Within my majestic eyes, there's a sea of darkness


Shrouded with mystery, a solitary ocean


Rippling waves of intense emotions.


Soft as a blanket yet sharp as blades.


Pursuing passions, through dominance and dynamicity.


These eyes, ablaze with burning intensity


Passion, romance and intimacy with of hint of jealousy.


Tread on my tail lightly, never feed me lies,


Your facades that are transparent to me


Because I'll peel back layer upon layer of you


Because my personality presents itself in various shades,


True colours aren't hard to release from their cage and I'll see right through


I'm a beautiful ocean of secrets


The representation of a water sign


But only those who can handle me,


Can swim exclusively.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem for all the Scorpios out there :) written by a Scorpio, describing how she is herself.

One Wonders

One  Wonders!


One wonders where you must be sleeping tonight

To dare send a short and mild good night.

Let' s guess, maybe another liked tenant

Who probably is neither as important. 

Be sure to clean the sheets well

Before you come ring this door bell.

You know pretty well that she may be a realist

She demands, to be removed off this list.

Don't think that she is jealous 

It might be better to cut the scorpio loose.

Often we ask why this , why that

'Cause we never  accept our part.

You know very well that she is a realist

Please be sure to take her off this list.

One wonders who must you bepimpin' like a knight

To dare send a simple short good night.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 03/24/2015

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