me for her

Never a second glance

three weeks compaired to three years

but I understand

I am only a nobody

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this after talk-
ing to my best friends
girlfriend. It was a trad
me or her. guess.

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Lauren M's picture

You are lucky if you can find one decent person, one real friend in life. So if your friend ditched you for some girl, then they were never your friend to begin with and therefor you have lost nothing important. I realize you wrote this quite a few years ago, and youre most likely way over it (or I hope so :) )but I just wanted to let you know I liked it!

Bea C.'s picture

Wow, I can relate. I'm going through a bit of a similar experience right now.... Except I'm losing both my bestfriends, as they were the two involved. They didn't know eachother well until just recently (met through me)... Decided they wanted something more than friendship...

jackie's picture

tyler, sorry i thought you were a different tyler, i saw your comment in a friend of mines poem and i thought you were a different person, sorry, your poem is cool thogh thought i'd tell you that, sorry about your friend

jackie's picture

tyler, im sorry about what happened, i know i annoy you at times but who do i not? i'm sorry about that too, i wanna be friends with you k? your poems cool
much love,
jackie (fellow ib-er)

hawksquaw99's picture

it really hurts when things like this happen in our lives.... but at you know... sometimes we have out grown a friend and it takes something like this for us to see that we have.... so hang in there.... life might just send you a better best friend.....