To be discarded by Destiny

To be obsolete and alone

Misery and Mercy have arrived

Perhaps they need me

Only there is Sun in my eyes

And Sand in my Heart

And Dust in my Soul

I can feel Misery

So why can I not see Him

As He sleeps in the arms of Mercy?

She only plays with Him tonight

And so what if I feel

Tortured by Misery

Jealous of Mercy

Perhaps they need me

Pain follows me through Eternity

I can not bear to look

In His mirror of Pain

He tries to push it

Out of its frame

To attract my attention

One hand carries a Scorpion

That pinches and blisters His face

The other hand drags a looking glass

Through a Dust Storm

From place to place

Mercy is so beautiful

Yet She does not belong to me

And Destiny enjoys Misery

Neither care enough

To Fear for me

Perhaps they need me

Death has a weary partner

Fear slinks through the gateway

And takes no pity on Remorse

I can not break the looking glass

I can not keep them all in the hallway

They blow through Doorways

They blow through walls

Into Dementia or Purgatory?

Or where Destiny promised

To take me...Sanctuary

He is laughing at me

As I slip my Key into a lock

Without an assembly

I can not rest in the Dust Storm

The wind pushes me into Misery

I beg for Mercy and only find Fear

Pain touches me

I scream for Him to stop

Then Death takes my Dream away

Ubiquitous and stubborn

Dooms Day Dream

My only pleasant memory

Was the Sanctuary scene

Death vanquishes every thing

And treats me to a new Dream

Where the Nightmare repeats again

Morpheus lines up the Dead Ends

And Doorways into Dementia?

Then creates another maze of hallways

Where new Storms wait

And this gift becomes a way

To renew me?

Only I am not renewable

My blood is dry to the touch

I can not defend myself any more

Death; Remove your Dream!

Peel off your masque!

So I can see you

He or She?

Carry me through the wall!

You broke your promise

To save my Soul

You conspire with Destiny

Kill my Dreams of Sanctuary

My Soul is lost in the Dust Storm

I lose my sight or Die of fright?

As the Dust turns to Sand

And the Sand into Sun

And the Sun into fire

To burn and return

To Dust

I still pretend you need me

Another betrayal

Will "The Caretaker" protect me

If I Die in tomorrow's Dream?

I will Dream of Death

When Death removes The Masque?

Perhaps I will find the Door to Sanctuary

And break The Key in the lock again

Morpheus will toss me

Into the Dementia room

Pain will squeeze the Scorpion's tail

A disgusting spillage of guts

Recall the fetus back to Life in utero

Death after Life

An easy miracle for Pain

Life gives me Death

In Nightmares and Dreams

What essence has this become

If neither Life nor Death

Then what can it be?

Destiny has locked me out of Sanctuary

Broken steel bones have stolen Eternity

This leaves the third place...

Dark Poets' Society at home

A dank pub of the Two Turtles

3 mocks The wandering eye

A decadent puppet show works the stage

On the wrong side of town

Where Sir Tristan can be found

Searching for a gilded cage once more

Pain has so many blisters

The Misery in Dorian's Painting?

And the Destiny of mine

Leads to Purgatory...

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