Fury Unleashed

Father's Day!

Me and my old man

Never really could

See eye to eye

He never seemed to care

It was like he was gone

But he was always there

I wondered why

It had to be like that

Til I was eighteen years old

It felt all wrong

Like in his world

I didn't belong

But I reached a point

Where I didn't wanna hear

Any words he said

No matter what I was told

You'll regret the choices that you've made,

Old Man

Happy Father's Day!

Now the uncaring father's son

Is a man

Out bravin this life on his own

Without his father's love

Sometimes so alone

I love my dad

With all my heart

All of time won't change

How I feel

But to really want to

Make things right

These wounds he made so deep

Would all have to heal

And I know they never will

Hey, dear old Dad

I wanna say

Here is a little present

For you, on this Father's Day

I love you

Because you're my dad

But don't think

It's any more than that

You killed any desire

To believe

You're not a liar

But I'm not mad

I don't really care

You could never convince me to

I owe you so much

Cuz you gave me life

But don't ask me to be around

I think you know why

So, Dad, here's some love sent your way

From the son you never wanted

And never accepted

Happy Father's Day!

Some day

Long from now

Maybe, you'll say you're sorry

And I won't allow

Myself to trust you

To believe one word you say

So, unloving Father

Happy Father's Day!

There are times

I wish you'd forget me

And that we share a name

But you can't

And I can't either

So, Happy Father's Day!

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save me

verse 1:

this fury that i hide

stays bottled up inside

the jar lid's screwed on tight

and tucked away within my pride

will i blow up or will i cry

or can it be contained this time

i keep asking myself why

cuz i can't stand this way of life


still i live------

with a damaged and hollow soul

it make me cringe------

each time i lost my self control

and here i sit-----

with the fear i'll always be alone

can someone save me

verse 2:

i'm screaming to no avail

and crying out for help

from this personal hell

can't do this by myself

no one's even here to tell

these walls have become my cell

even though my efforts fail

i keep reaching for someone else

verse 3:

my anger turns to pain

fueled by my growing rage

only agony remains

and it's driving me insane

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my favorite of my punk songs.saturday 8-22-2009. used to perform this with a folk-punk-indie dup thingy i was fooling with called P.A.R.K. Punk Ass Rebel Kids. we didn't last long. i didn't like the combination and the direction the music was going. plus he had no problem with my drug abuse but a huge problem with my drinking. weird. anyways...

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Unreasonable Tolerance


Went thru all the pain

Handled all the shame

Played your stupid game

But it didnt even matter

Fought with my peers

Drunk to many beers

Hold back all my tears

You didnt even fucking care


I will never bend for you

Dont fucking tread on me

You are less than me

Fuck your feelings

No more dealing

With your bullshit

No more of the jokes

Done too much coke

Ready to stab and poke

I hope you bleed out

Could have been so blind

Another left behind

All you did was whine

Picked up all the pieces

Death to your crowd

Laugh out too loud

Your just like a child

You shouldnt be so proud

Always bouncing blame

Unwarrented fame

Punishing those who are sane

You will never take claim

Just a thought, I guess

You taught, Lost or not

Your just a cunt


I will never bend for you

Dont fucking tread on me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This song was written by Beau Bowling.

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Cackle in the Fire


Primal rage treading down

Flailing blitz all thats found

Drink the glass take your fill

Broken glass on your grill


Cackle in the fire

This I desire

Cackle in the fire

Death for hire

Only safe outta sight

Otherwise soon we'll fight

Go ahead bitch and pout

Running mouth knocked out


Thats my foot, hows it taste?

On the floor layed to waste

No more words nothing to say

Bloody face crawl away

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Burn the petrol

Throw the sound

We’ll go back down


We’re rising up against you

From beneath your stable mound

Be prepared to fall for us

Taken to the underground

Don’t keep trying

You end up dying

We come around

In numbers

See us flicker

We watch you snigger

You never understand

A rebel brand

Stone us down in your herds

And fire off your meaningless words

Never take on the demons hell

Lure me to the underground

Free me from the world around

And see the light from down below

Burn it! Burn it! Down

We leave your scars reminder

Retreating to the silent sound

Just a whisper flowing

We are biting at your feet

Always in the underground

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem after the word 'underground' triggered off a flow of thoughts into my head, thats why this poem has a very unstable structure because it's straight from my mind in raw form. I like it though :)

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Junior with Glasses

Feed the peaks with dire straits

On top of the lucid and breathing desires

Harshness will forge you, all that you are

Grinding you to simplicity

The blood that you gather comes from your jaw

Your body frantic, piecing itself together

But you're steady, and dizzy, falling apart

Tightening fists

You may be so timid and scared to connect

From face to long arm, feeding your grit

The impact will refresh you for now and for all

As you toss another knuckle

You're learning, like others

Who need space to gasp for themselves

They're human, you're human

And all of you are getting older

So you fight, or you simulate

With a brush of the skin and a bump

Or a headbutt, an uppercut, a word

That signals the end of the lesson.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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At The Adolescent Lovers' Exit

You like their naked bodies just as much
as they do; maybe even a bit more.
But you prefer to rend, not just to touch;
the way the raging anger that you hurled,
at them, with your suggestive verbiage, tore
apart the long awaited and despised
recipients of grace, imparadised.
These adolescent lovers, even still,
are faithful to each other and, repenting,
have not died.  Slither off to do some venting:
the unexpected outcome makes you ill.
You have not proved, at all, your dominance,
supreme; and wishful is your arrogance.
Those two must leave the garden for the world;
but He, whom you expected to condemn
fully, has promised to remain with them.
He has even provided them with clothes.
Despite all that, you will quickly oppose
His efforts.  But His will achieves preemption
of your plans:  covenanting their redemption.
Yes, after they have wrecked His handiwork
He offers them assurance of Salvation.
You think such mercy an annoying quirk
of His---the thought that flamed to aggravation
and, in time, brings you to hell fire's damnation.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based upon the first three chapters of Genesis, and upon John Milton's epic gloss upon those chapters, "Paradise Lost."

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Paste and Fury

Welcome misspent fortune and what calls you off the track

Come journey through the circuit with a soul chip on your back

Stolen on the outskirts where temptation mauls ammends

Welcome now the fever that still burns upon the whims

Welcome now the stormwatch and those headrush thunder lies

The ways of lost reception spit a cloudburst in your eyes

D.O.A. the wisdom of the youth and underground

Welcome weathered leather and what calls to bring ya down

And maybe once I thought it, it was worthy of my faith

And maybe once I saw you...through the paste upon your face

If only for a moment, I declair there seemed a trace

A trace within the moment

A trace of new escape

A trace of softer lotion

A trace of higher grace

Welcome fleeting wonders and deceptive jaded waves

Come take it to the river or just faded lazy shaves

Stoned inside the valley with the glitter; weighted blue

Welcome now the fury that still calls to lead ya through

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Ever Anything?

Vent Poems

It makes me wonder

It makes me muse

Was I ever anything?

Or was I something you use?

Was I even fair at all?

Or was it you who failed?

If I'm always angry

And became bitter and stale

Everytime I saw your name

I hold back yet jumped on it

I feel nothing but my shame

But I just keep on asking you

Was I ever anything?


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