Monthly Archive for June 2023

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Soldiers In Line Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jun 1st
When Did We Become So Delusional Poem LittleLennonGurl Jun 1st
Another Pride Month…. Poem ray_strickland Jun 1st
Thanks Dax ~ dear alcohol Poem readmy5tuff 1 Sobriety Jun 1st
Nobody Accepts Poem Pingus Jun 1st
Boy Fairies Who See Thru Skirts Poem Pingus 1 Jun 1st
TAKE PRIDE IN WHO YOU ARE Poem joy 1 #pride Jun 1st
IT TAKES NO COURAGE Poem joy #courage, #pride Jun 1st
I Wish I Would Of Told You Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Jun 1st
DNR? Worse shape than I thought Poem Teytonon 2 Jun 1st
+ 1ST POEMS: Yet Some Final Measures; Praying Psalm 70:4, Rev. 22:20, Psalm 35:9 and 27, And Jude 3 Poem J-C4113d Jun 1st
Jury duty Poem Teytonon Jun 1st
What’s the scoop? Biggest poop yet! Pt 2 Poem Teytonon Jun 2nd
Autosarcophagy Poem lyrycsyntyme Jun 2nd
Save the date Poem Teytonon Jun 2nd
Melodies XLIX; The Professor Visits His Former Graduate Assistant Poem J-C4113d 2 Jun 2nd
I Chime Cheddar Prose Pingus Jun 2nd
What’s the scoop? Biggest poop yet! Poem Teytonon Jun 2nd
IN THE SHADOWS Poem pamschwetz In the Shadows, Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, poem, POETRY Jun 2nd
PERPETUAL STRIFE Poem georgeschaefer Jun 2nd
Standing Before The Mirror Poem satishverma 1 # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jun 2nd
VOICES AND CHOICES Poem pamschwetz Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, poem, POETRY, VOICES AND CHOICES Jun 2nd
TO DO NOTHING MORE Poem joy #ins;iration Jun 2nd
GOOD MORNING MORNING Poem joy #morning Jun 2nd
FINAL SCORE Poem georgeschaefer Jun 2nd
MUST WATCH Poem Pingus Jun 3rd
You a believer? Poem Teytonon Jun 3rd
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; Magoi Of The Risings [After Matthew 2:1] Poem J-C4113d Jun 3rd
@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; Aetia, Days And Nights Of July, 1976; A Poem For BlueShift [Repost] Poem J-C4113d Jun 3rd
@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; Poem About "That Light" For BlueShift Poem J-C4113d Jun 3rd
Animal groups A-M Poem Teytonon Jun 3rd
Insight at a Price Poem rachel Jun 3rd
Animal groups N-Z Poem Teytonon Jun 3rd
@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; Aetia, With BlueShift At The Melody 49 That One Night [Revised Repost] Poem J-C4113d Jun 3rd
@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; Aetia, BlueShift On July Sixth, 1976 Poem J-C4113d Jun 3rd
Roses Don't Bleed Poem satishverma 1 # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jun 3rd
Hindus Poem Pingus Jun 3rd
NAILS AND TOES Poem joy #family Jun 3rd
CHOICES Poem joy #choices Jun 3rd
RUBBING OUT A 3:00AM GIGGITY Poem georgeschaefer Jun 3rd
EXHAUSTED WORKERS Poem georgeschaefer Jun 3rd
Why can’t I pee? Poem Teytonon Jun 3rd
Freshly Brewed Poems at Crave Open Mic June 3 This Time and Memories Ionian Poem djtj Jun 3rd
The Deep Wounds of Short Cuts Poem lyrycsyntyme 5 Jun 3rd
CLICHÉS OF WANNABE POETS AND PAINTERS Prose georgeschaefer 2 Jun 4th
the gorge trail Poem Miiranda31 1 Jun 4th
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; Poem After Psalm 27 Poem J-C4113d 2 Jun 4th
مر الهوى Poem Thana-Darwish Jun 4th
ROOF TOP BAR Poem georgeschaefer Jun 4th
THE ADVICE HE NEVER GAVE Poem joy #advice, #grandp, #inspiration Jun 4th
Let It Go Hollyhock Poem satishverma 1 # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jun 4th
GOP blues Poem Teytonon Jun 5th
What day? Poem Teytonon 1 Jun 5th
Ramona's Spell Poem ramonathompsont 2 Jun 5th
Clark can’t super can Poem Teytonon 2 Jun 5th
Mind O' Mine Poem THWYALG Jun 5th
THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER Poem joy #bdeauty, #inspiration Jun 5th
THE SAME HEART Poem joy #Beauty, #Heart Jun 5th
Tonight Poem uninvited_1 love, sex, Song Lyrics, tonight, Wife Jun 5th
Endless Poem uninvited_1 #despair, %23endless, life struggles, Song Lyrics Jun 5th
summer moonlight Poem Spinoza 4 Jun 5th
State of the World Today Poem Spinoza 4 Jun 5th
Illusion Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jun 5th
Conway Poem randyjohnson Jun 6th
Rebel Shadows Poem LittleLennonGurl Jun 6th
ما بعرف شو تغير فيي Poem Thana-Darwish Jun 6th
What kind of shape is this? Poem Teytonon Jun 6th
Music Poem JMM #awareness Jun 6th
How Beautiful Prose fo0l4u Jun 6th
Something Wonderful Prose fo0l4u Jun 6th
All the things I’ve learned about love from you Prose fo0l4u Jun 6th
لا تسألني Poem Thana-Darwish Jun 6th
لا تزعلي Poem Thana-Darwish Jun 6th
الأحلام Poem Thana-Darwish Jun 6th
Drowned Faith Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jun 6th
What’s knew with you? Poem Teytonon Jun 6th
Like father like son? No Poem Teytonon Jun 6th
My thoughts on thoughts Poem Teytonon Jun 6th
salt Poem sonnysblueridge #10min #prose #poetry #exercise Jun 6th
MOMENTS OF DECISION Poem joy #pride Jun 6th
PINCHED NERVE Poem georgeschaefer Jun 6th
GRAPPLE THE SCRAPPLE Poem georgeschaefer Jun 6th
Posting Again, As Long As It Is Needed Poem J-C4113d Jun 6th
Pound for pound, he’s the best Poem Teytonon Jun 6th
Post poem eovulation Poem Teytonon Jun 7th
Willow Spirits in the Moonlight Poem Spinoza 4 Jun 7th
Choose one Poem Teytonon Jun 7th
Beam him up Mr Scott Poem Teytonon Jun 7th
I LOVE YOU Poem joy #love Jun 7th
THREE LITTLE WORDS Poem joy #iloveyou, #love Jun 7th
Smoky haze Poem Teytonon Jun 7th
The Fabulous Dream Poem satishverma 1 # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jun 7th
The True Tainted Souls Poem LittleLennonGurl Jun 7th
A Place of Refuge Poem JMM Jun 7th
For Lowe, P Poem cynosure Jun 7th
Vicious Cycle Poem Tortured_Poet 2 Jun 8th
AUNT LINDA Poem chris Jun 8th
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; Thanks Be To God Poem J-C4113d 2 Jun 8th
My pen is leaking Poem Teytonon 1 Jun 8th
The meadow Poem chillin 1 Jun 8th
LGBTQ for T? WTF! Poem Teytonon Jun 8th
You Were Very Tall Poem satishverma 1 # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jun 8th
Niner Liner: Although I Still Have Difficulties Imagining The Ecliptic Poem J-C4113d Jun 8th
Niner Liner: Certain Sounds On Library Shelves Poem J-C4113d Jun 8th
Eternally Trying Poem jackabite Jun 8th
CLOUD LEGACY Poem joy #clouds Jun 8th
SILVER LINING Poem joy #silverlining Jun 8th
always Poem arqios 2 Jun 8th
Nobody’s perfect Poem Teytonon Jun 8th
Let’s be a lesbian Poem Teytonon Jun 9th
Over there somewhere Poem Teytonon Jun 9th
Who am I? XI Poem Teytonon Jun 9th
InnKeeping Arithmetic Prose J-C4113d Jun 9th
BASIC INSTINCTS Poem georgeschaefer Jun 9th
Who am I? X Poem Teytonon Jun 9th
A Virgin Grieves Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jun 9th
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; Poem After Matthew 18:21-22 Poem J-C4113d Jun 9th
The Sweetest Chocolates Poem HCE Jun 9th
I AM PROUD Poem joy #pride Jun 9th
WIRED TO BE WEIRD Poem pamschwetz Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, poem, POETRY, WIRED TO BE WEIRD Jun 9th
Cycle needs to be broken Poem Teytonon Jun 9th
Melania’s lament Poem Teytonon Jun 9th
TRUE TO YOU Poem pamschwetz Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, poem, POETRY, TRUE TO YOU Jun 9th
I believe he will fry Poem Teytonon 1 Jun 9th
SUNDAY Poem chris Jun 9th
SOME FOOL ON A HIGH HORSE Prose georgeschaefer 5 Jun 10th
In House Of Criminals Poem satishverma 1 # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jun 10th
Andy, Denise shut up Poem Teytonon Jun 10th
Nocturnes: Are We There Yet? Poem J-C4113d 4 Jun 10th
A Sondheim tree Poem Teytonon Jun 10th
REVIEW Poem pamschwetz Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, poem, POETRY, review Jun 10th
The Re-do. Misplaced Poem SSmoothie 6 Jun 10th
STANDSTILL Poem pamschwetz Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, poem, POETRY, standstill Jun 10th
WHAT WE REMEMBER MOST Poem joy #memories Jun 10th
A MORNING WALK THROUGH A CEMETERY Poem joy #death, #memories Jun 10th
POEMS AND ROCKS Prose joy #happiness Jun 11th
Walt Nauta Poem Teytonon Jun 11th
Laying off employees:How to guide Poem Teytonon Jun 11th
What Led to Contemplations Poem Jun 11th
Is he that moronic? Poem Teytonon Jun 11th
WHO SAYS SO Poem pamschwetz Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, poem, POETRY, WHO SAYS SO Jun 11th
He never forgave or forgot Poem Teytonon Jun 11th
IT'S UP TO US Poem joy 1 #courage Jun 11th
Who me? No Poem Teytonon Jun 11th
An Eerie Parallel Prose J-C4113d 2 Jun 12th
War n pcs Poem Teytonon Jun 12th
BEFORE Poem ladylynnp 1 loves, past relationships Jun 12th
A love story for ewe Poem Teytonon Jun 12th
Vanishing in the Blazing Night Poem patriciajj 5 Jun 12th
Bacon love makin’ Poem Teytonon 3 Jun 12th
JUDGING Poem joy #judgingothers Jun 12th
WHO ARE WE? Poem joy 2 #WHOAREWE Jun 12th
Oh Yeah Poem JMM Jun 12th
THOUGHTS ARE THINGS Poem pamschwetz Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, poem, POETRY, THOUGHTS ARE THINGS Jun 12th
Visiting hours? Poem Teytonon Jun 12th
Today Poem Tortured_Poet 1 Jun 13th
Gorgeous weather today Poem Teytonon Jun 13th
Sounds strange to me Poem Teytonon Jun 13th
Feeling low? Dr B’s got the tonic Poem Teytonon Jun 13th
I am Made Poem nagelmodel Jun 13th
Sound the trumpet she’s no crumpet Poem Teytonon Jun 13th
People can be peculiar Poem Teytonon Jun 13th
Sunder South Poem Tsenumaic Jun 13th
9:47 AM Poem georgeschaefer 5 Jun 13th
DON’T HOLD GRUDGES Poem georgeschaefer 4 Jun 13th
Jost Van Dyke Poem Tsenumaic Jun 13th
waves Poem Tsenumaic Jun 13th
Plastered Smiles Poem Vamprose999 Jun 13th
splice and sail Poem arqios Jun 13th
Paralyzed Words Poem satishverma 1 # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jun 13th
Overtaken Poem lyrycsyntyme Jun 13th
It’s their choice Poem Teytonon Jun 13th
Get it right, NY Times Poem Teytonon Jun 13th
Haunted By Love Poem Vamprose999 Jun 13th
Wouldn’t you be too? Poem Teytonon Jun 13th
Lesson Learned Prose J-C4113d Jun 14th
Lords of the Bread Pt 1 Poem lyrycsyntyme 3 Jun 14th
Happy birthday Donald Poem Teytonon Jun 14th
ich liebe dich Poem nagelmodel Jun 14th
He’s seen the light Poem Teytonon Jun 14th
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; To A Sadducee [After Mark 5:1-13] Poem J-C4113d Jun 14th
The police need your help Poem Teytonon Jun 14th
SKIRT AROUND Poem georgeschaefer Jun 14th
TRUEST OF WHORES Poem georgeschaefer Jun 14th
GROWING UP TOGETHER Poem joy #parentsandchildren Jun 14th
WHY WE STILL DON'T CARE Poem joy 1 #acceptance, #parents Jun 14th
not a Haiku Poem catherine 1 Jun 14th
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; The Power Of *HIS* Resurrection [After Philippians 3:10] Poem J-C4113d Jun 14th
Broken Bow Luxury Cabins - Blue Haven is awesome! Prose brushyourteeth Jun 15th
Ur in big trouble, mister Poem Teytonon Jun 15th
There’s gotta be a weigh Poem Teytonon Jun 15th
A roomba could work Poem Teytonon Jun 15th
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; At Porokhov Station, On The Irinovskaya Railroad Poem J-C4113d Jun 15th
Immaculate Poem satishverma 1 # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jun 15th
Routine Poem lyrycsyntyme 2 Jun 15th
Scant? It’s define with me REVISED Poem Teytonon Jun 15th
BEAUTYIJN THE MOMENT Poem joy #Beauty, #inspiration Jun 15th
Trump: I didn’t do it Poem Teytonon Jun 15th
empty bookends Poem arqios 2 Jun 15th
Duh! duh! 1000 times duh! Poem Teytonon Jun 15th
Some Few Words For A Malingering Tourist Poem J-C4113d 3 Jun 15th
BE KIND Poem joy #kindness Jun 15th
A SOBERING MOMENT Prose georgeschaefer Jun 16th
Mysterious Proposition Prose shewhodwellsint... Jun 16th
Paranoia Prose shewhodwellsint... Jun 16th
Celebrating June 16th Prose J-C4113d 2 Jun 16th
Epigram To Celebrate June 16th, 1816 Poem J-C4113d 2 Jun 16th
SPIDER TO THE FLY Poem pamschwetz Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, poem, POETRY, SPIDER TO THE FLY Jun 16th
Coffeehouse UU June 16, 2023 Poem djtj Jun 16th
Scatalogical Poem, Just Float It On Down The Moldau Poem J-C4113d Jun 16th
No Mercy Today Poem satishverma 1 # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jun 16th
Who am I? XII Poem Teytonon Jun 16th
What is this? III Poem Teytonon Jun 16th
Some Words With A Hope For The Future Poem J-C4113d 2 Jun 16th
COUNT TO 10 Poem joy #anger, #inmspiration Jun 16th
COUNTING BLESSINGS Poem joy #blessings Jun 16th
CALAMINE LOTION Poem georgeschaefer Jun 16th
God, I'm Waiting! Poem ramonathompsont Jun 16th
It’s a good year blimp Poem Teytonon Jun 16th
a new critter... Poem shewhodwellsint... Jun 16th
Empathic Poem shewhodwellsint... Jun 16th
to change Poem arqios 2 Jun 16th
Happy Bloomsday Poem Teytonon 1 Jun 16th
Remembrance From 1980, Tuesday, June 17th Prose J-C4113d Jun 17th
Aggravation Poem Teytonon Jun 17th
Breathing Poem ladylynnp Jun 17th
Who am I? XIII Poem Teytonon Jun 17th
Check that campaign trail Poem Teytonon Jun 17th
RESCUING BOO-BOO Poem georgeschaefer 6 Jun 17th
Ode to what might have been Poem Teytonon Jun 17th
It's My Milestone, And So On From That Poem J-C4113d Jun 17th
I See In Dark Poem satishverma 1 Life Jun 17th
Affirmative Poem Teytonon Jun 17th
@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; In A Roman Prison, During, Say, The Second Or Third Century A.D. Poem J-C4113d Jun 17th
BOTH SIDES NOW Poem joy #life Jun 17th
+ 2ND POEMS: On This Morning, June 17th, 2023 Poem J-C4113d Jun 17th
Texting Poem Pingus Jun 17th
Though the years Poem Seeker Jun 17th
The story of Zeke Poem Teytonon Jun 17th
A Wise Man Has Conveyed To Me Poem J-C4113d Jun 17th
This guy? Don’t know him Poem Teytonon Jun 17th
I said towel, not vowel Poem Teytonon Jun 17th
mimesis by torchlight Poem arqios 4 Jun 17th
LAWDY, LAWDY Poem georgeschaefer Jun 17th
HAPY FATHER'S DAY Poem joy #fathersday Jun 18th
IN A NIGHTMARE Poem pamschwetz IN A NIGHTMARE, Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, poem, POETRY Jun 18th
Who am I? XIV Poem Teytonon Jun 18th
The Demise Of Delgado Poem randyjohnson Jun 18th