They were sitting across from one another

the room had been quiet for a while

when he glanced at her…she glanced back

and they silently shared a smile.


As her eyes returned to what she was doing

he thought.. what a wonderful surprise

for in the silence of that moment

we said I love you with our eyes.


And it made him wonder in all the moments they shared together

all the hours, all the years

all the times they’d touched, or whispered to one another

all their hugs and smiles and tears….


How many times have they said I Love You 

since they met all those years ago?

How many times have they said I Love You?

He had to admit…he didn’t know.


And he thought about their children and grandchildren

their family and their friends

when he adds all the times he’s said I Love You

it’s a number that never ends.


He tried to calculate that number…

but he couldn’t come up with an amount

It seems, in the the living of his lifetime

he’d long ago lost count 


Their eyes met again…again she smiled

and as he felt his heart rate climb

he realized the key is not how many times it was said before 


it’s being able to say it…one more time.

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