Get out of my koolaid

Your all up in my space

Your all up in my groove

You better move some feet

Before I bust a move

Dont be afriad

Get outta my way

Get outta my koolaid

Strawberry, cherry, black cherry too

Come on you know what to do

Get outta my koolaid

Dont be afriad

Cows go moo

And "T" says "popeyes chicken I love dat too!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrot this b-cuz people are always in my space. And im just saying GET OUT!! So yeah.. GET OUTTA MY KOOLAID!

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stoleninnocence's picture

This is sooo funny and cute, good job I liked it alot.LOLOL and I defenitely know what your talking about.YOu tell em girl!! xoxox

poetvg's picture

cute piece