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~Happy Birthday Helen!~
(Cup of Life)

Happy Birthday Helen may you have many more
May your day be lots of fun and not bore
Hope you get great things at your door
And get all you wish and much more
So let dreams fly and just soar
You deserve all the best
With my heart expressed
Have fun and just rest
By God be blessed!
Enjoy the cake
Rain won't bake

birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

and lots of hugs, D.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

The 'Cup of Life' is a poetry form created by Dorian
Petersen Potter.

Thanks for reading.

birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

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Body of Water

Cooling waters of, the lake of land above

Acting as a temple for the state that's made of love

Occupied by dignified, stagnant beasts of young

Who fight the waves to save the day for who we are among

Here we are without, the things we see devout

Surviving in a sense but beyond our grasp of doubt

With heads so filled with righteous, foggy in retreat

Capturing our fluency, albeit incomplete

In a spire room, filled with music and with red

The we as a collective will intoxicate instead

All the living while, we cease to fear the end

Because the opportunities will reach us soon again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Lets Party!

Three more cheers, as we raise our beers

and drink away all our fears, along side

with close friends and peers.

Lets make a toast, to the host,

to the fool who can drink the most,

or the one who when drunk likes to boast.

A drunken mind speaks a sober thought,

forget these times with you I could not,

so  hurry up and pour me a shot.

May we never slow down, forever tip the Crown,

drink away any frown,

and in happiness may our sorrows drown.

The last beer is never really the last,

No matter what we had a blast,

Although it all went by so fast,

Together again we will soon be trashed.

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God is so good

God is so good until here i sit once again,

God is so good just carrying me as my confidence ran

God is so good He whispers right in my ear

God is sooo good my problems disappear as he guards my rear

God is so good He speaks through me when i have no words

God is so good i am understood better than i am heard

God is so good He leads me with or without me having sight

God is so good His light is so bright there's no doubt He's always right

God is so good for Him i don't mind putting myself on a shelf

God is so good His love for me makes me love myself

God is so good I can talk to Him like no one else

God is so good I can talk to Him like no one else

God is so good can you talk to Him like no one else?

God is so good why don't you talk to him like no one else.....

God is so good!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just praising my creator

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This Night... of Nights!

Satanic Serenades

Forests glow with spectral lights - this night, this night!

Wicked laughter, demonic delight! This night... this night!

Walpurgis Winds carry spells in fire cast - this night, this night!

Dancing devils, ladies, fellows - this night, this night!

Feast of Beasts, Malefick Mvsick - this night, this night!

Strength through joy, carnal pleasures - this night... of nights!

A babe in darkness born by vernal squall - this night, this night!

Hell Gates part, unspeakable creatures crawl - this night, this night!

To join us here amidst the pyre - this night, this night!

With burning meats, libations' fire! - this night, this night!

Horns arise, wings of shadow - this night, this night!

Gather forth at Satan's Hollow - this night... of nights!

Sabbath bells at dusk and dawn - this night, this night!

Phantom figures, candles flicker - this night, this night!

Mighty voices, choral echoes - this night, this night!

Reposing beauty, memento mori - this night, this night!

Besse Infame, Introitus - this night, this night!

Infernal Blessings for The Mighty - this night... of nights!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Walpvrgisnacht XLV A.S.: We celebrate this hell-day of observation in remembrance of the founding of The Church of Satan; in the tradition of ancient festivals of flesh, as The Dark Force swells and the night gaunts course across the black earth... The Shadow Elite reign supreme! We celebrate our victories and accomplishments, indulge in fine epicurian delights, and magnify our existence according to The Omnipotent Will!

Here's to ever-growing Power on all levels of being, in endless regeneration and enrichment! So it has been, so it is, and so it ever be!

World Without End! Hail Victory! Hail Satan!


(Hypothetically, this poem could also apply to  Halloween as well.)

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tears of joy

As I sit in front of the screen with my boys

On the edge of our seats making noise

Are team is on and we want a win

Dig deep boys it will make me grin

The game has started and were ready to rock

The hits are flying, time is speeding off the clock

A shot is made and the puck is in the net

Past there goalie just like a jet!

The lead is taken the by our countries team

Another step towards that special dream

The dream we hope for day in and day out

Were closer then ever there is no doubt

Up by two and looking for more

Saves are made to keep the score

From racking up on the opposite side

There playing strong its Canada’s pride

Last period to play the score is 2 to 1

Keep going boys your almost done

as The seconds tick of the board

20 seconds left America scored

The game is tied  and overtime is needed

The score of 2 to 2 must be exceeded

My heart races this is so intense

My body’s shaking from the suspense

The puck drops we are under way

Both teams definitely showed up to play

Pain sweat and tears left on the ice

Which team will pay the price?

A hard period four on four

The crowd waiting just to roar

Iginla makes the pass to Sid

He snipes it five hole what a kid

The tears roll down my face

As I look around this place

We all stand  up and scream

30 million people all in a dream


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~A Happy Birthday Wish To Daveda~

I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday

May you  have many more like this Day

From my heart I wish you the best

Get this and God do the rest

You’re are a special friend

Today you’re in my mind

Have lots of love

From above










I wish you this and more

Happy Birthday Daveda!

Love, hugs and blessings! D.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


November 19,2009

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Some say Superwoman is this woman who flies around in an invisible plane.

She fights for justice with her lasso.

She appears physically fit with what one might call the perfect figure

But none of that can even hold a torch to the real Superwoman.

Her cape, is her wisdom which is given by God.

Her invisible plane is God’s word on which she soars.

Her lasso is of truth which comes from God’s mouth.

Through Him she can do all things because He strengthens her.

She can heal people with just one touch

She can deliver God’s word with humility and meekness

Lady Antoinette Meade

is Superwoman

She seeks to save all she can for God’s kingdom.

She flies on God’s word to His people in need.

She does everything from cleaning to cooking to clothing

to providing to uplifting to giving to blessing

So reflect her deeds,

Admire her stature,

Bask in her heavenly presence.

Her super powers come from God and with Him,

She does it all with a smile and patient pace,

She does everything with style, elegance, and grace,

She is a beautiful depiction of God’s wonderful face,

And she is the definition of………


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What Makes A Man


Style, and just a hint of elegance

Grace, patience, and  God’s guidance

What makes a real man…..

Is God

With His mighty power, strength, and word,

A powerful man is born.

Now with this configuration,

A man can touch God’s people with his mighty hands,

he can move people with God’s word and his stance

he can change the lives of many who seem to have no hope left.

His stature, stance, & sternness,

Describe him.

His ways, his grace, his words,

Make him.

His belief, his works, his strength,

Define him.

I believe this very description fits

Bishop Eric H. Meade

What make this man is God.

his life depends on Him,

his ways reflect Him,

his strength depicts Him.

And this real man of uses the elements God gave him to touch us.

His sense of humor trains us,

His crazy faith encourages us,

His faithfulness proves that

God is……

What Makes A Man.

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