May we be blessed to understand how we are all artists 

as well as canvases…incomplete

How we paint a little of ourselves on everyone we meet


And how everyone we meet…

paints a little of themselves on us as well.

sometime the strokes are bold and colorful…

sometimes they’re so subtle it’s difficult to tell.


And how it doesn’t matter if they are family , friends

or people we meet in passing and have long ago forgot their names 

once we’ve painted on each other…

we will never be the same


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I know I’ve used this George Washington Carver quote before…

but I believe we can’t hear these words enough…

especially when we look our on a world

where, for so many, times are tough…


Eventually when these words might find their way into our hearts

we’ll see everyone as our sister and our brother

and we’ll look out on a world

where we all take care of one another


How far you go in life depends on being tender with the young

Compassionate with the aged

Sympathetic with the striving

And tolerant with the weak

because someday in your life you will have been all of these

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Wherever you choose to go in life

Wherever you travel about

Whenever you get the chance…

take the scenic route

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May you be blessed

when life is getting you down and your patience is wearing thin

to look back on the myriad of wonderful memories you’ve had

and be able say with heartfelt gratitude…

How lucky I have been!

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May we be blessed when we see a dandelion

to take a moment and rejoice….

knowing coming face to face with a dandelion…offers us a choice…


We can either see a simple weed there in the ground displayed

or see standing there before us…a wish that’s waiting to be made

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As every day we attempt to create our own version of Camelot…

whether we are a distinguished poet…

a famous storyteller…

or not


may we be blessed to spend each moment

filling our life with happy memories

that…as the years unfold

become the poems we write

and the stories we tell

in our Camelot…when we’re old.


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 May we be blessed to understand 

(whether or not we find it in a rhyme)

one basic truth, 

one basic fact

one basic principle of time


If you give me but a moment 

I’ll try my utmost to explain:


It’s remembering as time flies by so quickly…

we are the pilots of our plane.

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Kayla, our neighbor, called to say she and her two little ones 

were going to pick blueberries and would we like to pick too…

Which is how we found ourselves that morning among the berries painted blue.


There among the blueberries…we hadn’t walk in very far 

when we suddenly remembered what it felt like 

to be as young as Ollie and Abby are


There among the blueberries…watching Abby’s face brighten into a smile…

and Ollie’s eyes widen as he was running wild

we wondered if…among the blueberries…everybody is a child.


It happens quite unexpectedly…I can’t say exactly when… 

as our attention flits form the blueberries

to the birds, to the bees, to the cows…then back to blueberries again.


There among the blueberries…just like all children do

while dropping blueberries into our bucket…we stopped to eat a few.


There among the blueberries, (I wonder is it just a blueberry thing?)

We found ourselves smiling, laughing, jumping…

and every now and then we’d sing! 


Yes, there among the blueberries it was hard to tell us all apart…

because, there among the blueberries…we are all children at heart.


So Kayla, Ollie and Abby as we fill our mouths with blueberries

we’d like to take a moment to thank the three of you….

for all the wonders you helped us discover that morning

among the berries painted blue.

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On any give day…for countless reasons why…

on average…160,000 people across the world will die.


If you knew you were one of those 160,000 people today…

If you knew by tomorrow you’d be dead…

I wonder…what’s the first thought that pops into your head?


Is there a person you just thought of…out of all the people you know?

A person whose voice you want to hear one last time before you go?


Is there someone from your past who you’d like one last time to see?

Would you want to say I love you and hug one last time…your friends and family?


Would you want to watch the sunrise one last time 

or one last time…count the stars up in the sky?

Is there a place you want go to one last time before you say goodbye?


Since you don’t know if today will be just another day you have amassed… 

or if you’ll be one of those 160,000 people…and today will be your last.


Doesn’t that make each moment of each day important

before you leave this world behind…

to do the things a moment ago…that popped into your mind?

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