She Died Never Knowing

Soul Poetry

She died...

never knowing the feel of a western sun upon her skin,

or dancing slowly around a gleaming ballroom floor,

or what her children grew up to become.

Missed moments in time-and then time caught up with her,

years before she was due

and carried her away to where time no longer matters.

She never knew the feeling of completly being whole,

never saw all the things she longed to see,

the destinations she longed to discover.

The dreams she held so tighlty, quickly unraveled

and hung there in empty space,

never brought to their fruition.

She never had the chance to know the bliss of growing old,

together with the one she swore the vow to,

their 'forever' cut short by the sharp edged knife of fate.

Wishes and fantasies of latter years fell vacant and hollow.

Plans and promises shattered in broken shards,

lay in jagged pieces in all the places she never went.

Never, did she know, the happiness that awaited,

the memories that hadn't been brought to the surface yet,

nor the taste of elderberry wine upon her lips.

Her clock stopped, the hands poised between then and now,

the ticking of her heart no longer in sync with time

and no longer moving in a forwardly motion.

She never knew the freedom of swimming nude

in darkened waters while the moon cast a glow,

illuminating her blushed cheeks to her husband's eyes.

Opportunities never taken ahold of,

ripple off her now stilled waters

and shimmer off a surface that ceased to be stirred.

Unspoken words, frozen for eternity in her throat,

never flowed from her mouth to the ears

they were meant to fall upon.

Regrets were buried along side her,

six feet beneath the grounds she never walked

and flowers she never smelled.

She died never knowing her true worth

and never discovering her true self,

the true self that it seemed everyone but she, knew existed.

She died never knowing that she was still alive,

still breathing, moving and being-

for she had only died, inside of herself.

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