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You Wion''t Remember

Satish Verma

Ialways said, only you
can do this.The charisma of your
love stitches the cryptic halves.

At sunset, I will forget
my name.There was no second
coming. Where will we go?

Conversing with dead begins.
A birch wood starts punishing the
white roses on black day.

Hot Poetry

Satish Verma

What matters if I am
entering water. It does not bite.Your
attitude will preserve my pain.

What should be eliminated
to keep us in peace. Words don't die.
They float in air. Moon hides- -

The blood leaking from
black sun.. I watch the grief of purple
beauty sitting on flames in burning sky.


Satish Verma

When moon was becoming
bipolar, you were recuperating
painful love by black magic.

To bring down sun's
corpse, I kiss your song, so that
rainbow kills the clouds.

Let's go to the land
between two rivers and collect
Babylon jewels for ever.

Indelible Writing

Satish Verma

The caged golden bird
discovers a very thin line between
holy sin and a painless homicide.

There was a beautiful
butterfly nailed on a blackboard
to read the savage fascism.

The nebula does not intervene
when the silver bullet leaves the home
to hit the eye or water.

Sitting On A Cherry Tree

Satish Verma

The fig and cherry
will always marry in shrouds.
Can god come in a disguise?

A wishbone walks to
meet a very wise mahatma.
Blues were always faithful.

You want to bless
a tiger after the crowd fell
apart while worshiping sins.

Erased Writing

Satish Verma

A scream comes from
the shooting comet. Your poem has
become a prayer.

The tonsured moon
rubs with sooty heart of a satan.
Life will never be the same.

Mirrors become dirty.
I don't want to see the reflected
faces of stars landing on earth


Satish Verma

What I am now,
that I was not.The fireworks
have begun.

You were silent
like an infidel standing under
a tree to be hanged.

The wind was hysteric
from the time of birth in water
after emotional break.

A Parabe Repeats

Satish Verma

A glimpse of you,
looking at me. I was giving away
my blood to my poems.

It was coming and going of your
body song. Standing before the
mirror doing hair. I am numb.

Colonization. I am
breaking. An interstice tells me full
story. An arch in sky becomes arrow.

A Bizarre Event

Satish Verma

I had no words to
explain, How a headless cock was
walking with me on road.

It was a fierce battle
between water and flames. Wind,
blood and sky will avow.

The secret pain lies in
my heart. I am sighing slowly From.
sea was emerging wounded sun.