secret pleasure

steps from me yet I cannot touch you,

love you see my culture's call to miss you,

and aware I am of your temper to hold me,

so I await that day to sin on my knee.

holding me tight, whispering in my ear,

tossing me around flogging where bellybutton's near,

gazing into my eyes as pleasure drags me to a dark world,

where fear does not exist and I open my doors wider,

where you slip your tongue in my field God! a good striker.

reward me with your life to where sun does not shine,

allow the demons to awaken as we feel chills down the spine!

allow the demons watch us moan for we have power to bring a life!

and as you go deeper soft lips wrap around you so tight,

pleasure I cannot take for I lock my legs around you so right.

then I first release an antidote to allow your poison flow,

between my legs leaving me numb with a heartbeat pounding not too slow.