I am much in Love with Irony

Irony has so much power...Over Death

How often He has cheated Death

And I thought Death Himself

Must be crying

As He dropped my hand

Or was He grinning...

As He stepped back into the wall

Death adores Irony

I still have His fidelity

Irony thinks the contest is His...Again

Then I will renew Death

And hide the masque...

So I can see His tears?

So I can see His grin?

Irony will be mine...

In the meantime

As preparation for my Death

Becomes a mockery of sorts

A challenge of wits

His or Hers?

So many chase me

Inside the Dream

I must endure this

And win the prize?

Destiny teases me at the gate

That leads to Sanctuary

This leaves the game incomplete

Undecided in its flux

An invitation extended for Eternity

Into Dementia?

How many Keys...

How many Entities...

Only the door to Purgatory

Remains visible in the Sand Storm

Time and longevity lie in a Dreamstate

False indentification

Sub-conscious awareness

What if Death is a She?

Is She me?

As I rest... I run from Destiny

As I disappear... I will sleep

In the arms of Death?

That which Irony deceives

Will own the consequence

In a third Dreamstate

Destiny and His trickery waits...

For me

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