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I only know so much about poetry, but I love to read it and see what others can do. I write poetry about life things and some short stories. Most the poetry I do is on the spot, usually doing it on the website. Sometimes I'll do them on paper when I'm bored in school. Usually nothing special about me, but if you ever want to know just ask... I usually don't keep things to myself haha. This is my only site I post on, so it's all here! Have a good read my friends.
Also yes I'm a furry... Judge all you want but it's me :)
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Well its surely just umm.... well urm... things and do da.... I think...?

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I'm mostly a gamer, playing on the range of any game. I love to write poetry (or at least I think it is) in my free time. Taking pictures is fun and I try to do it.

My favorite poets would be Edgar Allan Poe or Shakespeare.


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