"Nymphatically Risking Passion"

by Jeph Johnson


In depth 
I wonder
How virtue belongs 
in a world void of integrity.   
I pour out
My songs, 
Counting parades of Lolitas 
Each night before I sleep
Risking passion 
For teen innocence, I reach 
Amoral in my motive 
And shameless in my quest 
To rescue my beloved 
And take her to my breast. 
Alluring eyes alive
And pouting lips to kiss 
My dreams a fond goodbye 
With brazen emphasis
I boldly scale
The wall that safely
Guards her fragile youth 
And reach into her tenderness 
And try to change the truth


Author's Notes/Comments: 

1999, 2017



Originally titled simple "Risking Passion" upon my 2017 update I decided to add the word "Nymphatically" to the title (it was already in the poem).  This is when I found another poem from an author I don't know who also used this word I coined, most likely unaware I had coined it first.  I take it as an honor regardless of whether or not he came up with the word on his own or stumbled upon this poem of mine. He's got it posted on another site but I like his too so here's the link:  https://hellopoetry.com/poem/1793720/nymphatically/

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