Monthly Archive for March 2001

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Contradiction Poem menial confusion Mar 1st
GHOST IN THE CITY Poem terry 1 Loneliness Mar 2nd
Surreal Addictions Poem choirgrrl 1 Sexual Mar 3rd
Melancholy Arguments Poem choirgrrl Depression Mar 3rd
Virtual Love Affairs in Cyber Space Poem beiyin Poetry/Writing Mar 4th
Virtual-Spiritual Psycho Drama Poem beiyin 3 Poetry/Writing Mar 4th
Seven Haiku for my Muse Poem beiyin Poetry/Writing Mar 4th
T h e S i l e n t C a l l Poem beiyin Poetry/Writing Mar 5th
Poem for Poets Poem beiyin 5 Poetry/Writing Mar 5th
Worlds Poem pluguan 1 Bizarre Mar 5th
Forgiven Pain of Distance Poem beiyin Poetry/Writing Mar 5th
I am a Poet - I am an Artist Poem beiyin 1 Poetry/Writing Mar 5th
Death of a Poet Poem rodcarlosstryker Pain/Sorrow Mar 6th
BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL Poem terry Commentary Mar 6th
Godless Love Poem rodcarlosstryker 6 Addiction Mar 6th
WHAT YOU THINKING? Poem mwhatim 1 Abuse Mar 6th
Choices Poem rodcarlosstryker Anger Violent Mar 6th
Expressing Ones Existence Poem beiyin Poetry/Writing Mar 6th
Free Poem menial Depression Mar 6th
Their Reasons For Murder Poem milaamo 7 Hate Mar 6th
Marriage? Poem pluguan 2 Being Loved Mar 7th
Fortward Poem pluguan Acceptance Mar 7th
6 Haiku for seeker Poem beiyin Poetry/Writing Mar 7th
When Poem qibr 1 Being Loved Mar 9th
CIGARETTE GIRL Poem terry Commentary Mar 9th
Sanity Poem menial 1 Dark Mar 9th
Dont Like Me Poem angelcrane 1 Bittersweet Mar 9th
Char Poem pluguan 1 Comedy/Humor Mar 9th
Illusion of Ego Poem beiyin 1 Poetry/Writing Mar 9th
Various H a i k u and T a n k a Poem beiyin 2 Poetry/Writing Mar 9th
Melody Poem pluguan love Mar 10th
La Nuit, LAmour Poem gentle Being Loved Mar 10th
I Am the Sky Poem chick20a00dee Mar 11th
Mom Poem chick20a00dee 1 family Mar 11th
I Will Do Anything For You Poem chick20a00dee Mar 11th
I Let Nothing Get To Me!! Poem chick20a00dee Forgiveness Mar 11th
What Makes Me Happy!! Poem chick20a00dee friendship Mar 11th
Why Let It Suffer? Poem chick20a00dee sadness Mar 11th
Hate Poem chick20a00dee Hate Mar 11th
The Place Poem chick20a00dee Existential Mar 11th
Mother Poem chick20a00dee family Mar 11th
You Had Stopped Me Poem chick20a00dee choices Mar 11th
Who Cares Poem chick20a00dee love Mar 11th
The Dark Blue, Magical Midnight Sky!!! Poem chick20a00dee Endurance Mar 11th
You Lied!! Poem chick20a00dee 1 Being Loved Mar 11th
~H~E~H~E~!! Poem chick20a00dee Other Mar 11th
How To Inspire Someone, Because I Did!! Poem chick20a00dee 1 inspiration Mar 11th
I Love You!! Poem chick20a00dee friendship Mar 11th
Ill Be Poem chick20a00dee friendship Mar 11th
We are blessed Poem beiyin Poetry/Writing Mar 11th
TO MY BEST FRIEND Poem chick20a00dee friendship Mar 11th
Jesus Will Never Leave!! Poem chick20a00dee religion Mar 11th
Just A Dream part 2 Poem chick20a00dee Missing You Mar 11th
You Are All My Friends Poem chick20a00dee 3 friendship Mar 11th
I Regret Poem chick20a00dee 1 Acceptance Mar 11th
Happy Fourth of July!! Poem chick20a00dee Celebrations Mar 11th
My Special Brother!! Part 2 Poem chick20a00dee friendship Mar 11th
What Is Peace to You? Poem chick20a00dee dreams Mar 11th
My Dream Poem chick20a00dee Acceptance Mar 11th
I Am Me Poem chick20a00dee 1 Existence Mar 11th
Just a Dream Poem chick20a00dee Missing You Mar 11th
Gods Hand Poem chick20a00dee Other Mar 11th
You are special!! Poem chick20a00dee 1 Being Loved Mar 11th
I Love Ya All Poem chick20a00dee 2 love Mar 11th
Are We Up? Poem pluguan 1 Acceptance Mar 12th
MY POETRY OF FLOWERS COLLECTION 1 Poem ladydp2000 3 Acrostic Mar 12th
Replenished Poem jenfool Acceptance Mar 12th
Twilight Poem jenfool 1 Beauty Mar 12th
In this, a mans mind Poem jenfool Acceptance Mar 12th
LOVE AND ME Poem serene Being Loved Mar 12th
The Night Before My Future Poem tangleddreams Commentary Mar 12th
JACK RUSSELL BRIBERY Poem terry Pets/Animals Mar 13th
Ordinary Day Poem angelcrane friendship Mar 14th
A DAY AT THE BEACH Poem terry obsession Mar 15th
Constructive Criticism by Nancy Wallace Poem andshedied Abuse Mar 15th
A Note For The Readers Poem angelcrane 3 Change/Transition Mar 15th
Angels in the Wax Poem fenrislupusgrey 6 Mar 15th
The Lady OF My Soul Poem eltrue 18 love Mar 15th
I LOVE YOU, LORD Poem beaconzbard Being Loved Mar 15th
The Willow Tree Poem jenfool 1 Children Mar 15th
THE STORY OF WE YOU I AND THEY Poem serene 5 Commentary Mar 15th
TREASURE FROM THE SKY Poem terry Beauty Mar 16th
Haiku-Rainbow Poem jenfool Haiku Mar 16th
daydream believer Poem andshedied 1 Apathy Mar 16th
MOUNTAIN RETREAT Poem terry 4 Beauty Mar 17th
Do you really miss me - Question mark Poem beiyin 1 Poetry/Writing Mar 17th
For Impressions Sake Poem 3879 Comedy/Humor Mar 18th
Haiku - Searching for New Spaces Poem beiyin Haiku Mar 18th
Ocean Desire Poem tanya Fantasies Mar 21st
Nightdream Poem karen415 1 dreams Mar 22nd
NightWalker Poem mwhatim 2 Fantasies Mar 22nd
Whats the o for? Poem beiyin Poetry/Writing Mar 22nd
Dustbin Memories Poem obscure Angst Mar 23rd
why Poem brokenalive Mar 23rd
"The Tortured Artist" Poem DaddyO 1 Jackson Pollack Mar 23rd
Departure Poem tylerbaptiste 1 sadness Mar 24th
School Poem tylerbaptiste Anger Violent Mar 24th
This and That. Poem pluguan Bittersweet Mar 24th
Till the Next Poem tylerbaptiste religion Mar 24th
He Poem tylerbaptiste 1 In Memory Mar 24th
"Waking" Poem DaddyO dreams Mar 24th
Dreaming a dream Poem tylerbaptiste 3 Apathy Mar 24th
New age Poem tylerbaptiste Existence Mar 24th
Morale march Poem tylerbaptiste Military/Patriotism Mar 24th
Gone Poem tylerbaptiste Lost love Mar 24th
Good/Evil Poem tylerbaptiste 1 Revolution Mar 24th
An Unburnt Pastry Poem pluguan Bizarre Mar 24th
I fear Poem tylerbaptiste 1 Suicide Mar 24th
Justice Poem tylerbaptiste 1 Other Mar 24th
Mind Poem tylerbaptiste 1 Reality Mar 24th
guilt trip Poem tylerbaptiste 1 Fury Unleashed Mar 24th
B Poem tylerbaptiste 5 Compassion Mar 24th
Foolish hearts Poem jenfool Lost love Mar 24th
Those Tears Poem jenfool Acceptance Mar 24th
A Friend Poem jenfool 2 friendship Mar 24th
Nobody Sinks (My Letter To Nicolette)... Poem Bazoora Compassion Mar 24th
Come And See... Poem Bazoora Acceptance Mar 24th
I Want To Talk To Angels... Poem Bazoora Anger NonViolent Mar 24th
Ode To The Mystery... Poem Bazoora Soul mates Mar 24th
When My Thought Becomes You... Poem Bazoora Missing You Mar 24th
Transition... Poem Bazoora 1 Change/Transition Mar 24th
untitled Poem tylerbaptiste 4 Fury Unleashed Mar 24th
Warm River Poem tylerbaptiste 1 Happiness Mar 24th
unfair Poem tylerbaptiste 1 Abuse Mar 24th
Alone... Poem Bazoora Goodbye Mar 24th
To Jody With all my Love Poem hhickson love Mar 25th
Burn... Poem Bazoora love Mar 25th
Happy Birthday, Shannon Poem kitty 2 friendship Mar 25th
why do I worry Poem brokenalive Mar 25th
Tanka - - - Wordless Poem beiyin 1 Haiku Mar 25th
The Unblooming Of The Fallen Angels (A Letter To The Young)... Poem Bazoora choices Mar 25th
My Letter to Meredith Salenger Poem DaddyO 1 Meredith Salenger Mar 26th
Roostersocks Poem kitty friendship Mar 26th
The Song Poem obscure Lost love Mar 26th
"More Than God" Poem DaddyO relationships, religion Mar 26th
Theres Something About You Poem kitty Hidden Love Mar 26th
Nature In My Heart Poem kitty 4 Other Mar 26th
My Dream Man Poem kitty 7 Soul mates Mar 26th
"Was it Reel at All?" Poem DaddyO Lost love Mar 26th
THANK YOU Poem hawksquaw99 friendship Mar 26th
Dreaming Poem kitty 7 love Mar 26th
"Who Deserves You?" Poem DaddyO Mar 26th
Guidance Poem kitty Other Mar 26th
Samantha II - Reflection Poem obscure 10 History/Past Mar 26th
"Dee" Poem DaddyO stripper, Tributes Mar 27th
Part Of Me Poem lil_rose Mar 27th
"The Sound of Love" Poem DaddyO 1 love, Synethesia Mar 27th
You Make Me Sick Poem kitty 6 Anger NonViolent Mar 27th
I.S.S. (In School Suspension) Poem kitty Comedy/Humor Mar 27th
Only my love Poem tylerbaptiste 1 love Mar 27th
Wildman Poem karen415 2 Tributes/Odes Mar 27th
Sword within Poem tylerbaptiste 3 death Mar 27th
Loneliness is forever Poem tylerbaptiste 3 Loneliness Mar 27th
I cry Poem tylerbaptiste 5 Loneliness Mar 27th
"Sunshine and Flowers" Poem DaddyO Seasons Mar 27th
Life Poem tylerbaptiste death Mar 27th
"To Eric (A Letter)" Poem DaddyO Satire Mar 27th
"The Year You Were Mine" Poem DaddyO Lost love Mar 27th
"Eyes and Smile" Poem DaddyO 1 Beauty Mar 27th
"Nymphatically Risking Passion" Poem DaddyO Sexual Mar 28th
Crush Poem angelcrane love Mar 28th
MIDNIGHT FLIGHT Poem terry 1 Commentary Mar 28th
"In Case Nobody Hears" Poem DaddyO Loneliness Mar 28th
"God's Suicide" Poem DaddyO confusion, religion Mar 28th
"Fanciful Delusions of Abstract Reality" Poem DaddyO abstract reality, Devastation Mar 28th
"Kayla's Eyes" Poem DaddyO waitress Mar 28th
"Right Now I Stare" Poem DaddyO Sexual Mar 28th
"Images of Beauty Queens" Poem DaddyO Beauty Mar 28th
"Faith" Poem DaddyO religion Mar 28th
"Power" Poem DaddyO control, Fear, power Mar 28th
"Along the Lines of Your Form" Poem DaddyO Beauty Mar 28th
"New Observation" Poem DaddyO religion Mar 28th
"Pillow" Poem DaddyO obsession Mar 28th
"Nocturnally Innocent" Poem DaddyO Beauty Mar 28th
"Cringe" Poem DaddyO 1 confusion Mar 28th
Rattling Snake Poem obscure Addiction Mar 29th
Fears Puppet Poem obscure Acceptance Mar 29th
Justification Poem obscure 1 regret Mar 29th
Homeless Poem obscure Loneliness Mar 29th
Grace Poem hhickson Tributes/Odes Mar 29th
life of a chiwawa Poem tylerbaptiste 3 Comedy/Humor Mar 29th
"Waitress Haiku" Poem DaddyO 1 Haiku Mar 29th
"Venus Urania" Poem DaddyO Fantasies Mar 29th
"Song for a Wedding (Exclusively, I Love You)" Poem DaddyO 1 marriage, wedding Mar 29th
"Does the Wind?" Poem DaddyO Gothic. Dark Mar 29th
"Upon Interacting With My Muse & Her Charms" Poem DaddyO 1 Mar 29th
"Late Night Ramblings in My Living Room" Poem DaddyO Apathy, confusion Mar 29th
"When Her Blue Eyes Close" Poem DaddyO Steve Hanks Mar 29th
"Sonnet for Uma Thurman" Poem DaddyO Uma Thurman Mar 29th
Goodbye Love Poem kitty 6 Goodbye Mar 30th
"Amazing Genesee" Poem DaddyO 1 waitress Mar 30th
Observations Poem karen415 Nature/Environment Mar 31st
Tribute To Sappho Poem karen415 11 Nature/Environment Mar 31st
Hiding Place Poem karen415 2 Haiku Mar 31st
Angels Eyes Poem kitty 5 friendship Mar 31st
The Start Of The Day Poem karen415 1 Beauty Mar 31st