satanic serenades


Seasons In Hell

"One season, let it confound another...!" ~ 19th Key.

CCumulus accumulation, Schwarze Sonne looms ominous
World serpent by many names slithers 'round the globe
Ouroboros Jörmungandr shifts the seasonal wheel*
Brimstone keys into the Void of The Abyss
Lilith, Samael, coalesce, Baphomet enthroned
The Gates are open and Hell arise, Lucifer's Evil Eye
Black Shadows across the land possessing flesh & mind, earth & sky
Candles & inferalight, cast the dreaded signs
Wicked words, nightmares & dreams
Warlocks, Witches unite!
Daemonic storms & Devil Winds
Hellfire & Cloven Hooves
Quake the earth asunder!

* Pima, wan, mon, Tetraskelion, nkontim.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Inferus!

Rev. Blackthorne

Walpurgis Hexennacht

Seasons In Hell
Black Moon & Eclipse
Opens the Portals of Hell
Deepest darkness of The Abyss
Flickering shadows in the mist
Malefic Musick of The Night
Madly dancing carnal delights
Supping The Devil's Cauldron of Might
Potions immortal, strigas take flight
Pentagram glows with 3rd Evil Eye
666, The Triune sight
Hexennacht, Hell's Bells resound
Echoes of Unhallowsnacht
Gently calls from beyond
Infernal Throne, Hellflames emerge
Arising western cragged mountain summit
Hades upon horizon dusk
Encircled with demons and imps and witches
Phantom procession, sinister path
Basilisk slither & glide, upon the Nocturne tide
Grimoires of Power, Words come to Be
Dimensions of space & time-lessness
'Sacrificial' Bonefires alight! Fumigation Sorcery
Drægon emerge, the angles, The Gates
Waxen torches lead the way to & from The Underworld
Red eyes in the darkness, hooves quake the earth
Wicked Wings, Winds return...
Author's Notes/Comments: 

There is a combination Black Moon and Solar Eclipse this Walpurgisnacht. So it behooves The Satanic Sorcerer to take advantage of these conditions to being about an evilutionary metamorphosis in certain or all levels of life. Apotheosis, Lust & money spells, Curses & compassion. Indulgence, carnal delights, orgiastic pleasures sublime. Whatever is desired!

Infernal Vernal Equinox LVII

Seasons In Hell

Season Leviathan stirs as the wyrmoon shines bright in the western sky
Lightning bolt through pentagonal portal thrown
Igniting Hellfire upon the horizon wherein we are drawn
Descending into the waters of Styx, Cocytus, Zamzam, Phlegethon
Arise to greet the stars, mighty behemoths of the deep!

Ouroboros encircles the earth in Hellemental alternation
The Garden of Dark Delights beckons in verdant invigoration, unholy sinful exhilaration
Calling forth devil satyrs and daemonic nymphs to dance in fertile fields of carnal lust!
Imbibing the nectars of pleasure and partaking ambrosia sublime! 

Amidst ravens through fog, unto tepid temperatures as we look forwards to burgeoning and opalescent multisensory delights! 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Equinoxes and Solstices are formal seasonal approximations, as we have seen characteristic weather last well into another season and vice-versa.*

Just as natural wisdom indicates when the environment is dark, it is night; when light, it is day, no matter the numbers on the clock or calendar. While the full moon spans over a three night period )O( {Persephone, Lilith, Hecate; 666}.

However, such approximations are useful in the ceremonial & ritualistic observations of Satanic Sabbats {High Unholydays} & Esbats {full moons}

Reborn In Hell

Seasons In Hell

Dæmonbulacrum into Hell
Ingress purifying black flames
Exuviation, basilisk rejuvenation
Unholy rebirthing, Sabbath toll
Apotheosis manifest, Infernal Throne

Horns & Thorns emergent
Dæmonic incarnation
Misanthropic evilution
Sacrificial Eucharist
Repossessed in timelessness
Reborn in Hell!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Born in Hell, emerging through carnal portals of darkness, born of blood and fire. A return to Hellair for empowerment, rejuvination, repossession! 

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13 o'clock, demon hour, turning backwards

Heartbeats at the toll call the Beast nigh

Infernalight at Duskening

Scent of The Abyss permeates the air

Candlantern sparks aflame!


Demonwinds, deviltails, whip the trail

Hounds moan, horses rear

Dæmonbulacrum, the time of fear!


In the dead of the night

Skullital treespectres leap from the road

...of shadow consciousness

Walking with The Devil

On the way to Hell

Side by side, brothers in deepest darkness


Long shadows in the darkness by the light of the moon

{"gasp! what is that?" "who is that?" whispers}

Black fog so thick framing the night

Concealing the creature that haunts the nocturne tide

In the corner of your eye...


Wide stride, trenchcoat, cane

Phantom diabolic bane

Daemon of darkness haunting your nightmares

Making your horrors come true


Dæmonbulacrum coming

Disappearing shadows by the side of the road

Turns your mind upsidown, inside out

Horns & claws, & cloven hoofs

Takes your soul away...! ∞

The Draegon Awakens

Timeless... eternal...
The Drægon Awakens
Immortal... Infernal...
The Duskening Horizon
Leathern wings extending
Arising... surmounting
Echoes from The Pit!
Hail Mighty Drægon!
The lightning strikes!
Thunder from The Black Abyss
Quaking, cracking
Coursing the Wicked Whirlwinds
Demons to the skies
Darkening the day to night!
Ancient omnipotence
Hellfire in thine eyes
Leviathan and Tiamat
Cthulhu of the Deep
By thine burning shadow blaze
Cast the mortal minds in haze
Hades here to stay!
Equinox & Solstice thrall
Presence possessing all
Hellemental chaos flux
Brother Dæmon Drægon reborn
Of Blackened thorn & shadow horn
Nocturnal treasures keep
Occultic secrets reap
Within thy dark embrace
Behold The Drægon's face!
Bestow Satanic Grace

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the night Satan has made! Let us be joyful and glad in it! 


When the sun sinks into Hell
You can see the pitflames there
Upon the horizon for all to see

Creatures of Hellemental fane
Come to fly, swim, and creep
Caverns of Belial's domain deep

The Duskening calls
Children of Satan all
Draegon wings, western demonwinds
Coursing across the land and sea

Lucifer's star
Glitters by Hecate's moonlight
Reflecting Sorath's Might
Constellations reveal occult mysteries

The Duskening calls
To those born of darkness
Mark of The Beast, blackest heart
Debauchery and Sorcery

Nocturnal Orchestra
Floats along the evening gusts
By the zephyrs and the trees
From ancient tales of sithening

As Satan's cloak envelopes the land
The western pentagram is cast
And daemons of every shape and size
Come forth to partake in wicked delights

Author's Notes/Comments: 
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⸸ crossroads ψ

Highway 666 in the burning wasteland

In the valley of the shadow of death

I fear no evil for Satan is with Me

Underneath Hecate's light


To The Crossroads... on Walpurgisnight

Inverted crossroads to see The Devils rise

The willows blow in the demonwinds

They point the way to Hell

Twisted arms and claws reach for your soul


Whispering and wailing

The damned call out your name

trapped inside the trees, for the test

The killer's bones are swaying

Hand of Glory glows

Hellantern leads to the carven spot


Trace The Pentagram in the center soil

There you will say the words and pour the blood

Until you feel the hoofbeats

The blasting winds, they start of flow

The quaking earth, the shadow comes


Red eyes emerge, flickering coal

A lightning strike, the darkness grows

The moon reflects a grinning skull

You speak your wish & seal The Pact

So it is done!


Born... at The Crossroads

The Gate of Hecate's keep

Marked your destiny as The Devil's own

Sacrificial grave is buried deep


Go forth upon the earth

Infernal Throne, Majesty's seat!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The crossroads may make for an ideal outdoor ritual area, ceremonial grounds, especially by a tree, wherein litany from The Satanic Bible may be spoken, both as a formative initiation, Baptism, and subsequent rites of darkness.


Destroy all that is holy
The "good" are weak and lowly
Satanic Creatures of The Night
Ascend & descend...
See them rise...

In communion with The Horned One
Curses & Spells are placed on The Altar
Wishes are granted & Hexes are done
Execution of "god", then The Devil is praised
AVE SATANAS! We have Our way
The wings of Lucifer ride The Dark Skies
Eyes of Baphomet hypnotize
If you walk upon The Black Flames of Satan
Your destiny to rule The Earth!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Portion of one of the first Draconian poems chrononologued resurrected from The Abyss of The Mind. More to manifest as itis fully repossessed.