Monthly Archive for December 2015

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The Trashcan poet Poem Daniel-59 2 Dec 1st
তুমি চলে গেলে বাঁচব কি করে? Poem KingofWords ভালোবাসা Dec 1st
Make Your House A Home Poem deepblue 7 Dec 1st
হারিয়ে যাও! Poem KingofWords হারিয়ে যাও! Dec 1st
If you eat bullshit long enough you aquire a taste for it Poem SSmoothie 1 #rant Dec 1st
Gym [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 1st
Dearest Daniel, I miss you x Poem SSmoothie 5 Dec 1st
Leave. Poem THWYALG Dec 1st
Loose Killers Poem F.D.D 2 animals, freedom, hunting, Murder, Passion, Serial Killers. Save, soul, War Dec 1st
Rain, Cold, and a Cold Poem mypersonalpoems777 1 bad days Dec 1st
Keane Bridge [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 1st
Scandal Poem KingofWords 2 Scandal Dec 1st
The Trashcan poet Poem Daniel-59 Dec 1st
নীল আকাশ [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 1st
পথশিশু [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 1st
Favour Poem ophelia87 Dec 1st
The Flaws That Are Irrelevant Poem THWYALG Dec 1st
Fast. Poem ophelia87 Dec 1st
strangers Poem ahsl33 3 Dec 1st
something like solipsism Poem lizardking 2 Dec 1st
Anchorage Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 1st
Terrifed Poem satishverma 1 # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 1st
The Prisoner Poem MajesticDravon 2 Dec 1st
We The Dreamers, Will Be Silent No Longer Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 1st
Real And Proud To Be Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 1st
The World Is A Puzzle Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 1st
Quit Looking Down On And See The Truth Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 1st
কত কবির জন্ম দিল নদী Poem KingofWords নদী Dec 2nd
Fever [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 2nd
Stop Fighting! [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 2nd
সূর্যের তাপ [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 2nd
কাকতাড়ুয়া [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 2nd
Tania is her name Poem silver Dec 2nd
Submission Poem Carcass 2 Dec 2nd
গল্পগুচ্ছ Poem KingofWords গল্পগুচ্ছ Dec 2nd
Flicker Poem silver Dec 2nd
SUNDAY MORNING Poem chris Dec 2nd
GROWING LOVE Poem chris Dec 2nd
Falling Apart Poem MzMidnite 1 Dec 2nd
Spells Poem mypersonalpoems777 beautiful people, dandelions, friendship, fun nights, fun people, Good People, laughing, love, parties, smart people, warm weather Dec 2nd
Unacceptable Social Behaviors.... USB Schtick Poem schmuckjones 2 Dec 2nd
Death Poem KindredSpirit 2 Dec 2nd
Pick Prose Mister Dec 2nd
LOVE POEM Poem chris Dec 2nd
He thinks he's God Poem moondial Children, family, God, Pagan Dec 2nd
Stars Poem moondial magic, Science, stars, wonder Dec 2nd
Countenance, a Disproportionate Poem giajl 1 Dec 2nd
I can't. Poem ophelia87 2 Dec 2nd
The Voice Poem word_man Dec 2nd
felicity Poem rose Dec 2nd
*impact Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 2nd
Along The Sorrow Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 2nd
*impact Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 2nd
THAT OF WHICH I COVET (MILD EROTICA) Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 2nd
Angels Poem silver Dec 2nd
The Illusion That Is The World Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Dec 2nd
Make Every Moment Count Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 2nd
The Night Before Christmas Poem deepinyourdreams 3 The Night Before Christmas Dec 2nd
the sun Poem lizardking 1 Dec 2nd
chain stores Poem lizardking 1 Dec 2nd
Retired Poem Daveb 1 Dec 3rd
No Thanks Poem Daveb Dec 3rd
My little yellow handbag Poem Daveb Dec 3rd
Many Moons Poem Daveb 1 Dec 3rd
the earth says in rhyme Poem silver Dec 3rd
A Curtain Call or.... Poem giajl Dec 3rd
Too many days until payday Poem mypersonalpoems777 Dec 3rd
Despite Poem tallsquirrelgirl 4 #depression #light Dec 3rd
Why does she love me? Poem mrpoofs Dec 3rd
Signed to Serve Poem Daveb Dec 3rd
The Way it used to be Poem Daveb Dec 3rd
At Alexandria: A Sadducee's House, With Guests Poem Starward Dec 3rd
No DNA or Algorithm, I've no Hope of Poem giajl Dec 3rd
muscles undercover Poem silver 2 Dec 3rd
Spoiled Poem silver Dec 3rd
Kissing Caldrons Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 3rd
Ironical Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 3rd
Draw Me A Bath Poem mooncobra 10 Dec 3rd
+ X + Poem KindredSpirit 3 Dec 3rd
Nothing Will Stop Me From Loving Jehovah Poem randyjohnson 1 Dec 3rd
Just Beachy Poem mooncobra 4 Dec 3rd
Brothers till We.... Poem giajl Dec 3rd
নিষ্ঠুর তুমি Poem KingofWords নিষ্ঠুর Dec 4th
কুহকিনীর মত Poem KingofWords কুহকিনী Dec 4th
Welcome to My Town [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 4th
Dinosaur! [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 4th
আলু ভর্তা [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 4th
ময়না [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 4th
Ganga Poem KingofWords Ganga Dec 4th
Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan and Facebook Poem KingofWords 2 facebook Dec 4th
Being Wrongly Accused Poem RomeonJuliet113 Dec 4th
Little Toes, Little Nose Poem RomeonJuliet113 Dec 4th
Agnes The Applehead Poem randyjohnson Dec 4th
No nourishment on the forest floor Poem schmuckjones 4 Dec 4th
FOREST Poem chris Dec 4th
STANLEY CUP Poem chris Dec 4th
The Phoenix Knows When... Poem SSmoothie 17 #Rise #phoenix #down #resilience #survival #live #life #suicide Dec 4th
ill be coming full throttle Poem silver Dec 4th
Waiting... Poem Spell-itOut 2 Dec 4th
Pure Love Poem KingofWords love Dec 4th
Today.. Growing Poem babe1233 Dec 4th
Why I'm better than him Poem not_an_addict 2 Dec 4th
That Sound, is No Aerophone, It's Poem giajl Dec 4th
lies/truth Poem NoOne5 Dec 4th
Children Should Obey Their Parents Poem randyjohnson Dec 4th
These Poems. Poem not_an_addict 1 Dec 4th
God’s Birthday Poem satishverma 1 # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 4th
Stoning Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 4th
The Ferryman Poem deepinyourdreams 1 The Ferryman Dec 4th
Morbidly Nonplussed in the original sense. Poem SSmoothie 6 #Morbidly #Nonplussed #lettinggo #givingup #numb #Numbness Dec 4th
You Don't' Have To Answer If You Are Already Gone Poem KindredSpirit Dec 4th
Letters Poem Reminiscent future, LETTERS, loss, Pain, past, slam poetry, sorrow, spoken word art, Write Dec 4th
I'm Not Poem Reminiscent Anxiety, confidence, Depression, loss, Memories, nightmares, slam poetry, spoken word art Dec 4th
Misspent Time on your Knees Poem Beavis 7 Dec 4th
ETHER Poem AngryLaughter 1 Dec 4th
Secrets in the Wall Poem lostboyjojo 1 #anger #abuse #hurt #betrayal #lust# disappointment# life # heart # truth # suffering # sadness # pain # happiness # empty # mistakes # fate # time # difference # madness # theone # learninglove #dreams # poetry # longing #prison # chained Dec 4th
Nuances: Shadows Of The Mushroom Cloud Poem Starward Dec 5th
nothing Poem sabriyah.b 6 #depression #selfhate #hated Dec 5th
October 29, 1981 Poem Starward Dec 5th
Herd Poem mypersonalpoems777 conformity, fascism, limited, Outcast, pressure, Rules, societal influence Dec 5th
the silence of acquiescence Poem 9inety 2 Dec 5th
Falling Falling Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 5th
Slipping Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 5th
Falling Falling Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 5th
Scorpio Poem callmesisixoxo 2 astrology, characteristics, indentities, People, personlity, relationships, scorpio, sign, traits, water, zodiac Dec 5th
Merry Christmas, Mom - Part 2 Poem randyjohnson Dec 5th
A Letter to Myself, For Myself Prose Diamond_Wills_N... 2 Dec 5th
At The Supposition That HE Was The Gardener Poem Starward Dec 5th
Remaining years Poem silver 2 Dec 5th
The Truth Twirls, in.... Poem giajl Dec 5th
Reality Poem KindredSpirit 3 Dec 5th
Comparison Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 5th
My Fault Poem satishverma 1 # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 5th
Broken Soul Poem Gideonn 2 broken souls, love Dec 5th
Hi Poem silver Dec 5th
illusio Poem eternitywhispers Dec 5th
Fooling Around. Poem That_One_Boy98 Dec 5th
I'm out Poem not_an_addict 2 Dec 5th
Mobile Reality. Poem sweetwater 8 Dec 5th
Fear We Sell (Ride From Hell) Poem LittleLennonGurl 2 Dec 5th
Krampus Rising Poem dblackthorne Draconis Blackthorne, krampus, krampusnacht, poem, POETRY, satanic serenades, solstice, winter, xmas Dec 5th
Sunflower [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 6th
Cute Baby [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 6th
মন ঘুমিয়ে থাকে Poem KingofWords মন Dec 6th
Trip to Poets Isle Poem bishu 2 Dec 6th
দারিদ্র্যমুক্ত পৃথিবী Poem KingofWords দারিদ্র্য Dec 6th
When You Whistle Poem KingofWords Whistle Dec 6th
One Dance with You Poem KingofWords memory Dec 6th
Footnote: Persistance; Spring,1974 Poem Starward Dec 6th
Life of a Poet Poem tallsquirrelgirl 2 #writing #life Dec 6th
A gift of anti-social behavior Poem Timeful Dec 6th
"Season's Greetings" Prose deepinyourdreams 1 Season's Greetings Dec 6th
মাছের কথা! [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 6th
শিশির কণা [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 6th
Elusive Tania Poem silver Dec 6th
Is this what it feels like? Poem RomeonJuliet113 Dec 6th
Good Things, and.....Love yet Poem giajl Dec 6th
Merry Christmas, Mom - Part 3 Poem randyjohnson Dec 6th
CRIPPLING Poem AngryLaughter 1 Dec 6th
Gates And Doors (A Glitched Bablefish Translation) Poem Slovenzonkle Dec 6th
Parrot Poem bishu Dec 6th
florida Poem lizardking 1 Dec 6th
north carolina Poem lizardking Dec 6th
Happy Birthday Bella (written and shown to her on her birthday, but posted here on a later date) Poem jackabite Dec 6th
Because You Made Me Whole Poem jackabite Dec 6th
Spider Web Poem beccaloni stealth in plain sight Dec 6th
Nothing Lasts Forever Poem FuriousIce blue, Chaos, Darkness, forever, island, lasts, name, Nothing, Secret Love, Submission, surrounded Dec 6th
fredericksburg Poem lizardking Virginia Dec 6th
Saving Face Poem millyardo 2 Dec 7th
Painting [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 7th
Old Radio! [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 7th
বিবেকের দায় Poem KingofWords বিবেক Dec 7th
প্রকৃত বন্ধু কে? Poem KingofWords বন্ধু Dec 7th
Naked Pictures Poem randyjohnson Dec 7th
Study Poem KingofWords study Dec 7th
A Few Steps Away! Poem KingofWords success Dec 7th
Self Destruct Poem truthintragedies desire, destruction, dreams, Failure, Self Loathing Dec 7th
Every night Poem toes_are_never_warm 1 # Depression, # disapointement Dec 7th
holes Poem lizardking Dec 7th
ISIS Poem AbbasHooda 2 Dec 7th
One way in; one way out Poem SSmoothie 8 #Creationvimagination. #love #holiness #truegod Dec 7th
Smokin Bones Poem mrpoofs 4 Dec 7th
We wish you a Merry Christmas Prose deepinyourdreams We wish you a Merry Christmas Dec 7th
All is well Poem silver Dec 7th
মিষ্টি আতা ফল [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 7th
Hey There, Soldier.... Poem giajl Dec 7th
Could a Chill... Poem giajl Dec 7th
Smoke, Poem giajl Dec 7th
THE CONTOURS OF A KNIFE Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Dec 7th
JAGGED WILDERNESS Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Dec 7th
RAINBOW CANYON Poem palewingedpoetess 3 Dec 7th
SINCERE ASSISTANCE Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Dec 7th
MAPLE IN THE CLEARING Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 7th
Hey There Poem giajl Dec 7th
She Sang my Blues, a Torch Song Poem giajl Dec 7th
ভিক্ষুক [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 7th
Bella I Adore You Poem jackabite Dec 7th
At Alice Liddell's Anger, Late April, 1925 Poem Starward Dec 7th
Love Scenes Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 7th
A Somber Night Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 7th
Dear John Letters Poem not_an_addict 3 Dec 7th
just one day Poem Wolfy 1 #happiness #life #suffering #sadness #madness #poetry #color #depression Dec 7th
Thank You Bella My Love Poem jackabite Dec 7th
Fancy Bed! [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 8th
Cuckoo! [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 8th
সংখ্যা গণনা [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 8th
ম্যাচের কাঠি দিয়ে জাদু! [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 8th
Your Presence in My Dream Poem KingofWords love Dec 8th
Life Blossoms Like Flowers if You are There Poem KingofWords love Dec 8th
Arms of Safety Poem necahuatl Dec 8th
Wise. Poem not_an_addict 1 Dec 8th
Tiny Feet Poem Sammy43 4 #infant loss #miscarriage # love # disappointment # brokenhearted #life #youtwo # shakespeare # Impossible #life #gay #ego #grow #strong #learn #tear Dec 8th
Don't be Delicate Poem mypersonalpoems777 2 Acceptance, being yourself, embracing yourself, finding peace, loving yourself, moving forward, rebuilding, seeing beauty in yourself Dec 8th
% HOPE % Poem KindredSpirit 6 Dec 8th
Outliars Poem mrpoofs 3 Dec 8th
Dark trap Prose borbug #dark #trap #pessimism Dec 8th
I Just Long to Poem giajl Dec 8th
Sacrificing Sanctuary Poem millyardo 1 Dec 8th
Pictures Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 8th
Sonnet #1 Poem sabriyah.b Dec 8th
Between the Lines Poem sabriyah.b books, reading Dec 8th
A tear at Christmas Poem mes1943 1 Dec 8th
No Heart to Offer Poem necahuatl heart, love, romantic Dec 8th
Believing in Everything Poem KindredSpirit 2 Dec 8th
In this prayer Poem silver 2 Dec 8th
Sonnet For Alexandra "Xie" Kitchin Cardew Poem Starward Dec 8th
Grounding Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 8th
Phenomenal Poem ralphtheunicorn 1 #Love #NewLove #Moods #Relationships #Happy Dec 8th
Philosophy of a Life-song Poem Seraphim Angels, Beauty, boyfriend, Christ, Christianity, classical, Dark, Demons, Forgiveness, Girlfriend, God, husband, Jesus, Life, light, love, loyalty, meaningless, relationships, religion, Religious, Rhyme, romance, romantic, salvation, Short Poem, spouse, Suffering, these tags are completely click-bait, time, Wife Dec 8th
Them all Poem borbug #them #society #goverment #politics Dec 8th
Canned pessimism Poem borbug #canned #pessimism #goverment #society Dec 8th
Five Poem borbug 1 #five #minutes #glory #fame Dec 8th
Pained Past Poem jordanchambers Dec 8th
Addicted to essence Poem silver Dec 8th
Empty reflections Poem fareeha # #betrayal #life #forgivness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #poetry love Dec 8th
Keep moving Poem babe1233 Dec 8th
Mouth Organ [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 9th
তাদের ভালোবাসায় বাঁচি Poem KingofWords ভালোবাসা Dec 9th
করিনি পরীক্ষার সম্মুখীন তোমায় Poem KingofWords ভালোবাসা Dec 9th
Forever in love Poem silver Dec 9th
Our Eyes Met Poem KingofWords love Dec 9th
Thank You for Everything Poem KingofWords thank you Dec 9th
Right there Poem fighter4life 1 Dec 9th
Isaiah 55;11 Poem ScarlettLetter 1 Isaiah 55;11 Dec 9th
rain Poem ScarlettLetter Dec 9th
nothing Poem ScarlettLetter Dec 9th