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Watching Guernica Again

Satish Verma

Honey love. East and West.
Assassination of no god, where the
bullet ends. The greed must die.

We sleep on the rose
petals, eyes half shut, dreaming of a
black hole, widening every moment.

Departure time. Are we
waiting for a famine? Can we make
a pure world? Can we swallow the tongue?

Standing in Ruins

Satish Verma

Distances are increasing
to strip quietly. I will act when
the time comes for the demotion.

My song comes from
a deep pit of burning coals, after
the death of truth. All the cicadas scream.

Can you write like me,
when the pen dips in blood to
forget the speech of god?

There is Darkness

Satish Verma

The breaths miss. I
look into your eyes. The natural
heart beats were losing the rhythm.

Would you go into the
gold mine? I started liking you.
Did you cross the boundaries of love?

Pain will not find you.
You come like a prayer. Moon's
ancestry has failed in the sun's path.

Dips In Reverie

Satish Verma

The brilliant moon is
calling again to undress in moonlight.
I need less than nothing.

No oblique questions.
It was a fake meme, transcended
to a traveler to find the mystic pain.

It hurts, it bleeds.
Break to the soul. An asteroid is going
to crash on the home of truth.

To Unknown Lover

Satish Verma

In the wake of loss,
as if you enter a Capricorn.
Maturity will kiss you.

Quietly the segregation
inside, makes you wet. Let me find
out. the cuts on the soul of pain.

Ah! the rub with spiky nibs
to write the memorable exchange
of heaven in dark eyes.

Everything Flies Away

Satish Verma

You want to violate
yourself. Counting the deaths one by
one. Bones break but flesh remembers.

I have not seen you
perfect. What was being? My pain
was omnipresent. You walk on the dead sea.

There was no pause
in the essence of love. Was it
beyond the acceptance of defeat?

Without Faults

Satish Verma

Under a bleeding sun,
let the amaryllis speak for beauty.
The saddest was the drag queen.

It was an extraordinary
thought to turn on the darkness for
a marriage of the gown moon.

The wiper waits. This
was the fight of the return of
consolation in the blue light of the eyes.

Tasting Hawthorn

Satish Verma

Sometimes you embrace
an invasion. What will you select
to die in the fire or snow?

Think again. Can we repair
the space between two minds? Palliation?
Once you tore through the flowers. Why?

Let me start from the beginning
of end. It was a bleak performance of
love. You were stranded in a mud slide.

You Divide my Body

Satish Verma

Light a candle. It burns
white in a black stormless garden
undressing the anger of water.

What do you do with
my poems? Where will the libido
go? Something has been left behind?

Ah, my friend, what is
relationship in a millennium ?Was it
a song to a lone nightingale?