My Heart keeps watch

Like a Timepiece on a shelf

It's time to face ourselves

Piece together ifs and whens

When The Truth is obvious

And it makes no sense

In Destiny's cosmic game

Of months and Endless stays

There is always a lesson lost

An echo of a ticking watch

For the Catalyst stays blind

To the now or never time

Many powers untold

Hidden Hearts unfold:

"Nothing really Ends

(Or is it begins)

The Love between us

Is greater than these things."

Now is the greater time

The beginning of The End

That hasn't yet been earned

Nothing really learned

Wasted time observed

Until the answers found

Images and scenes

Like magick seem to run

While the camera is left on

As if following a Dream

Curiously odd

Curiously awed

Haunted are the Hearts

By an infinite feeling

That time does not budge

And Love bears a grudge

The innocent are guilty

Of pretending not to know

That it doesn't really matter

What the Timepiece shows

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