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Your Spirit And Mine Are One With God And Therefore Omnipresent

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Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind (director Ron Howard)
along with the author, screenwriter and rest of cast
expanded the mass consciousness re thought systems.

Alec Baldwin and his wife Kim Basinger have worked to
protect people and animals. They are both vegetarians.

Many of these offerings fall under the category of 'occasional poems' which glossaries of poetic terms describes as poems
commenting on a particular occasion.

These poems indicate a war between my heart and my mind.
This one knows that it is wise to focus not on the boulders in the river
but on the river rushing to the sea..
that what we focus on grows..
that I am not allowed to judge
.. that yogis have equanimity or equal mindedness towards all..
that saints see the divinity in each person
.. that a cross represents 2 axes of yes and no whereas
a circle around it represents the oneness of nonduality..
B F Skinner, vivisector at Harvard, taught that
what we ignore is more quickly extinguished..
that those immersed in the love of God heal by their touch,
their presence, wordless


God give me and all beings the grace to be more connected
to these truths

God knows the poster wishes no one suffering..
but she wishes a dethronement of those falsely in power rather
than their continued massacre of Mother Earth and their children

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A public thank you to Jason
Minton and PostPoems for
a commitment to noncensorship,
a lack of popup ads. Unfortunately not all international poetry sites
are committed to this.

God turn the ice in my heart
into a lens focusing the sun's
rays to enkindle love in my
heart.* (based on a David
Mamet parable)

God says "Thou shalt not judge"
.. and when I listen to
the morning news that consciousness flies out the window of my soul
.. and leaves an angry pen.
God turn every angry poem herein
into a prayer for change..
that all of us in the world
be aligned to Your will

I ask special grace for all
those herein about whom there
is much criticism.

If I were further along in
loving myself I could project
love out more to the babybombers
and billionaire rapists
of the planet

I ask grace for all the victims
of the murderers and thieves
of the money systems and hatred
systems of the world..
that we may respond to hatred
with love and transmute it
to love. Because I believe
in reincarnation I believe
that every action I have judged
in these poems.. in my own case
is something I have done in a
previous life or in this one.
Therefore my number one job
in forgiveness is myself.

The stone from the bomb
has catapulted.. and cleaved
the skull of the boy.. turning
it into a Red Sea

"You do not have enough data to assign value to any action"
Knowing this, why do aspiring poets write? because our natures
compel us to..


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One of them is ''The actor
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