Are You Bortal... Or Mortal?"


"Are You Bortal... Or Mortal?"   12 - 01 - 03

i see the world does it see me

this blind world it's a disease

i am the victim stuck in here

part of the system held by fear

guns and fires kill every day

taboo desires condemned if stray

i wish for more than a friend

but it's a chore useless in the end

marriage is a jail morals are a sin

i'm going to hell i know i won't win

so join in the game where everyone dies

there's no blame and that's not a lie

your "here and now" you've got to decide

live it up somehow or comitt bortal suicide...

bortal is a made-up word meaning "boring mortal". aren't i so clever?

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I liked that alot, i was just about to ask what bortal meant lol. And anything with a refernce to hell is kick-ass to me ^_^ Keep up the writing and if you got a chance come and check out mine. ^_^