Like Tragic Poetry


And every minute and hour that I don't hear from him feels like a day.

Because when you hear a spontaneous "I love you" 10 or 15 times a day for a week straight,

When someone feels the need to kiss you just because the light is red and you're there,

When you grow accustomed to feeling someone’s knuckles stroke your cheek,

Hands in your hair

Breath on your neck and shoulders

Fingertips along your spine and ribcage

Fingernails etching nonsense designs on your upper and inner thigh

And then all of a sudden that's all gone. . .

Time seems to congeal.

Focus and perception narrow and constrict

Just like crowded veins and airways.

It all closes and folds inward until you think the pressure will make your heart explode.

And the shortest intervals feel like eternity.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

More adolescent-minded rambling and confusion from 2001.

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Shana Alexander's picture

Don't I know the emotions you expressed. I told my boyfriend that when he's around time passes by so quickly. . .but when he's absent it goes by so slow. Is it that time is directly related to the nearness of the one we love? It seems that way to me. Anyway. . great poem. I wonder though if it is about a love that has ended or one that has distance as a barrier.