slam poetry


If I could write a letter to my past,
There are so many things I would say


If I could write a letter to my future,
There are so many things I would ask


I would say “it'll get better, stay strong!”

And that would be a lie


I would ask, “does it ever get better?”
And I would hope that it does


I would say “you're strong, you can hold the world on your shoulders!”
And that would be a lie


I would ask, “did you make it through this?”
And I would hope the answer's yes


If I could write a letter to my past,
I would only be able to lie


If I could write a letter to my future,
I don't think I'd want a reply


We endured so much in the past,
Scraping by, clawing through the dust and into what we thought was sunlight


We'll have endured so much in the future,
And hopefully we'll have emerged in the moonlight


We suffered so much pain in the past,
But it feels like nothing but a sliver under our skin compared to now


We'll have suffered so much in the future,
That if we're still around I will truly be shocked


If I could write a letter to my past,
I wouldn't warn them


If I could write a letter to my future,
I wouldn't ask for help


Because this pain is what makes us who we are,
This pain defines us,
It binds us and shackles us to our broken version of reality.


If I could write a letter to my past,
I wouldn't give help
I wouldn't warn them of the dangers to come,
Because that pain, the pain that defines my very reality
Is all I have left.


And if I could write a letter to my future, I wouldn't ask for help,
I wouldn't ask for a heads-up or a warning of everything to come,
Because that pain, the pain that defines my very life,
Will continue to antagonize my every breath,

Leading me to become someone beyond our imaginations.


If I could write a letter across time,
There wouldn't be much in it,
Because if there was,

Those letters wouldn't be addressed to me,
They'd be addressed to someone completely different,
Someone who hasn't suffered the pain that defines me.


I need that pain.
Without that pain, me wouldn't be me.

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I'm Not

I'm not.
The words I would always say to myself as an excuse.

I'm not.
The excuse that removes any sort of responsibility from me.

I'm not.
Not what? Not capable? Not worthy? Of course I am.

I'm not.
I have a soul strong enough to bend the world,
I have imagination to do anything I want,
The world is in my fingertips.
Of course I am.

I'm not.
But when my mind grips a hold and the nightmares of
Memories beyond that imagination of mine wash over me,
And all I can remember is how I felt when I held
Broken bones of the person who had saved me so many times over.

I'm not.
Not young? Not without pain? No.

I'm not.
But I can sure as hell still stand with this sky on my back and
Say to the world with pride “I am!”
Because what I'm not means nothing to me.
What I am not doesn't define me.
What I am is what shapes my soul,
And gives me the strength to move forward.

I'm not.
And at the same time,
I am.

Musings of a teenage romantic.

I've never really been in love

never felt that heart racing, gut wrenching, head spinning fall down the rabbit hole of emotions.

Just, just been to the edge.

Stood on the edge almost falling teetering back and forth but never truly falling.

Never truly knowing what it was all about.

Never really understanding how it affects the human mind, 

How it clouds your vision, your judgement, your entire perspective of life.

All my life the closest I've come has been the edge. 

All my life I have hoped for, longed for, tried as hard as I could to acquire the ultimate goal.

But maybe that's why it hasn't happened.

Maybe the fact that I've been trying so hard,

is why it is always just out of my grasp.

Maybe if I just went through life normally treating people like people instead of possible soulmates,

maybe that's what I'm doing wrong.

I've wanted love so badly that I've forgotten the things between.

All the things that keep people going like friendship, kindness, compassion, not romantic but just,


Maybe if I accept that I don't have it it will find it's way to me.

Maybe all I need to do, is stop trying.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hope you enjoyed, please leave a comment letting me know what you thought!





Does water stick to each other
or compelled to be so?

I've got a question
In fact lot of questions
for you all to listen and
if I am little lucky then I might get
an answer to some question as such,
Why do the dog bark when it has all the freedom of the night?
Why is cloud gets attached to the sky even though its destined to fall?
one way or the other


Ok.. well..
I’ll give you a break
take a minute or more if you don’t like what you're hearing
Maybe you are not used to listening to babbles of a madman of a sort
But even if you turn deaf ear to any of my questions
You won’t be spared.
'Cause the next website you are going to open,
the next person you are trying to ring/text,
the next app you’re trying to run which you downloaded just because you had an access to a free wi-fi
is going to ask you Why are you so gizmophile?
Only If you have ear to hear that, off course,

If your itunes isn’t jam packed into your ear


If you listen,
EVERYTHING questions.

and you never hear an answer in air like Dylan heard.

Because you are so associated with the rocket science and
keep forgetting its the space you are about to explore.
The engine, the combustion, the throttle interests you
How curiosity rover functions interests you
How it reached the mars interests you
But Why is space empty doesn't
Why are we alone in this place we own doesn't
Why is "there" no air doesn't.
Reminds me of Dylan again

Is there no answers in space then?


Now you own a phone that reads your eyes
You own a pad that talks to you
that reads you the book
Why are you ignoring someone who read your eyes

trying to send message written all over their eyes as well

begging to be read
Why don’t you talk to a person?
like face to face
like your tongue rolling and giving shape of sound to the air that is bursting out of your lungs


Why don’t we hug each other before we forget how touch feels?



Author's Notes/Comments: 

My early efforts on slam poetry


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Ain't I Black by Elliott J. Curry

“Ain’t I Black”


Elliott Justin Curry

Today, I want to challenge the questioning of a fact
My character and ethnic orientation is often under attack
They question the way I carry myself, in particular the way I act
To clarify, folks say the way I act is white…not black.
But when I look in the mirror, my complexion still in tact
I ask the question….”Aint I black”

Blame me because my verbs agree with my nouns
Criticize me because of the education that I have found
Get jealous cause I am destined, and bound
While you are busy hating, you never get off the ground
Yes, I am proud of me and I love the way my voice sounds
Challenge what you want, and make a mountain out of a mound
You can even dance around the fact but….”Aint I Black”

Okay speaking hypothetically
If I look at my brothers pathetically
If I think we need attention medically
I don’t think we get it right educationally
Should I handle that lackadaisically,
If you missed it that means lazily
Some folks are content and say just let it be
But because I demand change, drastically
I can because its my own, and I refuse to go passively
Not lacking melanin, but I still think tactically
Let me phrase it brashly
“Aint I black”

My people need something like a cultural injection
A reminder of what our forefathers endured for our generation’s protection
Because I feel this way, some say I lack affection
Sometimes I’ll chooses a classical selection
Does that mandate my racial direction?
I am not an agent and this requires no detection
Ain’t I black

Both black and white agree that I act like the latter
This used to bother me and it used to matter
Now I just laugh at the foolish chatter
Keep on talking, while my pockets get fatter
Instead of congratulate, my brothers would rather
Question who I am, make assumptions that make me madder
Than a squirrel without nuts to gather
With all of this being stated, nothing else to be debated
Its been mandated….
Aint I black

No I don’t need your affirmative action
I won’t give you a reason to say I got it because of this reaction
No, I worked hard to reach this level of satisfaction
I wont allow you to use simple arithmetic like subtraction
To take away what I have created, me, the main attraction
I create my own, and I am not alone I have a faction
Don’t be surprised because I say this loud with passion
But…”Aint I black”

I have learned that the point of my existence
Is to challenge stereotypical views with persistence
While my own and whites alike may meet me with resistance
I keep one thing in tact
Ain’t I Black

When its all said and done,
When that fat bitch has sung her last song,
It’s just me....
It’s Just me gazing in a pond to see my reflection
I scratch my flaring nostrils to get some satisfaction
I rub my wool like hair, just to check, and I like the reaction
I am never surprised of my glowing chocolate complexion
This alone reiterates the fact
“Aint I Black”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In today's society, everyone is too quick to judge. However, judging is not the problem, its the products of that judgement that inspired this poem. All too often, I was told "You are the whitest black guy I have ever met", "You act white", "You talk white", "You date white women don't you?", and so on. These statements are the products of a shallow brain. By growing up in North Florida, I was often critisized and stereotyped because of my attitude, grammar, and ambition. In most circles, these attributes would result in positive constructive critisism. However, they were used to make me question my own identity. Because of the stereotypes portrayed of black men, a black man conducting himself in a positive and productive manner is often critisized to be acting white! That enraged me for many reasons. But mainly, these types of statements show disrespect to my mother. You see, when you say that "I act white", you are saying all of the values and morals my mother instilled in me are not of my own. You are saying that I am acting out of my character. Which this is very much so not the case! I can go on and on, but I think the poem states it best. You can also check me out performing it on youtube..

David has a Girlfriend-Truth

Well david wasted his life playing video games
he knew he would never have girlfriend without shame
till he met a girl, Tonya was her name or was it sarah there all the same
She came on to him strong wrapped him up tight like a thong
through all the red flags, he could see nothing wrong
he only knew her for a day, and already she was given him play
But david was in heaven, he didnt mind when she hung out with mike and devin
as time went by david thought he was in love, emotions flew through his body from his feet to above
meanwhile tanya or sarah laughed to her self about the games she played, thinkin about the dinners and movies that david payed.
She had to find a way for david to stay, becouse the new purse she wanted was out of her way.
So when david said i loved you she said it back, and grabbed his wallet to loosen the slack
later david picked up his phone to call his boo just to say hello thats what the good ones doo,
The call was mistakenly ansewred on the other line, just to hear tonya or sarah givin tyler time.
He dropped the phone like a dime, his heart couldnt take it,
it was the end of the line.

tyler vowed to never let it happen again, that was plan
so he learned to play the game it wasnt hard to understand.
Another good boy turned to a bad man

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To a boy with no dreams

You have no dreams, no ambition you are just there floating through thin air,
Why doesn't it get through your thick skull? do you not have a soul?
or is it you have no heart? if the finish line was right in front of you, you wouldn't know where to start

You cant live life Node to Node if you don't know the code
Dreams are welded together from seem to seem, they lift you up like the rising steam
a dream is is like scripture painting a perfect picture
Its the breath of life its the meaning,
you cant live, until you begin dreaming

To a boy to with no dreams. start dreaming of dreams and you will see it is not as hard as it seems

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