by Jeph Johnson 

I don't believe in horoscopes. 

For instance, 
I know several people born 
between May 21st and June 20th 
who did not share the womb 

I once had consensual sex
with someone on her birthday
in early September

But most of all, 
I just can't believe
that everyone born between 
June 21st and July 22nd 
will succumb to malignancy 
(even if they all
seem to be crabby) 

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Within my majestic eyes, there's a sea of darkness


Shrouded with mystery, a solitary ocean


Rippling waves of intense emotions.


Soft as a blanket yet sharp as blades.


Pursuing passions, through dominance and dynamicity.


These eyes, ablaze with burning intensity


Passion, romance and intimacy with of hint of jealousy.


Tread on my tail lightly, never feed me lies,


Your facades that are transparent to me


Because I'll peel back layer upon layer of you


Because my personality presents itself in various shades,


True colours aren't hard to release from their cage and I'll see right through


I'm a beautiful ocean of secrets


The representation of a water sign


But only those who can handle me,


Can swim exclusively.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem for all the Scorpios out there :) written by a Scorpio, describing how she is herself.



Yea I'm... back again with another rap in tack ; here to kill these lame fucks with some murderess flashbacks ; so let me remind who I am ; mr. lyrical suspend ; that Maniac with the pen ; to offend them lessened haters who don't seem to listen ; who stay bitchin and don't learn there lesson ; cuz it's this the type of urge they lackin ; so they slackin ; & start stacking all that garbage that they spit ; not realizing that every word that comes out there mouth is whack shit dam.. ; an ounce of lyricism is enough get ur bags pack ; cuz all I gotta do is mention ur name to kill u in one track ; that mystery slaughter niqqa best known as the zodiac ; & im here to stay with no intensions to leave ; this that murder word play homie ; get ready for ur ears to bleed ; as i alternate my struggles infuriated by troubles ; only focus on my morals & standards that which I live by ; & it seems making money is da only way to get by ; tryna get into the game while dieing for my new high ; can't even express an emotion cuz my eyes lost the will the cry ; like they dgaf anymore to waste there time factoring in the pain of this life ; & i guess my hand took that role cuz my pen starts to empty out as I write ; as i strife & unite all da words that's insight ; & as I continue to fight u see the dead rising jus to pray & regain there faith into the light ; cuz they jus saw me bring hip-hop back from the after life..


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