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San Francisco, California

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Reading, writing, poetry, music, dance, martial arts, art, education, history.

I am NOT Latina as I don't speak latin nor do I want to learn to speak latin as it is not my language nor is it my heritage or culture. I am NOT Hispanic as I am not from Spain nor do I want to go to Spain. I am MEXICA.

Nonequixtil nonotzale nezcaliliztlatolli nezcalilizcali nohquetza nohuiampa yohualcuauhtli.

I am Chicahuac Necahuatl the strong left behind survivor. My dream was of the eagle and we flew together as one. Now I bring forth the truth and the message of education, truth and love. As one without the other is empty and tasteless. Come and drink of my cup for my cup is sweet and full. It's water shall fill your heart and quench your desires for all times. It shall ease your pain and lift your darkness which has kept you ignorant of the beauty and richness of our beautiful Nican Tlaca Mexica Anahuac Nation.

Soy Solita pero no sola. . . .

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none of your business :P

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I would rather die fighting on my feet than live the rest of my life on my knees - E. Zapata,
Give people their flowers while their alive and can enjoy them! - My Dad,
Don't wait till I'm dead and buried to express your feelings for me! Tell me now so I can smile or frown ;-) - Me


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