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A lil' place called Q-town in Virginia

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I love to sing, and I like to collect weapons, watch and draw anime (Getting better! And practice makes perfect, 'eh?), play video games, write stories and poems (Duh XP) Role Playing, such and such...

I'm just a crazy person all over! It's not often I frown in public. Since all the other public schooled kids are so depressed and stuff, I feel I've gotta even the scales, so I'm constantly happy and cracking jokes. I love to make people smile and laugh -- and I do it pretty darn well if I do say so humbly, myself. Which I do. =P

I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and proud of it! I'm so happy that I have the gospel and know why I'm here, and where I'm going after this life. So, let's have a lil' chat some time.

Though, since I'm constantly smiling, I take all of my sorrow and anger and other emotions and put them into my poetry. That's why most of 'em are solemn.

About My Navel

I hath a cute belly button! ....But if you poke it, I'll kill you with my war fish ^.^

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''It's hard to believe that a man who learned to fly never had a dream.'' -- Flight of the Phoenix


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