In Grays And Blacks

Soul Poetry

Through smoky eyes, tainted by miscolored hues of life,

I see things in light of the darkness.

Things that stand out, highlighted in grays and blacks.

Slate misted images of stoney cold objects

protrude from my mind,

like headstones dappled in icy marble.

Shades of ebony dot my landscape,

cling to my horizons and block out any aurora emanation,

leaving me only to view the blackened colors of darker days.

Murkiness imbeds itself upon my banks.

Spilling over, it floods the silvery valley of my soul,

leaving me thirtsy still, for moisture and quenching.

Paths of unsmooth pebbles, cause my stumbles

as they imbed themselves deeply into my heels,

making 'walking on' a painfull journey to undertake.

Somber skies open up in thunderous volume,

releasing leaden drops of inky pelting rains

which sting my skin and penetrate my ashen armor.

Pitched clouds of charcoal sorrows

hinder any illumination that may attempt to shine,

allowing only onyx beams to pass before me.

I continue on, searching for a bright spot on which to focus

but there's only raven flickers of obsidian obscurity within' these eyes,

that now, only see blindly, these things in grays and blacks.

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