Poem kiddo_catastrophe 2 Feb 4th
Why remember nobody Poem kiddo_catastrophe 1 Feb 4th
"I loathe you" Poem oh_so_odd Feb 4th
The Window Poem pikurpoison death Feb 4th
Eternity Sleep Poem SherielvyStarlet Suicide Feb 4th
IF Poem SherielvyStarlet Other Feb 4th
And I Ask... Poem SherielvyStarlet New Love Feb 4th
Untitled Poem SherielvyStarlet Anger NonViolent Feb 4th
Real Poem SherielvyStarlet Other Feb 4th
rap leaves it's mark Poem somefatguy Feb 4th
His Will, Not Mine Poem trumpet7 inspiration Feb 4th
All That Ever Can Be Poem wishful_thinking 1 Feb 4th
الصحراء والحرب Poem alihseen Feb 5th
"Tamburitza Lingua" Poem avengers1965 Feb 5th
Truth - Double Nonet Poem blumentopf Spirituality Feb 5th
The Mind Game Poem broken_n_2_girl Feb 5th
War! Poem broken_n_2_girl Feb 5th
Where are you me? Poem broken_n_2_girl Suicide Feb 5th
The Boy I use to Love Poem broken_n_2_girl Dark Love Feb 5th
What a True Friend is Poem broken_n_2_girl Feb 5th
Maybe Love Will Flourish In My Case Poem cece_amiya Hidden Love Feb 5th
Mourning Death Poem ers Feb 5th
Response to Dealing With Anger Poem hhickson Feb 5th
Memory - Unfinished Poem Jalindal Feb 5th
Broken Heart Poem Jalindal Feb 5th
A Piece of Cherry Poem angeljerlin 1 dreams Feb 5th
Support Poem jpike 2 Feb 5th
Tree Covered in Moss and Lichen Poem laurmordre Feb 5th
In this shell Poem mageickone Feb 5th
Binoculars and sutures Poem mageickone Feb 5th
Spreading of the apathetic seed Poem mageickone Feb 5th
Scores of knowing Poem mageickone Feb 5th
Aspirating fluency Poem mageickone Feb 5th
We love yet we hate Poem mageickone Feb 5th
Excising the parasite Poem mageickone Feb 5th
Infinite in together Poem mageickone Feb 5th