Monthly Archive for December 2003

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
SHADOWS Poem anupamnanda Escapism Dec 1st
GIFT OF THE EAGLE Poem anupamnanda 1 Awakening Dec 1st
DO YOU STILL REMEMBER A DAY ? Poem anupamnanda Bittersweet Dec 1st
In Grays And Blacks Poem cathycavalcante Abstract Dec 1st
She Died Never Knowing Poem cathycavalcante Cancer/Illness Dec 1st
Fly By Night Poem cathycavalcante Cancer/Illness Dec 1st
~Woman above the earth~ Poem cnsfreebird3 Dec 1st
Untitled -- 11.1.2003 Poem cnsfreebird3 Dec 1st
School Poem cutetreena_1064 Dec 1st
Remember? Poem cutetreena_1064 Lost love Dec 1st
Mixed emotions finally free Poem daydreamingdragon Fear Dec 1st
Little Mexican Girl Without A Father Poem pheonixunderfire Dec 1st
Love's Prison Poem pheonixunderfire 1 Dec 1st
*~*Untitled*~* Poem pheonixunderfire Song Lyrics Dec 1st
A Single Plea Poem pheonixunderfire 1 Dec 1st
Acrimony Poem pheonixunderfire 1 Dec 1st
Addicted Poem pheonixunderfire 2 Dec 1st
An Ode to Love Poem pheonixunderfire Dec 1st
Same Old Thing Poem pheonixunderfire Dec 1st
Blood-Of-A-Bitch Poem pheonixunderfire Dec 1st
Capricious Poem pheonixunderfire Dec 1st
Changes Poem pheonixunderfire Dec 1st
Cheater Poem pheonixunderfire 1 Dec 1st
Confusion Poem pheonixunderfire Dec 1st
Crazy Poem pheonixunderfire Dec 1st
Daddy Dearest Poem pheonixunderfire Dec 1st
Daddy You Make Me Proud Poem pheonixunderfire Dec 1st
Detached Rage Poem pheonixunderfire 1 Dec 1st
Fragile Poem pheonixunderfire Dec 1st
I'll Love You No Matter What Poem pheonixunderfire Dec 1st
Just Another Day Poem pheonixunderfire Dec 1st
Letter Of Your Lies Poem pheonixunderfire Dec 1st
Mind Rape Poem pheonixunderfire Dec 1st
MUTE Poem pheonixunderfire Dec 1st
My Invisible Poem pheonixunderfire Dec 1st
Not finished~untitled Poem pheonixunderfire Dec 1st
Nothing Poem pheonixunderfire Dec 1st
Ode To Kay's "Daddy" Poem pheonixunderfire Dec 1st
After the Crescendo Poem eleutheria0501 Cancer/Illness Dec 1st
*Punked out of life* Poem elliot_jordan2003 1 Dec 1st
Wishing You Knew Poem ericaca525 Dec 1st
Know you not what you do to me? Poem fallingfeather 1 Lost love Dec 1st
Idle Musings Poem fallingfeather sadness Dec 1st
When Two Teardops Touch Poem fallingfeather 1 Spirituality Dec 1st
Texan Defamation Poem forsakenkalika 1 Dec 1st
She Melts Concrete Poem grahf 1 Dec 1st
The Rain Poem Superdadx0100 Dec 1st
Drifting Away Poem ladydragus Acceptance Dec 1st
Love so much Poem link Dec 1st
Poppycock Poem merkaba11 Dec 1st
Time & Tide Poem merkaba11 Dec 1st
Ricochet Poem merkaba11 Dec 1st
Petal Curl Poem merkaba11 Dec 1st
Lungs Poem merkaba11 Dec 1st
Moss Poem merkaba11 Dec 1st
Zebras Poem merkaba11 Dec 1st
Yonder Ponder Poem merkaba11 Dec 1st
Brainstormings pt. I: The Stirring Winds of War Poem merkaba11 Dec 1st
Free Poem poetjewnita 3 Dec 1st
Song * Somebodys Knocking At Your Door * Poem poetvg Dec 1st
Song * I've Got Peace Like A River * Poem poetvg Dec 1st
Song * Deep Deep Deep River * Poem poetvg Dec 1st
The Gift Poem KristinaMetro Dec 1st
Traveling Poem KristinaMetro Dec 1st
Waiting Poem KristinaMetro Dec 1st
Mommys little Angel Poem shortys_gurl_1 1 Parenthood Dec 1st
What do you see? Poem shortys_gurl_1 love Dec 1st
my reason wasen't good enough last time Poem sweetdreams Dec 1st
Guilty Pleasure Poem that_one_girl 1 Dec 1st
MALAYSIAN HAIKU DECEMBER 1, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Dec 1st
PRECIOUS HAIKU DECEMBER 1, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Dec 1st
This Poem I Wrote for You Poem blaqkmajik Dec 1st
Hope from the Hopeless Poem angels_eyes_only Dec 2nd
Can't Believe It Poem anthamarie Dec 2nd
moving on Poem aphantom 2 Dec 2nd
A Day Like All The Others Poem cassandra_lynn Dec 2nd
Poseidon's Waters Poem cerulean_soulhaze Dec 2nd
Making Love Poem dancer 1 love Dec 2nd
My Prayer, my Cries Poem deethepoet Dec 2nd
Idol Poem eleutheria0501 love Dec 2nd
Like Tragic Poetry Poem eleutheria0501 1 Angst Dec 2nd
Your Apathy Poem eleutheria0501 4 Anger Violent Dec 2nd
Incongruous Poem eleutheria0501 confusion Dec 2nd
LET ME. Poem jecantz 2 love Dec 2nd
Take my Hand. Poem jecantz 1 love Dec 2nd
AGE Poem journey_through_life 2 Change/Transition Dec 2nd
Recalling Us Poem lillep Lost love Dec 2nd
Reds and Blues Poem lillep Abuse Dec 2nd
Are You Bortal... Or Mortal?" Poem lillep 1 Decisions Dec 2nd
Lacking, So Lacking Poem lillep death Dec 2nd
* The Truth"" Poem lissyon2 1 Dec 2nd
ايها البحار Poem Noor Dec 2nd
"PLEASE DONATE" Poem nancylangley 3 friendship Dec 2nd
Boy In The Mirror Poem creativehue10 2 confusion Dec 2nd
If I had 21 questions Poem thobyneeka Dec 2nd
this just in Poem thobyneeka Dec 2nd
Hip hop’s journey Poem thobyneeka Dec 2nd
Indigo blues Poem thobyneeka Dec 2nd
Lover’s writer’s block Poem thobyneeka Dec 2nd
run on love Poem thobyneeka Dec 2nd
thoughts Poem thobyneeka Dec 2nd
I Never Asked for Roses Poem thobyneeka Dec 2nd
Whew Poem thobyneeka Dec 2nd
Politricks Poem thobyneeka Dec 2nd
Occupied thoughts Poem thobyneeka Dec 2nd
Lonely Poem thobyneeka Dec 2nd
MALAYSIAN HAIKU DECEMBER 1, 2 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Dec 2nd
PRECIOUS HAIKU DECEMBER 01, 02, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Dec 2nd
mixed Poem tiong_chung_hoo Dec 2nd
Two Paul Barers Poem bluecollarclay 3 Change/Transition Dec 3rd
My life Poem cam Dec 3rd
Tomorrow! Poem cnsfreebird3 Dec 3rd
Come back Poem danibelle Dec 3rd
The One Poem eyesreadvacancy Dec 3rd
Sickly Brown Poem grahf Dec 3rd
Awaken, My Sandstorm Poem grahf Dec 3rd
thoughts on your island Poem hushbaby 1 Dec 3rd
Untitled -- 11.3.2003 Poem ikarus_falls 1 Dec 3rd
Communications Poem Jalindal Dec 3rd
Pursuit Poem Jalindal Dec 3rd
that day Poem jons_angel Dec 3rd
Dead without you all Poem kiddo_catastrophe 3 Dec 3rd
AWAITING THE BUS. Poem kiwi 1 Endurance Dec 3rd
RED Poem laury2k4 2 Dec 3rd
Time Poem mssexyred 1 Emotionless Dec 3rd
A Lost Soul Poem mssexyred 2 Fear Dec 3rd
حكاية حب Poem Noor Dec 3rd
Mr. Bugaboo Poem oh_so_odd 1 Dec 3rd
Nest of Love! Poem otuyaxpresses Dec 3rd
THE JADED CATHEDRAL Poem palewingedpoetess Change/Transition Dec 3rd
JUST FOR THIS DAY Poem palewingedpoetess Decisions Dec 3rd
SPLENDID FOLLY Poem palewingedpoetess Spirituality Dec 3rd
Analogue Poem pluguan 4 Beauty Dec 3rd
* Pure Torture* Poem poetvg Dec 3rd
"LORD PLEASE" Poem nancylangley 1 religion Dec 3rd
Into The Mirror Poem stephanietagle Dec 3rd
Menace To Society Poem stephanietagle Dec 3rd
Waiting Poem stephanietagle Dec 3rd
How? Poem stephanietagle 1 Dec 3rd
created in leather Poem sweetdreams 1 Dec 3rd
Never Want To Poem that_one_girl Dec 3rd
PRECIOUS HAIKU DECEMBER 03, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo 1 Dec 3rd
MALAYSIAN HAIKU DECEMBER 03, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Dec 3rd
Candy Sex Poem torie922 4 Poetry/Writing Dec 3rd
Good Boyfriend Poem whateverpoet Dec 3rd
Just another object. Poem angels_eyes_only Dec 4th
FRIEND Poem anupamnanda friendship Dec 4th
LET ME GO NOW Poem anupamnanda 1 death Dec 4th
HIDDEN PLACES Poem anupamnanda confusion Dec 4th
DEATH OF A DREAM Poem anupamnanda Dec 4th
DEATH OF A DREAM - I Poem anupamnanda Dec 4th
DEATH OF A DREAM - II Poem anupamnanda Dec 4th
ILLUSIONS Poem anupamnanda Dec 4th
ILLUSIONS - I Poem anupamnanda Dec 4th
HELL Poem anupamnanda Dec 4th
CATASTROPHE OF LIFE Poem anupamnanda 2 Dec 4th
CONFESSIONS Poem anupamnanda Dec 4th
LIFE Poem anupamnanda Dec 4th
TIME Poem anupamnanda Dec 4th
MOVING ON Poem anupamnanda Dec 4th
MOVING ON - I Poem anupamnanda Dec 4th
MY HEART Poem anupamnanda Dec 4th
WHAT AM I ? Poem anupamnanda Dec 4th
MY HEAVEN Poem anupamnanda Dec 4th
Who I Am Poem bazs_kitten 1 Dec 4th
Get out of my koolaid Poem AshleyFreckles 2 Dec 4th
Aren't I supposed to feel something Poem cutetreena_1064 1 Lust Dec 4th
I'll Never Forget Poem ericaca525 1 Dec 4th
The Past and a Path Poem grahf 1 Dec 4th
It doesn't matter Poem gwennalockafer 1 Dec 4th
Faith Poem hiddenpoetess000 1 Dec 4th
Flawless Beauty Poem iceblocker2003 Dec 4th
friendship Poem jons_angel 1 Dec 4th
This Vile Insecurity Poem kiwi_jiwi confusion Dec 4th
Know It Alls Poem lillep 1 Abuse Dec 4th
My Mystery Poem lostwonder Depression Dec 4th
Paper In Plastic Poem merkaba11 1 Short Story Dec 4th
من زمن Poem Noor Dec 4th
To be with you again Poem nat_w_dogg Dec 4th
Man vs. Tree Poem phil_carcione Dec 4th
Song * Swing Low Sweet Chariot * Poem poetvg Dec 4th
Sometimes... Poem AlexC 1 Abuse Dec 4th
I Love Poem AlexC 2 love Dec 4th
Untitled -- 11.3.2003 Poem raina_3 Dec 4th
Trees That Fall Don't Make A Sound Poem stephanietagle Dec 4th
PRECIOUS HAIKU DECEMBER 4, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Dec 4th
MALAYSIAN HAIKU DECEMBER 04, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Dec 4th
MIXED HAIKU Poem tiong_chung_hoo Dec 4th
EMOTIONS Poem anupamnanda Change/Transition Dec 5th
PATHS Poem anupamnanda Spirituality Dec 5th
FLAME Poem anupamnanda 1 Devastation Dec 5th
WHO AM I ? Poem anupamnanda Existential Dec 5th
GLIMPSES Poem anupamnanda Existence Dec 5th
Incision of prayer Poem deethepoet Dec 5th
Paralyzed Poem deethepoet Dec 5th
Venom Poem deethepoet 2 Dec 5th
I'm found... Poem dhoomedprincess Angst Dec 5th
Lanoleum Floor Poem pheonixunderfire Dec 5th
WAITING FOR WISDOM Poem ese2002 1 Song Lyrics Dec 5th
Given Poem forsakenkalika 1 Dec 5th
Arrival/Departure Poem forsakenkalika 2 Dec 5th
oh girl Poem hernameinflames 1 Dec 5th
WE ARE CONNECTED Poem irene 2 Soul mates Dec 5th
New Friends Poem kat 2 Dec 5th
Coffee and Water Poem kittykass Coffee Dec 5th
Egg Wrinklings Poem merkaba11 Dec 5th
Coil Poem merkaba11 Dec 5th
Clusterfuck Poem merkaba11 Dec 5th
Fixed Poem merkaba11 Dec 5th
Combustion Poem merkaba11 Dec 5th
Icicles Poem merkaba11 1 Dec 5th
Sawdust Poem merkaba11 Dec 5th
Blisterine Poem merkaba11 1 Dec 5th
Untitled V Poem merkaba11 Dec 5th
Untitled VI Poem merkaba11 Dec 5th
Paralellogram Poem merkaba11 Dec 5th
Thaw Poem merkaba11 Dec 5th
Lava Poem merkaba11 Dec 5th
Meander Maple Trees Poem merkaba11 Dec 5th
Nomenclature of the Unwilling Poem merkaba11 Dec 5th
Sivs Poem merkaba11 Dec 5th
Pistachio Black Poem merkaba11 Dec 5th
Aphex Aphelion Poem merkaba11 youth Dec 5th
Magenta Poem merkaba11 2 Dec 5th
Empty & Full Poem merkaba11 Dec 5th
Satis-Factory Poem merkaba11 Dec 5th
The Great Dance of the Staples Poem merkaba11 1 Dec 5th
Feral Baby Poem mhippychick 1 Bizarre Dec 5th
Fragility of Life Poem mizzscarlett 1 death Dec 5th
Beauty in Innocence Poem mizzscarlett 2 Beauty Dec 5th
Safe in the Arms of Love Poem mizzscarlett 1 Angels Dec 5th
Mystic Riders Poem mizzscarlett 1 Being Loved Dec 5th
2-1-4 x Love & Counting..... Poem mrurbansoul 1 Breaking Up Dec 5th
ممنوع Poem Noor 1 Dec 5th
Love! Poem otuyaxpresses Dec 5th
Whisper to me! Poem otuyaxpresses Dec 5th
When I Believed Poem patriciajj 2 Dec 5th
* Together In Life * Poem poetvg Dec 5th
* Bailar * Poem poetvg 2 Dec 5th
* You Are So Incredible To Me * New Piece * Poem poetvg Dec 5th
Best day Poem punknunkies Dec 5th
Routine Poem punknunkies Dec 5th
Gathering the stars Poem rairai 1 Dec 5th
Little white girl Poem rairai Dec 5th
Waiting and breaking Poem rairai Dec 5th
Wintered emotion Poem rairai 1 Dec 5th
Bullied Poem rairai Dec 5th
Not as good Poem rairai Dec 5th
Memories of mine Poem rairai Dec 5th
Pierce Poem Sivus Beauty Dec 5th