Secret Love

Nothing Lasts Forever


I'm standing on an island
An island of blue
Surrounded by chaos
But caught up in you


Storm clouds shaded my desire
Yet, this rocky terrain fuels the fire
I've been lost for so long
Never looking for The Way


And now you've found Me
I wasn't looking for you
But something told me
It whispered your name


Come on and take My hand
Baby, we can't stay forever
But for a little while we can pretend
Nothing lasts forever
'Cept on this island of blue


Dark shades find us
We turn the light and blind them
Voices carry but don't you worry
The sands of time will guide us


Here and now
I fight but fall
Win or lose
I only know
Nothing lasts forever
'Cept on this island of blue


I look on past the distance
you pull me close and whisper
"I want you so bad it hurts"
And the earth below deserts us


Ill fated illusion cast it's net
But, let's forsake this ruin
And find what we've always been wantin'
Because, nothing lasts forever
'Cept on this island
This island of you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This started as a poem but evolved into a song.

Breath again

No more chances

Meet me in the middle
I can't leave her here today
My mind is already made up
Just listen to your words... I crave

I don't lie cause we lie
I don't hold her close to me no more
It's your life I live for
She has no breath... Left in me
It's your presents that I need
Your body sets me free

I'm not lost in two worlds
I just can't leave... this way
I'm not confused and angry
I'm just stuck... here today
I don't need no more time
Iv made up my mind
I can't breath without you
I need to feel your skin in mine
If its time that will kill me
Then lets go... Break away

I inhale your words said
I exhale the time that's lost
It's pain without breathing
It's your presents that i feel
It's these times that we fought
I don't need this... It's unfair
I have a new life that's clearer
And she brings me the air
That allows me to breath again
And she's all I crave

Author's Notes/Comments: 

She allows me to breath again :) this may get a little deep but sometimes there maybe that special someone that can finally make you exhale :) breath in all the bad to finally exhale when she comes around :)

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300 Days

Against All Odds

We love without knowing why
We love without knowing how

Everyday is a moment of wonder
Everyday is a moment of amazement

I guess this is one new kind of love.
Not knowing where it will bring us

All we know is
This feeling brings us joy and
Tremendous warmth in our hearts
The deepest attachment and belonging one has ever felt.

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Sweet Nothings

Love & Romance

Sweet Nothings

I thought that I should tell you, your beauty inspires me
I thought that I should say, dear friends? Yes; I'm sure we'll be
I thought that you should know, I see you in my dreams
And how, up on waking up, so real those fantasies seemed

I wanted to write you a poem, as beautiful, as I find you
Then sadly I realized, that was something; no one could do
I wish that I could whisper, sweet nothings in your ear
Though they're called sweet nothings, words of love, you’d softly hear

I wish that you were mine, to love through out my life
I wish that I were yours, and one day you'd be my wife
I wish that I could show you, the love that you deserve
I wish we were making love, both wild, and unreserved

I hope for you the best, with all; life's gifts, and treasures
It is my deepest wish; you enjoy life's, sweetest pleasures
One day if our souls meet, maybe long years so far away
I hope that you remember me, and the fun we had today

© Paul (ChryWizard) Posney2004

Letting Go

I thought about it today
i have to let you go
i knew this was coming
but i tried to hold on
i can't do this anymore

i would rather get hurt
than all those who love you
and are dear to you
imagine the emotional devastation
that our love affair will cause them

i love you...always & forever
you are the best thing
that ever happened in my life
i hope you know that;
i will never forget you

i will make this sacrifice
and walk away
you are the right wrong person
wrong time
wrong world perhaps

i am letting go
and it's breaking my heart
i love you
you said you love me, too
that will be enough to help me make it through...


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2010-2012 Poems

Where the dusk meets the dawn,
And all dreams sublime-
My thoughts are as intense
As the first ray of sun.

And these thoughts are in vain
Unheard, blown by the wind.
Like lost dandelions
Scattered in the abyss.

You can call it surrealistic liberty
Or a self-inflicted crime.
To find my way to you
Is a struggle of a lifetime.

But oh, sacchariferous naiveté!
Morphine to 'our' impossibility,
It's better you do not know-
You allure and terrify my inner core.

You are worth fighting for, you make me happy.
But I can't lead you to a life, uneasy.
I won't cross the line, I take heed.
Cause I would have loved you more than anything-

I concede.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-jerlin (15Feb12)

At A Glance

2010-2012 Poems

"All the wild summer was in your gaze..."
You took me to the world unseen.
You can read my soul like I've known yours forever...
Together-- we could be unconventionally beautiful. :)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-(c) jerlin 27Oct11 Inspired after watching Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth's movie. :)

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the rain outside my house mops away dust,

delivering life to this flaccid world,

muttering as pretty unfurls.


the rain floods in as it wants, as it must

we make love on our shore,

thundering, in our unity we roar.


the rain softens a realm that's been trussed.

whereby our brief ties are bound

in aching little segments we've found.


the rain floats away the wishes, to wash up, to rust

I trade my crusty bandaged whole

to buy an oil-slicked zippered soul.


the rain hardens in a haling gust

shadow fancies in love, hate;

eternity has set a date.


the rain inside my head adulterates the lust

bringing sorrow to my wilted heart,

she's been masquerading as a tart 

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