May we be blessed to see how we’re all equal

no different than the stars up in the sky

and how when everything is said and done

we all shine a little brighter

when we don’t try to outshine each other

but learn to shine as one

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We know the exact moment our time began

but, since we don’t know when it will end

may we be blessed to think of time less as an enemy

and accept her as a friend


And in the span that she has given us

before she puts us all to bed

may we treat the world with kindness

and leave no important word unsaid.

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I’m not sure what this would look like…

but I imagine we’d all enjoy the view…

If we wished for everyone we meet to have a blessed day…

then did our best to make that wish come true.

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When we list our favorite teachers Nature must be number one.

and one lesson she constantly teachers is: never compare ourself with anyone.


In all the years she’s been around this is something Nature knows.

You’ll never see her compare a dragonfly with a bee…or a daisy with a rose.


You’ll never see her compare a maple tree with an oak…or two clouds that paint the sky…

You’ll an ever see her compare an eagle with a mockingbird…or a moth to a butterfly.


She’ll never compare the sun that shines in the day with the moon that shines at night…

for she knows both of them will shine…when their time is right… 


Nature wants to make it clear…she wants it to be known

Every thing…every creature in nature…has a beauty all it’s own.


Which is why we needn’t compare ourselves…to anyone to any person…anywhere.

Since we’re all as unique as we are beautiful…

there is no reason to compare.…

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May we be blessed every now and then

(I suggest to least one a day)

to find the child inside us 

give them a hug…

and let them come out and play

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It was a flash mob…somewhere in Italy…a maestro was conducting Ode to Joy

and I found myself fascinated by the conduct of one little girl…and boy.


Moved by the beauty of the music…and how the maestro was instructing…. 

the little boy started dancing…and the little girl…conducting.


I love how, out of nowhere, this flash of music put these children in a trance

causing one to begin conducting…and the other one to dance.


And I thought I need to bring that childhood innocence into my morning walk

to be more open to the flash mobs around me as I circumvent the block.


Now, my heart controls the rhythm…providing a steady beat

then my brain receives the message and sends that rhythm to my feet. 


Rabbits hop their steady beat to make sure I’ve got it right

as the birds, who provide the music, wake from their slumber of the night.


The crickets begin their collective chorus…voices reaching for the skies

until the owls, the mockingbirds, seagulls and squirrels begin to harmonize.


And on those mornings, when I’m lucky, in the trees I hear the wind begin….

and softly into the symphony…enters the violins.


The flash mob always plays the same song…it’s a daily Ode to Joy

and I try hard to listen with the innocence of that little girly and boy.


Which means on any given morning it is purely happenstance….

whether I choose to be the conductor…or if I choose to dance.

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As we to enter into any relationship

I wonder how beautiful our world would be

If everyone entered echoing the words of W. H Auden:

‘Let the most loving one…be me’

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I believe one of the gifts we have been given as we live life day to day

is the ability to discover beauty in every moment along the way.


I believe if we’ are waiting for that one beautiful moment…

that ultimate surprise…we may fail to see the beauty that is right before our eyes.


The other day at the lake house of a friend we were fortunate early to wake

and step outside in time to watch the sun rise on the lake.


With only the frogs and birds around us…away from all the crowds…

we watched the sun in all her artistry paint the water and the clouds.


Our friend Bonnie and her dog Arrow joined us…and we sat down to talk

with muffins and hot coffee…a little breakfast on the dock.


After sitting together for a while…embracing every moment of the changing scene

the four of us moved inside where we sat and visited with our friend Jean.


I love when friends get together…no matter when or where…

the kinship we all feel…how laughter fills the air.


When it was time for us to go…and our arms and stories we finally disentangled…

we headed home….but first…a stop for egg biscuits at Bojangles.


There are so many beautiful moment shared when traveling near…or far

heading down the road together…just the two of us…in a car.


We made smoothies for dinner and then…in the days waning light

we watched The Big Lebowski before kissing each other good night.


It’s amazing how simple beautiful moments shared along the way

when you put them all together make for a beautiful day…


And how simple beautiful moments shared with friends and family…

with our partner or our wife

can, when we put them all together…make for a beautiful life.

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Today’s blessing goes out to anyone 

who has ever been made to feel 

they are different….


unattractive or bizarre.

May you be blessed to remember:

beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

so look in the mirror and BEHOLD

just how beautiful you are. 

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