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La Porte, Texas

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Everything from dancing to writing!! and I love guys!! and being with friends!! I can't go anywhere without seeing people I know! I love skateboarding, water sports and anything to do with talking and being around new people! I am a worker.. I currently have 3 jobs.. They are babysitting, computer accounting, and I applied for McDonalds with my cousin.

I am a very intresting person to know.. I am 17.. I have a boyfriend of near a year and a half his name is Ryan I love him very much!.. :), I love to write.. I love my life.. Everything is great.. I love to write My cousin Leslie showed me this site and if I knew her user name I would tell you to read her things.. I told her to just let her enerything out on paper and turn it into poetry.. Feelings are fun to express, And now she is a great writer! I love to Write.. If you love to write Dont ever stop!! Thats the worst mistake you can ever make!! Thanks alot for reading!
Ashley Giesler

Cousin- Tainted_Jafla

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It is on my belly.. lol.. It's peirced!! And it's an innie!

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True friends are like marshmellows on a S'more, They will stick to you no matter what you do! -By Me!!!


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