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Body Was Temple

Satish Verma

I was so shattered.
What was your truth in
saving human fall?

It was all fake.
Few minutes before death,
a sample of god speaks.

You bury your dreams,
saying mantras to appease
the godforsaken land.

First I used to fight
with my father and now I am
fighting with my son.

Values are changing
I cannot jump out of boat.
It is sinking, sinking.

Divine Losses

Satish Verma

I am defeated
by myself. My weaponless
democracy has failed.

By your own dignity
you carry a burning coal
in your hand to teach posterity.

A voiceless assault
of neoreligion spikes the truth
of armless lies.

Mountains want to
move. We have lost our
script of wordless commentry.

I say take away
my dead gods. Robots will
sit in temples of no gods.

Winter Tales

Satish Verma

Blood suckers were
always bound by veins. Man
becomes very small.

Spitting venom was
a style. You walk precariously
on strings to hide hunger.

Don't look at the
moon. Life will treat you very badly.
Give me shovel to unearth god.

You cannot erase
the name of an angel forgetting
to resuscitate his lover.

What was the thrill
of burning witch hazels when
blood was still flowing?

Don't Grieve For Me

Satish Verma

Far away was your
home. Do I give you to
moon from love to pyre.

I myself make me
cry in loneliness of strange
words. Nightshade stabs.

Nude picture of
nasty stings were ready to
slice you half and half.

The nebulae would
blind you to tract the alien's
footprint on your chest.

My thumbmark was
sufficient to give
order of beheading of black roses.

Pain Of Surrender

Satish Verma

How not to break, I ask.
Will you give me a hug
in absence?

It is very dark
night. After stealing me, when
will you drink the moon?

Each word becomes
a snake, writhing to devour
the bodyless truth.

The fall has come
again. I am walking on dry,
pink leaves to recall you.

One day me and you
will meet again after melting inside.
Life may find a surprise.

A Renaissance

Satish Verma

Infidelity knows
how to make fire. Shared
truth carries a tiny coffin.

Under the god's
tree I pray for you. Life will
not see the face of black moon.

The nudity of sun
hurts. The distance cannot
be reduced in blue pain.

Between why and
how lies the primordial
question. Where the truth lives?

Roll me over on
burning coals. The stones
were not able to break mirror.

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Repeating Pain

Satish Verma

Dear silent river
don't send me any
lisping message.

It was scary
to celebrate life immediately
after the death.

Candles throw
the shadows in ghettos, when
extended questions arise.

A massive fall
of faith. My heart was no
more a religion.

The drooping eyes
will start a ghost dance
in pitch darkness.

Deep Inside

Satish Verma

You know how
to live. Take me, a
lesser pain comes.

Meaning of life
was difficult to interpret,
sitting in sun.

You can conceive
meaningless numbers. I am
still counting ciphers.

Failed to achieve
something. Anything comes
in my wild poems.

Like hyacinth bell
shaped spikes I spread out
in moon to ripen in pain.

Fuck it

Fuck it

fuck the dream

fuck this life


I'm out 

I don't want to feel this way anymore I would rather be Alone 

then feel nothing when I am with you


what happened 

I'm disconnected 

I'm lonely 

im lost

im overthinking 

no longer longing for you 


fuck it 

I don't care 

I'm going to worry about myself 

treat you the way you treat me 

I'm no longer sad 

I moved on