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Well I'm adapted, I guess. I have very light green eyes...they call them emerald green. I love the sky, the sunset and rise and inbetween. I love when it crazy. I love God. He's been my sustainer and provider and lover since ...well a while. May be before time began. he's had me captured. I like C.S. Lewis. I heaven't read much of him but love it. I guess most of my stuff comes from a broken place because for an 18 year old, i guess i lived centuries worth of pain but God has done lots of healing and I am just waiting till that comes out in my writing. TO be honest, its a whole lot easier for me to write about brokeness and pain and anger than it is about life, love, and dreams and freedom but I love love and dreams and laughter and freedom. I can never truly describe it in words. I always fall silent, and silence falls short.

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Edgar Ellen, C.S. Lewis, the psalms in the bible


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